Women are better than men essay

women are better than men essay

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The explanations she got often sounded blatantly sexist, she says. One man above her in the hierarchy told her that it was his problem; he couldnt make serious decisions if a woman was in the room. On the other hand, women are gaining a foothold as business owners and executives. Gender differences are increasingly playing out all over the world. In the usa alone, nearly 11 million privately held companies are now majority-owned (50 stake or greater) by women. This is according to the center for Women Business Research, based in Washington,.

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This discrimination is seen by many as the simple-minded sexism of dirty jokes and references to girls, born of hatred and ill will, (Fraker, 1984). As a matter of fact, people who perceive female managers as different from males often do not realize that they are guilty of discrimination. For example, an important assignment is given to a man rather than to a woman based on the assumption that women are not free to take on time-consuming tasks because of family commitments. In a study conducted by wentling (1992 one woman was denied promotion in spite of excellent performance evaluations because her boss felt she report would not be with the company very long; he assumed that she would probably leave the company to have children. Another example of subtle discrimination comes in the form of: women are excluded from senior management positions because of perceptions that they will somehow change the management process by virtue of their gender. Wall Street journal (Hymowitz and Schellhardt, 1986) reported and published the experience. It wrote: In the five years. Roberts spent at dean kelley Witter, she advanced from vice-president and coordinator of research services to senior vice-president and a member of the securities firms board Then, the annual promotions stopped. Instead of being considered for what seemed like the next logical post-executive vice-president and director for marketing or research,. Roberts was offered posts she judged to be lateral moves.

They may run from the room in tears when criticized. (4) Women are unsuitable for top management positions because they are too emotional and lack aggressiveness. To a certain extent, these assumptions may be true for many women summary in the entire workforce worldwide. However, it may not accurately describe the type of women who have made the decision to pursue managerial careers. For example, the assumption of family priorities may not apply to many of this type of women. In a survey conducted in the United States of America, of the highest ranked female executives (Baum, 1987 nearly half had never married or were divorced, and of those who were married, almost one-third did not have children. Granting that some well-qualified professionals who are mothers may not want the pressure of having corporate jobs, this preference is not true of all or even most female professionals. Negative stereotypes about women as managers are actually forms of subtle discrimination.

women are better than men essay

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Extensive researches have been conducted on the actual differences between male and female managers and who are the better managers, men or women, but the strongly held stereotypes are still resistant to change. In a study conducted by heilman,. In 1989, indicated that there is a tendency for the respondents to describe female managers as less self-confident, less emotionally-stable, less analytical, less consistent, and having poorer leadership abilities than male managers. These beliefs contributed a variety of assumptions about female managers, which in turn formed the basis for the negative stereotypes about them. Some of these negative assumptions are: (1) Women tend to place family demands above work considerations. They have children to care for; thus, they lose time for, and interest in, their jobs. (2) Women work for supplemental income; as a result, they lack the necessary drive to succeed in business. (3) Women take negative feedback personally rather than professionally.

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women are better than men essay

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A research revealed that women arts still hold less than a quarter, about 24 percent, of the senior management positions in privately held businesses globally. This figure, 24 percent, is the identical to 2007, an improvement from 2004 when only 19 percent of senior level positions were held by women. However, it is assuring and satisfying to learn that the Philippines holds the highest percentage in the world, of women having senior management positions at 47 percent, according to the latest research from Grant Thornton International. Figures from the department of Labor and Employment (dole) show that women have steadily outnumbered men in executive positions. In 2002, the ratio was.86 million females.4 males in supervisory and executive positions.

In 2006, the ratio was.257 million women managers.629 million men. By 2007, there were.281 million female managers.677 million males. For example, lily linsangan, audit partner at Punongbayan araullo (p a) and head of the firms Business Risk services group said: Women in the Philippines have really broken the proverbial glass ceiling, not only in the corporate world but also in government. As an auditor of more than 25 years, i have not encountered an all-male management team. In our own firm, eight of the 18 partners are women and five of the seven members of the management committee are females. The widely accepted explanation for the small percentage of women holding top executive positions globally is the importunate negative stereotyping of women as able managers. Though the attitudes towards the role of women in society may have changed dramatically, women are still perceived as being less suited than men for managerial positions.

I would not put one above the other. I had a great mixer and I do not believe it is a sexist battle which one being better than the tually i think it is the other way around and the problem is women are more dominant towards the teaching than the men that. It provides entertainment to people of all ages, especially children, who, consequently would prefer to stare at the tv screen all day rather than going outside to play anymore. An online journal that I read called journal of youth and Adolescence states that television is an easy and inexpensive way to get information, it's the most popular way for Americans old and young to get informed. With the increased rate of working parents, most children come home from school and are left alone or with a babysitter who may not care what the children watch.

With no supervision nearby, children may end up watching shows with violence, sex, and bad language. The journal then goes on to say that tv allows us to create a national culture because it gives people something in common to talk about. I hear it everyday, most people are talking about their comedy shows that they watched the night before rather than what they saw on the nightly news. In this generation we have to many choices. The journal also stated that children have a choice on what to watch and how long they watch television. For me, this argument is unrealistic because most children do not have self. In this modern age and time, even with the years that passed since women were given equal rights as men especially in democratic countries, attitudes toward women as managers remain relatively the same: there are still few women who hold executive positions worldwide. At present, according to an article on women in management, the number of women in top management positions has increased by nearly 60 percent in the past decade but those who hold executive positions is still quite small at about.8 percent.

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This indirectly proves that women are better politicians than men. In my opinion, women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more trustworthy and cooperative, plus they are more strong-minded as compared to men. They have more good aspects when compared to men. Thus, women are better politicians than men. We will write a custom essay sample. Argumentative essay: Women Are better Politician Than Men or any similar topic database only for you. Show More, women make better teacher Than Men. I do not agree with shredder tha statement because i think that women and men are in the same level in teaching because both of them have their own advantages and r example, women have their natural motherhood while men have their natural fatherhood. So, to build a complete family, should have cooperation each other and there is no comparison between them which one is more better than the other one.

women are better than men essay

Making them better politicians. Besides that, scientists claimed that male politicians are more decisive than female politicians (Men more decisive, pars. However, that doesnt mean that female politicians are not good at making decisions. In fact, female politician are less decisive but more strong-minded than men as they consider their decision street thoroughly before finalizing. Before making a desicion, they examine the consequences towards an individual, society and the country and seek for a win-win solution. They search for long-term solutions by using retention strategies as a way to improve the results. Thus, they have the capacity to be more balanced in decision-making. Not only that, women are more precautious and they tend to make less mistakes in their work. This is because women always think twice and recheck their work before completing the final touches.

strategies thereby achieving higher results. On the other hand, men tend to excel more at bamboozling and cheating. This is proven by the studies of Rolf kuemmerli and colleagues by repeating a game called Prisoners Dilemma. This game involves two people, they need to cooperate with each other to obtain a win-win situation. Studies shows that men do not cooperate as well as women because women have a better ability to interact and comprehend messages that one is trying to deliver (Highfield, pars. . In addition, women are found to be more trustworthy than men. This statement is proven by Professor Roger Steare using the moral dna test by measuring a persons morality and changes in their value system when they enter the workplace. According to results, women have more moral values, proving that they are more trustworthy (Knight, pars.

They tend to face difficult situations with a calm attitude. Indra gandhi, the first female prime minister in India chose a peaceful way to rule her country. When her country was at war with. Pakistan in 1971, she signed the treaty of friendship and cooperation with pakistan to avoid financial hardship and instability in her country (Palekar, pars. . Thus, resulting a stable economy in India. She ruled her country effectively by getting moral support from all the ministers and maintaning good relationship with the other countries which helped in the economic growth of India. This would not have happened without her compromising and friendly nature.

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There is a mindset in the current society that men make better politicians than women. In fact, that statement is not true. Women make good politicians too, some are even better than men in many aspects. Women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more literature trustworthy and cooperative, plus they are more strong-minded as compared to men. One of the best example is Christine lagarde the first female minister of Economic Affairs in a g8 economy which is the governments of eight of the worlds largest economies(Christine lagarde, pars. She is also voted as the worlds 9th most powerful woman according to forbes magazine. Women politicians have a more compromising and friendly nature than men. This ultimately becomes a highly useful political tool for political campaign.

Women are better than men essay
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Thus, this kind of women became the proofs that they can be better managers than men. Posted by livycat on July 30, 2011 in narratives essays, reviews commentaries.

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  1. We will write a custom essay sample on Are women Better Parents Than Men specifically for you. Women make good politicians too, some are even better than men in many aspects. Women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more trustworthy. Corporate governance Is The system by which Companies Are directed And Controlled Accounting Essay. Ladies are a better parent than men.

  2. Written by academic experts with 10 years of experience. Use our samples but remember about plagiarism! Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! But whatever makes women natural homemakers does not matter here, the fact is that men need to do more than just providing the financial needs of the family to be better than women. So do men actually make better parents than women? All individuals are different from one another and may respond or perform at different levels as per their individual capabilities.

  3. There is a mindset in the current society that men make better politicians than women - argumentative essay : Women are. Studies shows that men do not cooperate as well as women because women have a better ability to interact and comprehend messages that one is trying to deliver (Highfield, pars. Advertisements: Women make better Politicians Than Men Essay. Till date we see greater percentage of men being elected as politician and women being under-represented in many countries. However, to what extent are women better than men? Free essay sample on the given topic "Dream Family".

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