Write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi

write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi

Cocktail: write a short note about, mahatma, gandhi

There is no grandeur conception of creation anywhere. The very indistinctness of its theogeny implies a sublime truth." Thoreau's use of Indic scriptures in Walden far outweighs his use of the bible. He refers to the Bhagawad-Gita, the harivamsa, the vedas, the vishnu purana, pilpay (whose fables form the hitopadesa) and Calidasa. Thoreau annexes India for his own purpose. It is, for example, in the spirit of the Indic myth that Thoreau writes the fantastic passage connecting Walden with the ganga and Concord with India, and it is in the spirit of India that Thoreau wrote or included the story of the artist. On e wrote in his journal that: "I cannot read a sentence in the book of the hindoos without being elevated as upon the table-land of the Ghauts.

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Thoreau his grand philosophic aloofness, his hatred of materialism, his society, his yogic renunciation and austerity, his lack of ambition, his love of solitude, his excessive love of nature, resulting his refusal to cooperate with a government whose policies he did not approve of, were. Besides, he was a vegetarian, a non-smoker, and a teetotaler. He remained a bachelor, throughout hero his life, walked hundreds of miles, avoided inns, preferred to sleep by the railroad, never voted and never went to a church, derived spiritual inspiration from the hindu scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, and the laws of Manu living. The influence of Hinduism made Thoreau a yogi. (source: Hindu Scriptures and American Transcendentalists - by umesh Patri p 98 -240 and India and Her people - by swami Abhedananda.235-236). Henry david Thoreau, was dazzled by Indian spiritual texts, especially the Bhagavad-Gita. He kept a well-thumbed copy of the gita in his cabin at short Walden Pond, and claimed wistfully that at rare intervals, even i am a yogi. (source: fear of Yoga - by robert love - columbia journalism review- december 2006). "In the hindoo scriptures the idea of man is quite illimitable and sublime. He is at length lost in Brahma himself.

It is only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to him. The calmness and gentleness with which the hindoo philosophers approach and discourse on forbidden themes is admirable. The Christian and Hindu concept of man, Thoreau thinks, are diametrically opposed to each the other, the former sees man as a born sinner whereas the latter takes him to be potentially divine. The lofty concept of man embodied in Hinduism appealed to Thoreau. Praising such concept he writes: In the hindoo scripture the idea of man is quite illimitable and sublime. There is nowhere a loftier conception of his destiny. He is at length lost in Brahma himself the divine male.

write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi

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The following passage demonstrates Thoreaus the disenchantment with Hebraism and his love for Hinduism: In 1853 he wrote: The hindoos are most serenely and thoughtfully religious lined than the hebrews. They have perhaps a purer, more independent and impersonal knowledge of God. Their religious books describes the first inquisitive and contemplative access to god ; the hebrew bible a conscientious return, a grosser and more personal repentance. Repentance is not a free and fair highway to god. A wise man will dispense with repentance. It is shocking and passionate. God prefers that you approach him thoughtful, not penitent, though you are chief of sinners.

It deserves to be read with reverence even by yankees."Besides the Bhagvat-geeta, our Shakespeare seems sometimes youthfully green. Ex oriente lux may still be the motto of scholars, for the western world has not yet derived from the east all the light it is destined to derive thence." In his book walden, thoreau contain explicit references to Indian Scriptures such as: "How much. Thoreau described Christianity as "radical" because of its "pure morality" in contrast to hinduism's "pure intellectuality" (source: a week on the concord and Merrimack rivers - by henry david Thoreau p ). "The vedas contain a sensible account of God." "The veneration in which the vedas are held is itself a remarkable feat. Their code embraced the whole moral life of the hindus and in such a case there is no other truth than sincerity. Truth is such by reference to the heart of man within, not to any standard without." Thoreau, like other Transcendentalist had a breath and catholicity of mind which brought him to the study of religions of India. From the beginning he was disillusioned with organized Christianity (he never went to Church) and like emerson showed great interest in Hinduism and its philosophy. In comparison to hebraism, Thoreau found Hinduism superior in many ways.

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write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi

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In Indian contemplation he found a "wonderful power of abstraction" and mental powers which were able to withdraw from the concerns of the empirical world to steady the mind and free it from distractions. "What extracts from the vedas I have read fall on me like the light of a higher and purer luminary, which describes a loftier course through purer stratum. It rises on me like the full moon after the stars have come out, wading through some far stratum in the sky." (source: Commentaries on the vedas, The Upanishads the Bhagavad Gita - by sri movies Chinmoy aum Publications. "Whenever I have read any part of the vedas, i have felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated. In the great teaching of the vedas, there is no touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climes and nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. When i am at it, i feel that i am under the spangled heavens of a summer night." (source: The hindu mind: Fundamentals of Hindu religion and Philosophy for All Ages - by bansi pandit b v enterprises 1996.

Henry david Thoreau - the concord sage who derived spiritual inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita. (image source: Webmaster's personal collection of art ). Refer to Chitra gallery. "I would say to the readers of the Scriptures, if they wish for a good book, read the Bhagvat-geeta. Translated by Charles Wilkins.

Living by it and trying to "practice the yoga faithfully" during his two years at Walden, he wrote: "In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the. Bhagavat geeta, since whose composition years of the gods have elapsed, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial; and I doubt if that philosophy is not to be referred to a previous state of existence, so remote. I lay down the book and go to my well for water, and lo! There i meet the servant of the Brahmin, priest of Brahma, and Vishnu and Indra, who still sits in his temple on the river Ganga reading the vedas, or dwells at the root of a tree with his crust and water-jug. I meet his servant come to draw water for his master, and our buckets as it were grate together in the same well. The pure walden water is mingled with the sacred water of the ganga (Ganges).".

At Walden he put the Bhagavad Gita to the test, while proving to his generation that "money is not required to buy one necessary for the soul." (source: The Writings of Henry. Thoreau - walden 1989. How Vedanta came to the west - by swami tathagatananda - m ). Listen to, the Bhagavad Gita podcast - by michael Scherer -. In the 1840s Thoreau's discovered India, his enthusiasm for Indian philosophy was thus sustained. From, he borrowed a large number of Indian scriptures from the harvard University library, and the year 1855 when his English friend Thomas Chilmondeley sent him a gift of 44 Oriental books which contained such titles as the rig Veda samhita, and Mandukya upanishads, the.

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Page show in alphabetical order ome of the famous intellectuals in the west and the east had the following things to say about Hinduism:. Henry david Thoreau (1817-1862) American Philosopher, Unitarian, social critic, summary transcendentalist and writer. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who aroused in him a true enthusiasm for India. The force from the, upanishads that Thoreau inherited emerged in Walden and inspired not only those who pioneered the British labor movement, but all who read it to this day. Meandering in northeastern Massachusetts, his reverent outer gaze fell upon Walden Pond. He alluded often to water-the metaphor is clear-the gita's wisdom teachings are the purifier of the mind: "by a conscious effort of the mind we can stand aloof from actions and their consequences; and all things, good and bad, go by us like a torrent.". He had found his sacred Ganga (Ganges).

write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi

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He says the fact that Gandhi peppered his speeches with Hindu phrases and terms pressed Indian Muslims into creating their own separate state, pakistan, which was founded less than a year before gandhi was shot dead. Mr Ketju, who has a reputation for making controversial remarks, also"d from Gandhi's speeches and writings, before concluding: 'These are only some of the stupid, feudal ideas this "Father of our nation" had'. Mr Katju, former chairman of the Press council of India, has a large online presence - his Facebook page has been liked nearly 100,000 times, and his blog was shared by thousands of people. Mr Katju's father was deeply immersed in the Indian freedom movement, and he has made controversial statements on the topic in the past. According to The times, he once said '90 per cent of Indians are idiots' because they vote in elections based on their religion and caste, rather than on political merit. But that's just a hollywood thing, right? People in the movie business dabble in wholesale weirdness. It's not like you'd see the great masters of modern literature jerking off to pictures of painted toenails.

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Justice markandey ketju said Gandhi's religious references worked to divide the Indian people, strengthening British father's rule. Mahatma gandhi, the leader who helped lead India to independence over British rule, was actually an agent for the colonists, a top India judge has claimed. Justice markandey ketju said Gandhi deliberately tried to drive a wedge between the country's Hindu and Muslim populations, helping the British to divide and rule. The judge, who is known for making controversial statements, made his comments ahead of the unveiling of a statue of Gandhi in Parliament Square, london. They also came as Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond flies to delhi for his first official visit, meeting with finance minister Arun jaitley, who will come to london to see the statue unveiled. Mr Katju, 68, wrote on his personal blog: 'i submit that Gandhi was objectively a british agent who did great harm to India. 'by constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule.'. In a separate post on the same topic, he asks: 'does such a man, who constantly injected religion into politics, and thereby furthered the British policy of divide and rule, deserve to be called the father of the nation? He then goes on to" from Gandhi's speeches and writings before adding: 'These are only some of the stupid, feudal ideas this "Father of our nation" had.'.

Write 5 lines about mahatma gandhi
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  4. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Autobiography: The Story of my experiments with Truth is a work by mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi now brought to you in this new edition of the timeless classic. 5 teachings Of Mahatma gandhi In Hindi for Success 1st Minister of Education; In office 2 February 1958: Preceded. Digital Impact llc produces large format, high-resolution, semi-permanent corrugated/mixed material pop & pos displays, product packaging and specialized permanent displays for companies of all backgrounds.

  5. Gandhi, autobiography: The Story of my experiments with Truth ( mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, mahatma gandhi: books. Mahatma gandhi and the bahá'ís: Striving towards a nonviolent civilization. Gandhimohan New Delhi: Baha'i publishing Trust of India, 2000. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ( commonly known as Mahatma gandhi (Sanskrit: mahātmā "Great soul. In India he is generally regarded as Bapu (Gujarati: bāpu "father jathi pitha and raashtra pita; he was an advocate and pioneer of nonviolent social protest and direct. Autobiography: The Story of my experiments with Truth Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi.

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