Write about your house

write about your house

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She had already read. Then the poet wrote a poem and read it to his daughter. The daughter liked the poem, but didn't believe. The poet was a very romantic man. He dreamed about faraway countries, mysterious tribes, beautiful animals. He was bored with his ordinary life and bad weather.

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They are my favourite where poets. I'm not sure that poetry is my cup of tea, but I'll try to read some. He liked exciting adventures and faraway countries. He was in love with a young woman who loved him too. This woman was clever and beautiful, but she didn't understand the poet and didn't share his interests, so the poet left her to travel to a faraway country. She was very sad and couldn't forgive him for this. When the poet came back, he tried to tell her about his wonderful trip, but she didn't understand him. The poet had never travelled himself, but he liked to make up stories. One day his little daughter was ill and he wanted to do something nice for her. He took a big book with a picture of a giraffe in it and showed it to his daughter. But the girl wasn't interested in the book.

They were brilliant, well educated and free-spirited. They loved Russia very much, but they didn't always like things that happened in their country. When they spoke openly about it, they got into trouble. Some of them died in labour camps, but their spirit was never broken. Misha: Did that make them famous? First of all, they were very talented poets, believe. When I feel sad or need some advice, i open the books by akhmatova and Tsvetaeva and find help resume and advice.

write about your house

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But there was also the silver Age at the beginning of the 20th century. Anna akhmatova, alexander Block, marina Tsvetaeva, sergey esenin, nikolay gumilyov, osip Mandelshtam, Vladimir mayakovsky and Boris Pasternak are the most famous poets of that time. Some of their long works weren't known to russian readers, although people all round the world knew and loved them. Boris Pasternak, for golf example, was awarded the nobel Prize in Literature. Misha: But why were their books banned? What was wrong with them? Mother: There was nothing wrong with the books. The problem was with the writers and their ideas.

Mother: When I was born, we lived in the soviet Union. A lot of books were banned. Misha: Did that happen in our country too? People who read those books got into trouble if somebody saw them. But in the eighties perestroika started and a lot of banned books were published. Then we had a chance to read so many interesting books and so much beautiful poetry. I fell in love with the silver Age poets. Mother: Let me tell you. When Pushkin, lermontov and many other talented 19th century poets wrote their poems, it was the golden Age of Russian literature.

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write about your house

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In the book he describes what may happen to the world in the near future: Internet technologies produce a virtual world — deeptown. Different people live in deeptown, but the most mysterious of them are the divers. They walking can do things that the best hackers in our world will never be able. Mark: I'll write about him. I hope my teacher won't be angry. Lukyanenko is a very good writer. Mother: How are you doing?

My english friends asked me about Russian writers and I couldn't remember many names. It's not very good, is it? Mother: Well, i'm not very proud of you. Russian literature is one of the greatest in the world. Nowadays you can get so many books that I couldn't read when I was a girl. Misha: What are you talking about, mum? What couldn't you read when you were a girl?

Rowling and Dan Brown. Misha: That's really funny, they are my favourite writers too. Rob: so aren't there any good writers in Russia nowadays? Misha: Of course there are. Oh, how could I forget! I have read a lot of books by sergey lukyanenko.

He's a modern Russian writer. His first books were published at the end of the eighties. Mark: What kind of books does he write? Misha: lukyanenko writes science fiction. His books are about adventures. Some of them happen in space and some of them in the centre of Moscow, but they are always exciting and very well written. One of his books became a cult book for people who are interested in computers. It is called "Labyrinth of Reflections".

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Mark: do you only read books by these writers at school? Misha: maybe i shouldn't tell you this, but you're right. Some girls in our class like these books, resume but I don't read them for pleasure myself. I do it because i have. Rob: I can understand that. Dickens and Shakespeare are very famous. English writers and we study them at school, but personally i don't like them very much. Tolkien, conan doyle,.

write about your house

Mark: Is that the book about Natasha rostova and Andrey bolkonsky? Misha: Yes,. But it is also about the war paper with France and the heroism of the russian people. Mark: What about Dostoevsky? Misha: to tell you the truth, i have no idea. We haven't done him yet. Mark: What do you mean? Misha: to be honest, we haven't studied Dostoevsky at school yet.

is planning to rob the house of Troekurov, the man who is to blame for all his misfortunes. But then Dubrovsky falls in love with Masha Troekurova, the daughter of his enemy, and forgets his plans. Unfortunately, i don't remember the ending. Mark: What about Tolstoy and Dostoevsky? Misha: Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are great writers, and Russians are proud of them. They wrote long novels. Tolstoy's most famous book is "War and peace".

I need your help. We have to write an essay about Eastern European writers. I'd like to write about Russian writers. Unfortunately, i have no time to look the information up in books. Tell me ail about Dostoevsky, pushkin, tolstoy and Lermontov. Misha: What can I tell you? They all lived in the 19th century, but some of these people aren't writers. Pushkin and Lermontov are famous poets, though personally plan i like pushkin's prose more. I like his novel "Dubrovsky".

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Featured Article, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,704,646 times. Did this article help you? Unit 7 Lessons 1,2,3 - great Russian writers, Unit 7 Lessons 6 - on a lake called the Chad., Unit 7 Lesson 10 - we are family, aren't we? Kate was ill yesterday but she feels better today. When the team didn't win a basketball match, they were very angry with themselves selves. When our thesis family goes out, the children always enjoy themselves. Jane has bought herself a nice dress. Mother was tired, so the children cleaned the kitchen themselves. I don't know the answer myself, but I'll ask our teacher.

Write about your house
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  3. This worksheet is for little children and can help them to learn how to write their address. This is about your house, street, town. Browse through diagrams and photos to learn about the components that make up your home, including foundations, roofs, doors, floors and more. Know your house : What makes Up a home s foundation.

  4. It is situated at a distance of a mile from my house. Dear Ann, Thanks for your letter. It was so great to hear from you! You want to know what relations with my parents I have. Unfortunately, i often have.

  5. How to, write a paragraph. This wikihow will take you through the process of writing a paragraph, from planning to writing to reviewing. There s no need to write out full sentences just yet, just jot down some key words and phrases. English writing lesson plan focusing on how to write informal letters with vocabulary drill and structure analysis. Write about your room.

  6. Send comments about the find, your, representative service to the webmaster. Please note that messages for a specific representative sent to the webmaster will not be forwarded to the representative. Write your house rep. I d like to write about, russian writers. He is planning to rob the house of Troekurov, the man who is to blame for all his misfortunes. Mark: What kind of books does he write?

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