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My parents had told me to listen to his speeches, that he was far worse than I but look what he can do now. And i knew that as King he was listened to syllable by syllable often critically and yet he had enough guts to. So, i thought there was hope for. So i always wanted to write something about george. I had no idea what the story was. That's all i knew with george.

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What is the reason that it took so long for it to actually come to fruition? And what drove you to finally write it? i'm a very slow writer. (laughter) When I first seriously thought about writing it which was in 1980, i had just address written Tucker: The man and His Dream, for Francis. I was a very naive 40 years old. I came to hollywood at 40, an age when any writer with any sense is thinking of leaving town. And when I wrote that script I was naive enough to think that it would be made instantly, changed my life forever, and I could write anything I wanted to in Hollywood. I certainly learned better than that. It took ten years to get made and didn't change my life and you can't write everything you want in Hollywood. I started looking at Bertie because he had been my childhood hero. I had stuttered from animal age three.

That story was so powerful. No matter who did it and how it was interpreted by whoever- - anne That's right, survived. that would've stayed, you know? That heart was there. I think obviously they're very different filmmakers entry so the challenge was to sort of make it david's movie which he certainly did but still keeping those elements that I think were important to me sort of when I came aboard the project. David seidler, you have had a long career. You were born in England, you came to America, you've lived and worked in Hollywood and television for a long time. You wrote tucker for Francis Coppola. And this story was something that you were drawn to from the very start of your life because you were a stutterer.

evolution writers

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We had to make it into a david. We also had a cut about 50 or 60 million out of the budget. So it was sort of like this, you know, having to sort of get it done really fast. And I think the challenge, it's really, i mean I think you can, from the movie, you can see how much it is sort of david's sensibility. and sort of david's rhythms and his perspective and his sense of humor on things. I think the heart of the story, i guess, had always been there from the very first draft. I mean, i think, the strength of the story is the strength of Mickey writing and Dickey and their relationship. What they did in reality, i mean, that's sort of true and I think that transcended every script that was there.

I went back and sort of having been from there decided to go back and sort of interview, i sort of know those characters and know those people. So i went back to lowell myself and sort of went and did my own interviews and talked to those guys and Mickey and Dicky and Alice and the sisters and stuff and sort of went there and spent a few weeks in Lowell and. So it was really sort of, i'm trying to think of the best way to answer that. I did a lot, you know? and after you and when david Russel came in, what was your relationship to the project? that's also a complicated story. We had it sort of changed what was very specifically made for Darren and sort of what his vision was for the movie and making it a darren Aronofsky movie. In a very short time i think we had about two months or even less, i think.

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evolution writers

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Someone here from Worcester. What are the chances of that? And I boxed a little bit, worthy enough. Not very well but, so it was natural for me to sort of have some interest. And so that's sort of how I came aboard. There'd already been a number of drafts.

And so it's sort of different from sort of how a lot of these things work out especially to get summary january to here but there's a lot of people before me that sort of obviously did work. but what would be the main, if you were to define the main difference between what you did and what had previously been done? How would you describe that? (laughter) - it's a compliment. (laughter) - i need to parse my words.

the pitch that you're talking about is Ben mezrich wrote, a 14-paged book proposal for his publisher Random house about the origins of Facebook and the friction that took place at the beginning. Random house tried to get a simultaneous film deal set up so they sent it out to hollywood and that's how it got in my hands, and you're right. I did say right away. It was the fastest I'd ever said yes to anything I'm. And what grabbed me wasn't that it was about Facebook. I really didn't then nor do i now know very much about Facebook at all.

What grabbed me was that set against this very modern backdrop of this very modern invention. It was a story that was as old as story telling itself, of friendship and loyalty and betrayal and power and class and jealousy, these things that Escalus would have wanted to write about and Shakespeare would've wanted to write about. A few decades ago, pattie trinosky would've wanted to write about. And it was just lucky for me that none of those guys were available, so i got to write. (laughter) - scott Silver, you have quite a few screenwriting credits behind you, and The fighter was one of these situations where various different people were involved. So give us a little bit of where you came in and what had already developed at that stage. i was the fourth writer I think on this, and a friend of mine, darren Aronofsky, who went on obviously did the Black Swan, and I went to film school with came to me and asked if I would be interested in rewriting this. I'm from Worcester which is two towns over from Lowell where the movie takes place. And, wow, thank you.

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And had just stepped off the plane and gone there and we weren't supposed to announce it for a couple of weeks but I went ahead and talked about friend it on the show anyway. So i'll just say very little about it now so we don't get in too much trouble. It'll be a new series for hbo that takes place behind the scenes for a change at a nightly cable news show where they have made a decision to try to do the news well. (laughter) - a comedy series? they'll win sometimes and they'll lose sometimes. so, aaron, back to the beginning. You apparently were shown a script, a treatment, a proposal, a pitch, let's go all the way back, that you were so thrilled by that you called up your agent and said, "I want to do this right away." What was it that grabbed you.

evolution writers

you've already become familiar with but more about how these extraordinary screenplays, which are up for more awards and nominations and have won all sorts of things. I was just listening to david seidler and Aaron Sorkin talk about what hotels to stay at in London for the baftas coming. This is what's really important. But we're going to down to the very end there and start with Aaron Sorkin who of course you know from all the television shows, The west Wing, Studio 60 on the sunset Strip, and you have a new series, i understand? tell us about that just for the news of the moment. I have to say that it was, i accidentally announced it when I wasn't supposed. I was in London last week doing a program called, is it Breakfast with the bbc? i think it's tea and Crumpets.

(audience applauding) This is pretty exciting morning, starts with a script with my favorite things we do at the festival. Let's start right away. Let me introduce aaron Sorkin, The social Network. (audience essay applauding) Scott Silver, The fighter. David seidler, The king's Speech. (audience applauding) Charlie mitchell, get Low. (audience applauding) Lisa Cholodenko, the kids Are All Right. And Michael Arndt, toy story. (audience applauding) And your moderator Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood and Indiewire.

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