Benefits of plkn essay

benefits of plkn essay

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Public Transportation Reduces Carbon footprint. Communities that invest in public transit reduce the nation's carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons annually. Public Transportation Enhances Personal Opportunities, public transportation provides personal mobility and freedom for people from every walk of life. Access to public transportation gives people transportation options to get to work, go to school, visit friends, or go to a doctor's office. A total of 87 of trips on public transit have a direct impact on the local economy. Of all riders, 71 are employed and 7 are students. More than two-thirds of riders walk to their stop or station.

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Every 10 million in operating investment yields 32 million in increased business sales. 71 of public funding for public transportation flows to the private sector, creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs. Home values performed 42 better than when located near high-frequency public transit. Hotels in cities with direct rail access to airports raise 11 more revenue per room lost than hotels in those cities without. Public Transportation Is a safer way to Travel Than by automobile. A person can reduce his or her chance of being in an accident by more than 90 simply by taking public transit as opposed to commuting by car. Traveling by public transportation is 10 times safer per mile than traveling by automobile. Public Transportation saves Money, the average household spends 18 cents of every dollar on transportation, and 96 of this goes to buying, maintaining, and operating cars, the largest expenditure after housing. A household can save nearly 10,000 by taking public transportation and living with one less car. Public Transportation Reduces Gasoline consumption, public transportation's overall effects save the United States.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually.

Public transportation is a 68 billion industry that employs more than 420,000 people. More than 7,700 organizations provide public transportation in the United States. 45 of Americans have no access to public transportation. Millennials consider public transportation as the best option for digital socializing and among the best for connecting with communities. Public Transportation Provides Economic Opportunities, every 1 invested in public transportation generates 4 in economic returns. Every 1 billion invested in public transportation supports and creates more than 50,000 jobs. Every 10 million in capital investment in public transportation yields 30 million in increased business sales.

benefits of plkn essay

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Public Transportation Consists of a variety of Modes. Buses, trolleys and light rail, subways, commuter trains. Streetcars, cable cars, van pool services, paratransit services for Senior citizens and people with disabilities. Ferries and water taxis, monorails and tramways, quick facts. In 2017, Americans took.1 billion trips on public transportation. 34 million times each weekday, people board public transportation. Since 1995, public transportation ridership has increased by 30 - a growth rate higher than the 22 increase. People board public transportation 35 million times each weekday.

The third body paragraph is only one sentence. Three sentences are the minimum length for a paragraph. The vocabulary in this student's ielts sample writing is basically adequate to answer the question and the grammar errors do not cause too much difficulty when reading the essay. The errors, though, are quite frequent and show that the candidate is proficient at writing but not at a high level. For example: i agree with the way to solve this problem by encourage people to use public transportation. This should be: i agree that the way to solve this problem is by encouraging people to use public transportation). Public transportation transforms communities and the lives of the people living in them by spurring economic development, promoting sustainable lifestyles and providing a higher quality of life. . every segment of American society - individuals, families, communities, and businesses - benefits from public transportation.

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benefits of plkn essay

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"Not having to find a place to park" is relevant, but this is only in the last sentence. The typewriter second body paragraph is better. The candidate discusses how using cars less will improve peoples health, which is directly relevant to the prompt. The third paragraph is relevant as the candidate suggests that the speed of public transport will improve peoples quality of life. The conclusion then correctly summarizes the candidates point of view. Organization, it is clear from the candidate's ielts sample writing that they understand the basics of how to organize an essay, with an introduction that contains background information and a thesis, body paragraphs with different points benefits and a conclusion. However, these can be improved.

You should always try to have one central theme in each paragraph. The topic sentence in body paragraph one tells us that the paragraph is about how public transportation saves a lot of money, but then the candidate talks about finding a place to park in the last sentence. This does not fit with the topic of the paragraph. Similarly, in the second body paragraph, it is not quite clear how the last sentence fits with the topic of the paragraph. Check all ideas fit with the topic sentence (this is the purpose of planning your answer first and avoid placing a new idea in one sentence at the end of the paragraph. All ideas should be fully explained and one sentence is not usually enough to do this. Also, ensure all paragraphs are long enough.

Furthermore, there will have no heavy traffic jam because people use more public transportation. Even though it is a waste of time that people have to wait for a buses, taxis, subway or sky train, it will not take people a long time to reach their destination because public transportation nowadays are developed to be faster and more convenient. Therefore, these are the reasons why i agree with the way to decrease congestion and air pollution by encourage people to use less private cars and turn to use more public transportation that government provided. Words: 285, ielts sample Writing Analysis: In order to answer this question, you will need to state your opinion, and then give the reasons why you have this opinion in your body paragraphs. If you agree that less car use and more use of public transport will improve the quality of life in cities, then you will need to explain why this is the case. In other words, you will need to discuss the benefits of using cars less and public transport more, specifically in relation to improvements in quality of life with regards to pollution and congestion.

If you disagree then you will need to discuss the disadvantages of this. Of course there is the option to partly agree and to look at some benefits and drawbacks. Content, the candidates introduction in this ielts sample writing is satisfactory as they introduce the topic in the first few sentences and give some background facts about. They then clearly give their opinion in the final sentence. However, their first body paragraph does not really answer the question. Although they correctly discuss the benefits of public transport, the benefits discussed do not relate to congestion or pollution. Instead, the candidate writes about prices and costs. It is important to keep the essay on topic.

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I agree with the way to solve this problem by encourage people proposal to use public transportation instead of using private cars because it is the best and easy way that people can. Using public transportation saves a lot of money. Firstly, people do not have to buy their own cars. When it comes to prices, the fare shredder for buses or taxis are cheaper than private cars when compared bus fare to the oil price. Accordingly, people do not have to spend lots of money on gas that they have to fill the tank. Also, they do not have to find a place for parking as well. Moreover, using less private cars saves environment and peoples health as well. It causes less air pollution because carbon dioxide that released from cars is decreased. As all people know that carbon dioxide can harm peoples health, if less carbon dioxide release to the environment, people do not have to breathe polluted air inevitably.

benefits of plkn essay

We are always inventing ways of modifying and improving the quality of things with new products and services. Innovation is what we seek to do for the most part, as it has elevated us to higher heights for the most part of our existence. By sui, the rising levels of congestion and air pollution found in most of the world cities can be attributed plan directly to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. In order to reverse this decline in the quality of life in cities, attempts must be made to encourage people to use their cars less and public transport more. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Nowadays, people use more private car, which leads to more cars on the road, heavy traffic jam and air pollution. These problems always happen especially in the cities.

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Benefits of plkn essay
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  7. Public Transportation, benefits, currently selected. Public transportation provides personal mobility and freedom for people from every walk of life. Accordingly, people do not have to spend lots of money on gas that they have to fill the tank. Although they correctly discuss the benefits of public transport, the benefits. Many people ponder what they should do for a vacation and I realized a lot of people dont seem to share my views about traveling. I believe it s very important.

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