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If you are a female writer or you want to database write a book from a womans perspective, then this is one book which you shouldnt miss reading. From Stephen King to Atwood, many successful revelation authors have written books on writing, but the English language itself has changed since then and so have the readers. Sense of Style, steven Pinker discusses the different challenges of writing in the 21st century and what its like to write books for millenials. This book can serve has your must-read guide book and it can help you become a better writer. Did you end up writing a complete first draft of your novel only to realise your characters dont change with the story and there is no urgency to keep the readers enticed? With this book, lisa Cron, who is a literary agent and story consultant with Warner Bros, takes through a step by step process to create a riveting novel. If taking an year to write your first novel and then waiting for several more years to get it published isnt something that interests you and you are looking to make instant money by writing, then here is the book i wrote on how.

It can also help you understand the balance that is needed between flashbacks, backstories, and subplots. No matter how great of a story you have and no matter what a great writer you are, if your book isnt structured well, everything will go sideways because the reader wont find it interesting enough. Structuring your story is the first step you need to take, even before you start writing. In this book, bernhardt goes into detail about about story structure and with examples, show you how you can do it too. They say, we shouldnt judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, we have all done that at least once in our lives. Strolling through a book store, we might buy a book by an author we have never heard about, all because the cover really spoke. Lahiri, a critically acclaimed writer, uses his vast experience in publishing to talk about how you can find and visualize the perfect cover for your fiction book. The author of the popular, handmaids Tale, margaret Atwood wrote this engaging, yet incredibly informal book to share what its really like being a writer. There have been many books on writing and there will probably be many more, but there is nothing like getting writing tips from one of the best writers of the century.

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Writers books, dickens, levy, whitman, twain, tolstoy, allanPoe. The best books for fiction writers to veterans help you get out of the writers block and create a stunning and well structured book. Rome wasnt built in a day and that story you have had in your head for quite some time may take a few more years to transform into a full-blown manuscript. As a fiction writer, you may find the characters already talking to you in your head, but turning their"s into words and making sure your book is air tight can be difficult. I wrote a post about the best books which freelance writers should read and in this post, i want to take you through the best books that fiction writers should read before they write their first book. The late john Gardner was an acclaimed writer of his time and also a professor.

He took all the his learnings from fiction writing and put it into this book. For anyone who has ever thought about writing their first piece of fiction, this book can serve as a handbook and a guide to help you get started. The books starts at the very basics of fiction writing and details the intrinsic parts as well. Dont we all love a novel which grips us from start to end with suspense? James Scott Bell has created this guide book to help young authors in writing enticing thrillers. The book details on how to create scenes, characters, and story lines which imbibe suspense and conflict to take your story forward effortlessly.

It is extremely long with over 1400 pages. There have been those that say it took them 70 years to complete. Tolstoys characters are also painstakingly created with his deep conviction to detail in his writing and remain the most memorable characters down to this day. Edgar Allen poe, creepy yet magnificent short storytelling, is how we can present. Poe into the discussion. He had a short-lived life, didnt make much money, and was an alcoholic.

However, Edgar Allen poe wrote some of the most memorable horror in short story style that changed the way we look at this genre. He may not have made a lot of money, but his horror will continue to go down in history with all. Every halloween we tell the tales. The fall of the house of Usher, The tell-Tale heart, and The cask of Amontillado. He was truly the father of Gothic tales. He died much like he told his tales, a tragic death that found him beaten in a gutter. One of the biggest influencers of the short story genre, edgar Allen poe will always be mentioned in a discussion of who are best writers of the 19th century.

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Librarians are big on keeping our freedoms of expression alive. Twin was an avid civil rights advocate and the tone of his books gives you a look into the heart of the American culture during slavery time. Reading his writing will give you deeper insight into that period. Leo tolstoy, no one could have put the invasion of Russia by napoleon in 1812 into words the way tolstoy did. Even Twain commented on this book saying that the only thing missing was a boat race. The about scenes depicted in this book have the highest ranking of scenery in any book ever written. Getting through it is the only complaint that anyone has ever had.

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He was assumed by many to be gay, although he never divulged that he was or not. But critical analyst of his poetry seems to think his words give him away as gay. Did you know that he was a nurse during the American warming civil War? His extensive writings on the conflict that he experienced firsthand gave those back home an eagle eye view of what the newspapers could not have ever given them. Mark Twain, we cannot forget about the author. Tom Sawyer and, huckleberry finn. The discussion might include the fact that during the 20th century there was a uproar of those that wanted to place censorship on Twains books and felt the n word should be removed from his works. Some would argue, it was how they spoke back then so why take it out?

peeks into her desire for women, and. The romance of a shop, which shows the collaboration of sisters to have a successful business. Although she is hailed as someone that was before her time and should have been celebrated, she ended her life prematurely at the early age. Walt Whitman, this celebrated American poet would garner one of the longest discussions due to his mass collections. Walt Whitman was not only a poet but a masterful one. Leaves of Grass was not just a poem but an ongoing one that he changed along the way and release in editions. While writing poetry, he was a well-known journalist and editor in New York, and he like dickens also sketched along with his writings. Among his sketches, which depicted the throes of city life, whitman would draw pics that showed the horrible side of an alcoholic life.

There could never be a discussion about the greatest of writers in any century without the mention of Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens was an author in the early part of the 19th century that penned well known classic books such. A tale of Two cities, Oliver Twist, and david Copperfield. Not only did. Dickens write, he first gained popularity by creating comics. His first novel was filled with his drawings. It was entitled, The pickwick papers. Amy levy, by mentioning Amy levy there would be a hush in the room and nods. She was entrenched in the same-sex themes long before her modern counterparts.

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Readers and writers can sit in a room and discuss the broad range of great books that were written in the 19th century, and this would be a time you wish you were invited to such an engaging discussion. There will with be those that agree on one book and those that will think of the same book is not as good as most people think. But who brought their best game and why? Here are some of our picks, see if you agree. Charles Dickens, he would have to be discussed first within our little meeting room. Everyone would say his name and try to be the first that would recall details about the books that they have read by him. Someone would say, did you know that he penned under the name of boz? Just to show off how well they knew about his life.

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