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Thesis.0 Framework remove attribution Link. You can actually remove the attribution link without a single line of code in php. Its a simple dragndrop action. After a while i understood the most important thing about Theses.0 Framework, you need to know, to make no mistake in removing the Attribution Link. Lets say you are writing a post for your blog, using Thesis Theme.0 Framework. The first thing you do is check the template you are using. By default you havent got a really big choice, but at least a little one.

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Php 'sidebar_one_ad Then, as you might have guessed, the hook thesis_hook_after_sidebar_1 will position the ad after other content in the sidebar. Additionally, all of these hooks work for your second sidebar too. The only difference is, instead of using thesis_hook_after_sidebar_1, you would use thesis_hook_after_sidebar_2. Heres your chance: As a test, well leave comments open on this article for a limited amount of time. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and well do our best to answer your question! However, before asking your question, heres some additional short reading you should check out. It will help make this a heck of a lot easier! Thesis Theme: After upgrading to the new owner Theses Theme.0 Framework, i had a hard time finding the. Attribution Link, didnt know how to remove it from the footer, or even how to change anything on my blog, my layout i was puzzled. Theses Theme.0 appears like a mystery to me hidden behind the fogs of misunderstanding. I was a bit annoyed, especially because information about how the new Thesis Theme.0 framework works is hard to find, an if so, it is written by people who want to earn money from that lack of information.

How to Include Ads in your WordPress Sidebar Placing ads in your blogs sidebar is simple. When you load up your Widgets panel, you may drag a text widget to the sidebar of your choice, paste the ad code into your widget, and click save. However, what if you want your widget to appear under specific conditions? Doing that from the widget interface can be daunting. Sure, there are plugins like widget Logic by Alan Trewartha that work for this task, but with Thesis, you can avoid using thesis the plugin altogether! Just as we demonstrated earlier with code for placing ads in the content column, you can use functions and hooks to position ads on specific pages or posts. However, the main difference is the hook you use for ad placement. For example, in the following code, the hook thesis_hook_before_sidebar_1 places the ad before other content in Sidebar 1: function sidebar_one_ad? div class"advert" a href"m img src"g" width"175" height"245" / /a /div?

php thesis

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To do this, paste the following biography code in your custom_p file: function header_ad? Php 'header_ad In most cases, further adjustments are necessary to position the ad in your desired location. For database example, you may wish to set the ad opposite of your sites text logo and tagline, or perhaps, above the logo. Fortunately, since we wrapped your ad code within a div with a named class, you can edit these styles very easily. To play around with positioning, paste this code in your s file:.custom. Advert margin: -70px 0 70px 400px; The question is, how do you make this code move your ad? Well, a large left margin will push the ad to the side of the header opposite the logo and tagline, whereas a negative top margin will pull the ad image up to whatever height you desire. Either way, you can play with it—its easy to learn once you start tweaking!

WordPress will generate a post slug for you by default, and if youre using pretty permalinks, youll have the ability to change this post slug to something concise and memorable, as shown in Figure 4: Figure. A custom post slug (code-sample) in the wordPress post editing interface. You can use this post slug to target specific articles and, by extension, to serve ads on any post or page you like. For instance, if you wanted to target an article with the post slug slug-example, youd paste this code in your custom_p file: function single_post_ad if (is_single slug-example? Php 'single_post_ad how to Include an Ad On a wordPress Page similar to ads on single post pages, its also possible to place a particular ad on all static pages. To do that, paste the following code in your custom_p file: function page_ad if (is_page? Php 'page_ad As in the single posts example above, you may place a certain ad on a particular page. You may also use an array with your conditional to place an ad on several selected pages; for example, lets say that youd like to target the pages with slugs foo and bar: function page_ad if (is_page(array foo 'bar? Php 'page_ad how to Include an Ad in your Thesis header Many people place horizontal ads in their header because its above the fold and affords maximum visibility.

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php thesis

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Php 'after_content_ad lets say you want to display an ad only after the dissertation first featured post on the homepage. To do that, youll need to use the post_count property, but dont worry, its easy. Paste the following into your custom_p file: function if (is_home if (post_count 1)? Php 'after_first_post_ad resume how to Include an Ad On Single post Pages If you thought I loved ads below featured posts, Im in complete admiration of ads after the single post. For starters, most blogs have much of their traffic hit single post pages. This happens because of direct links and search engines. Think about it for a second: When you include an ad at the end of a post, one of the highest converting spots on a page, combined with the highest-traffic pages—your single post pages—you can make decent money.

Heres how you. Just paste the following code in your custom_p file: function single_post_ad if (is_single? Php 'single_post_ad now, what if you wanted your ad to display on one single post but not another? How would you do that? In WordPress, theres something called a post slug.

The above is based on code from Satish Talim ( @indianguru ). How to Include banner Ads in your Content Column. Most banner advertisements are wide, but relatively short, unless dealing with skyscraper-style ads. For example, this is a half-leaderboard: Figure. A half-leaderboard ad in standard 46860 format. In this portion of the tutorial, Ill show you how to place this type of advertisement in your main content column, which is a traditional location to include advertising because of its high visibility.

How to Include a banner Ad in the content Column If you use the following code, your Thesis banner ad will be placed at the bottom of your content column (right below the previous/next links if you have those enabled). All you have to do is paste it in your custom_p file. div class"advert" a href"m img src"g" width"468" height"60" / /a /div? Php 'after_content_ad did you notice that I wrapped the ad code inside of a div and have given that div a class named advert? I did this so that, if the need arises, you can add styling to your ad box (for example, a border, maybe?) by adding css in your s file. How to Include an Ad After a post Personally, this is one of my favorite ad positions because of its tendency to convert much better than other spots. To include an ad right after a post, paste the following code in your custom_p file: function after_post_ad?

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This time, youll need to load up your Thesis File Editor ( click here for an image ) and paste the following code in your s file:.custom. Custom.adblock img write padding: 4px; background-color: ffffff; display: inline; What would this look like on a thesis Theme website? Check out Figure 1 below: Figure 1: Six 125125 ads—you can add these into your Thesis website with the above code. What if you wanted your ad box to look different? Well, thats possible too! For example, if you wish to remove the background color from the multimedia box and spread out the ads to take advantage of white space, you could apply the following code to your s:.custom multimedia_box padding: 0;. Custom.adblock img display: inline; padding: 15px; And what would that look like? See figure 2 below: Figure 2: see how theres more white space in this ad box? This is great for minimalist Thesis mods.

php thesis

here for an image ). The, custom Multimedia box Code field will display, and you should place the following code in this field. However, before saving, you need to replace our default ad images with the url of the ad images on your server. div class"adblock" a href"m img width"125" height"125" alt"ad image 1" / /a a href"m img width"125" height"125" alt"ad image 2" / /a a href"m img width"125" height"125" alt"ad image 3" / /a /div div class"adblock" a href"m img width"125" height"125" alt"ad image 4" / /a. Like before, youll need to paste some code.

Ever stumble upon a type group of six 125125 ads? Its often arranged in a grid pattern and is popular among advertisers. If you want to include this in your Thesis WordPress Theme, its easy with the multimedia box. In the steps below, Ill show you how its done. Step 1: Upload Ad Tile Images. Assuming you set your uploaded images to be organized by year and month (this is the default go to your WordPress administration panel, and then click. Media add New in the navigation menu on the left-hand side ( click here for an image ). This is where you can upload your ad images.

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This article is deprecated! Any technical information contained herein likely refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit our blog home page for current updates. This article is partially deprecated. It is now possible to paste your ad code directly into Thesis Text Boxes, and then you with can place these text Boxes wherever you want within your design. If you run a website, you likely want to include ads of some kind in your template. The problem is, where do you place your ads and how do you get them there? In this article, ill show you the most popular places to include ads and then give you the code to include those ads in your Thesis WordPress Theme! How to Include six 125125 Ads in the multimedia box.

Php thesis
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