Write about my neighbourhood

write about my neighbourhood

Where to stay in seoul

It was renamed as Serangoon Gardens Recreation Club after the British withdrew from Singapore in the early seventies. However, the clubhouse suffered a decline in membership and had difficulty maintaining its facilities due to a lack of funds. In 1981, it was given a makeover under the proposal of lau teik soon, member of Parliament for Serangoon Gardens, and became the new Serangoon Gardens country Club. Due to the historical ties with the British, the network of roads inside serangoon Gardens, more than 40 of them cramped into this small estate, are mostly named after places in Britain (England, Scotland and Wales serangoon Gardens is fondly known as ang sar lee. In the old days, certain parts of Serangoon Gardens were given nicknames such as zhap ji cheng ( or 12,000) and zhap si cheng ( or 14,000 describing the approximate prices of the houses available in their respective areas. The most prominent landmarks of Serangoon Gardens are perhaps the serangoon Garden Circus and the popular Chomp Chomp food Centre (its official name is Serangoon Gardens food Centre which serves delicious local delights in bbq stingray, bbq chicken wings, satay and hokkien mee. The area resembles a mini-version of the newton Cirus and its food centre.

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It is quick and easy to fill out and will save you valuable time. Serangoon Gardens was formerly annual a residential estate for the British (and some australian and New zealand) soldiers and airmen, where some of them were based in the nearby raf (royal Air Force) Chia keng Camp, until the early seventies. The name serangoon is likely to be derived from burong ranggoon, referring to a species of black and white stork that lives around Sungei serangoon (formerly called Rangoon river). Satu, or one in Malay, was added to the name, thus becoming Saranggoon. This name was used for a long period of time before it eventually evolved to serangoon. During the japanese Occupation, large plots of flower farms were cultivated in this region, leading to the naming of the estate as Serangoon Gardens. Serangoon Gardens was developed in the early fifties by Steven Charles Macey, a british private developer who also worked as an engineer at raf. Due to its limited accessibility from other parts of Singapore in its early days, and for the benefits of the residents, macey sought approval from the singapore rural board to build literature a recreational clubhouse on.56 acres of land. Completed in 1956, serangoon Gardens Sports Club was opened exclusively to the residents of Serangoon Gardens at a monthly membership rate. The clubhouse underwent major changes over the decades.

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write about my neighbourhood

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What are some of your favourite seoul neighbourhoods? Where would you want to stay if london you had limited time in the city? Arts culture, what's in the song? (Gr 7 - 12). Listen analyse form guaranteed structure of songs. . Write at least two complete songs with professional songwriter and Juno winner Kellylee evans. In partnership with CityFolk. Mondays, Apr 16-Jun 11, 6:30-8pm 8 weeks: 50, register, sports, boxing level 1, want to feel good, look good and learn a new skill? Then boxing at the Glebe cc is for you!

Its home to a lot of bars, pubs, and international restaurants, so whether youre craving Indian, mexican, Italian or a rowdy Irish (or Canadian!) pub, you can find it in Itaewon. This neighbourhood is also home to a foreign food market where you can pick some of those harder to find items you may be missinglike peanut butter! Things to do in Itaewon: Enjoy the international cuisine and have a fun night out be it at a bar, pub, club or restaurant! Places to stay in Itaewon: High-end: Grand hyatt seoul Midrange: Imperial Palace boutique hotel Itaewon, hamilton Hotel Budget: g guesthouse Itaewon In seoul, g guesthome, travelholic guesthouse hostel And thats a wrap for this seoul neighbourhood guide! As mentioned earlier, this is by no means an extensive list of every single neighbourhood in seoul there are plenty of other areas to stay in! but rather, ive highlighted some of the neighbourhoods which I feel would be of interest to travellers who want to make the most of their time in the city. That means neighbourhoods that are centrally located and have a lot to offer in terms of major attractions and popular activities. I hope this guide will help you plan your visit!

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write about my neighbourhood

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Things to do in Namdaemun: Shop in the countrys largest outdoor market, sample korean street food, and essays visit Namdaemun Gate (South Gate). Places to stay in Namdaemun: High-end: Fraser Place namdaemun seoul, courtyard by marriott seoul Namdaemun Midrange: Tmark Grand Hotel myeongdong Budget: k-pop hotel seoul Tower Photo: Nam-ho park cc.0 Ewha Ewha is home to Ewha Womans University, which is a private girls university, and. Youll find shops with the latest (and cutest!) Korean fashion ranging from shoes and handbags to dresses and accessories. There are also lots of stores selling Korean beauty products as well as cafes where you can enjoy a break from all the shopping. Plus, you have the university campus which is a must-see; the buildings are integrated into a hill and the construction almost looks like the biblical hire parting of the seas. Things to do in Ewha: Visit the Ewha Womans University campus (its beautiful!

shop for womens clothing and beauty products, and go cafe hopping. Places to stay in Ewha: Midrange: ever8 Serviced Residence budget: Ewha dh guesthouse, philstay ehwa boutique sinchon nearby sinchon is a great place for nightlife. Located right next to Ewha, this seoul neighbourhood is home to multiple universities and that means it has a young feel with plenty of restaurants, singing rooms, sticker photobooths and bars. Youre sure to have a memorable night here. Things to do in Sinchon: Visit the yonsei university campus, sing your heart out at a noraebang, and enjoy the nightlife. Places to stay in Sinchon: Budget: oppa hostel, dh shinchon guesthouse Photo: paul Robinson cc.0 Itaewon Itaewon is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in seoul and its known to draw tourists, expats, and us military personnel living in seoul.

This area is home to massive shopping malls and commercial centres stacked next to each other, and it has a modern feel in comparison to some of the more traditional markets in seoul. In the non-shopping department, this seoul neighbourhood is also home to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (which looks a lot like a giant spaceship landed in the middle of the city!) and you can also easily access the Cheonggyecheon for a leisurely walk along the stream. Things to do in Dongdaemun: Shop until you drop at any of the malls, visit the gate of Rising Benevolence (East Gate  feel like an alien at the dongdaemun Design Plaza, watch a k-pop hologram performance at k-live, visit the Dongdaemun History culture park, and walk. Places to stay in Dongdaemun: High-end: jw marriott Dongdaemun Square seoul Midrange: Acube hotel Dongdaemun, hotel skypark dongdaemun i, ky-heritage hotel Dongdaemun Budget: Dongdaemun Hwasin Hostel myeongdong myeongdong is seouls main pedestrian shopping area and it comes to life at night, so expect lots. The shops here include a mix of international and Korean brands, with a big focus on Korean beauty products youll likely come away with a few free samples! Theres also a lot of street food to be had in this area dont forget to try the giant soft-serve ice cream cones!

Things to do in myeongdong: Shop on myeongdongs streets and underground shopping centre, browse stores selling Korean beauty products, sample some of the street food, for a different shopping experience check out the lotte department Store and the Shinsegae department Store, and climb up (or take. Places to stay in myeongdong: High-end: royal Hotel seoul, aloft seoul myeongdong, lotte hotel L7 myeongdong Midrange: Staz hotel myeongdong 1, a first myeongdong Budget: Philstay myeongdong boutique hostel, k-grand Hostel myeongdong, casa myeongdong guesthouse namdaemun   like with many neighbourhoods in seoul, this one. Namdaemun is located just west of myeongdong and it is home to the namdaemun Market, which is the largest traditional market in all of Korea. It is seemingly open around the clock and you can buy things like inexpensive clothing, accessories, toys, shoes, stationery and, of course, food! If you wander down the smaller side lanes, youll come across tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries serving up some delicious Korean dishes on a budget. Keep in mind that most accommodations in this area arent found within the market itself, but rather around the perimeter.

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Prices here are slightly lower than Hongdae, but you still get the proximity to the nightlife. Things to do in Hapjeong: Venture to nearby hongdae, or enjoy the multitude of bars, coffee shops, and late night restaurants that are popping up in this area. Places to stay in Hapjeong: Budget: zzzip guesthouse, gateway korea guesthouse gagnam psys Gangnam Style has probably given you a few ideas of what this seoul neighbourhood is all about! Gangnam is considered to be the most entry affluent neighbourhood in the whole city, and that means high-end shopping, fine dining, and luxurious clubs though I personally think it lacks a bit of the charm of the older neighbourhoods! That being said, if you have money to spend, this is the place to spend it and spend it fast. Things to do in Gangnam: go shopping at high-end stores, go clubbing, visit writings the bonguensa buddhist Temple, see the royal tomb mounds at Samneung Park, shop at the coex, take loads of selfies along k-star road, and window shop along Apgujeong Rodeo street and Cheongdam Fashion. Places to stay in Gangnam: High-end: Park hyatt seoul, interContinental seoul coex, grand InterContinental seoul Parnas Midrange: Hotel Cappuccino, hotel peyto samseong, stay hotel Gangnam Budget: The ja coex Photo: Eugene lim cc.0 Dongdaemun dongdaemun is all about shopping.

write about my neighbourhood

Places to stay in Samcheongdong: Yes, more hanoks! Midrange: raon guesthouse, ohbok guesthouse, photo: seokjin Jin cc.0 Hongdae the neighbourhood of Hongdae gets its name from Hongik daehakgyo (Hongik university) and it has a very young vibe that caters to university students. This a great place to stay in seoul if you enjoy nightlife, outdoor music performances, and browsing indie boutique shops on a budget. Hongdae is also home to a plethora of themed cafes including a sheep cafe, dog cafe, cat cafe, meerkat cafe, comic book cafe, hello kitty cafe, and just about anything you can imagine. Things to do in Hongdae: Experience the nightlife, go bar hopping, have some late-night bbq, sing some noraebang (the korean version of karaoke shop at the small boutiques, visit the Trick eye museum, spend an afternoon visiting themed cafes, visit the hongdae free market. Places to stay in Hongdae: Budget: Wow Hills guesthouse, cocoon Stay hongdae, kpopstay hapjeong While hongdae is the centre of student life, nearby spondylosis hapjeong very much feels like an extension of the place. This is a fast-changing neighbourhood, and while there are some older residential parts, there are lots of new bars, coffee shops and themed cafes popping up, not to mention the numerous late night bbq restaurants to feed those late night cravings.

hanok restaurants, hanok cafes, hanok museums, and hanok stays. Staying in bukchon can come with a bit of a price tag, but its also centrally located and you are surrounded by palaces. Things to do in bukchon: Walk through bukchon Hanok village and admire the old traditional homes, tour nearby gyeongbokgung Palace, visit Changdeokgung Palace and sign up for a tour of the secret Garden. Places to stay in bukchon: All of these are hanoks because when in bukchon! High-end: Bonum 1957 Hanok and boutique, midrange: Cheong yeon jae hanok hotel, dalzip bukchon. Samcheongdong, located just west of bukchon, samcheongdong is also home to many traditional hanok buildings, but its a bit more on the trendy side with coffee shops, indie boutiques, galleries and pop-up markets taking over the streets. There are lots of little alleys and staircases worth exploring in this area, with little splashes of street art here and there. Things to do in Samcheongdong: go cafe hopping, browse the small boutique shops and pop-up markets, visit the art galleries, and look for street art.

This article wont cover every single neighbourhood in the city, but rather focus on some cool writing places to stay in seoul, each with its own unique personality. Now its just a matter of figuring out which neighbourhood suits you best! Photo: Katie haugland Bowen, cc.0, insadong. Insadong is a neighbourhood that is known for the arts. At one point in time it was home to the largest market for antiques and artworks in all of Korea, but these days the main street Insadong-gil is lined with small art galleries, secret tea houses, and shops selling handcrafted souvenirs. The real charm of this place is found wandering down the narrow side lanes, so its worth veering off the main street. Things to do in Insadong: Shop for traditional souvenirs, sample the street food (especially hotteok! have tea and rice cakes at Shin Old tea house or one of the many teahouses in the neighbourhood, browse the Ssamzie-gil Market, and sample korean royal cuisine. Places to stay in Insadong: Midrange: Mini hotel Insa, makers Hotel, budget: Apple backpackers, k-guesthouse Insadong, bukchon, located between gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and the Jongmyo royal Shrine, bukchon is known for its traditional hanok village.

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So youve booked your flight, planned your itinerary, but now you need to figure out where to stay in seoul. The big question is: what neighbourhood should you choose? Seoul is a massive urban sprawl so you dont want to accidentally end up too far away from the action and have to commute into the city centre every day. Another thing to keep in mind is that each neighbourhood has its own feel; some neighbourhoods are great to experience traditional homestays, others are filled with bars and singing rooms and are ideal to sample the nightlife, and there are neighbourhoods that revolve around shopping. We also need to mention budget. Some seoul neighbourhoods cater to a younger demographic with plenty of budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to choose from, while others are better suited to a traveller who is after luxury. The good news is that whatever your budget or travel style, seoul has something for you. In this seoul neighbourhood guide we are going to highlight some different seoul neighbourhoods that are good for travellers. That means neighbourhoods that are centrally located, near major attractions, and that also offer fun experiences like themed cafes, street entry markets, and food options.

Write about my neighbourhood
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  4. How to create a, neighbourhood, plan: your step by step roadmap guide. Find out about each stage you need to go through in order to create your neighbourhood plan. Serangoon Gardens was formerly a residential estate for the British (and some australian and New zealand) soldiers and airmen, where some of them were based in the nearby raf (royal Air Force) Chia keng Camp, until the early seventies. Neighbourhood, activities Group (gnag) is a community-driven, not-for-profit, recreation organization working in the heart of the Glebe to deliver social, cultural, recreational services and activities for all ages. This is one of my favorite albums of all time! Neighbourhood 's sound is very mellow and very catchy!

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