Will you be my girlfriend proposal

will you be my girlfriend proposal

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This could also solve a serious political problem. Many Americans hate the government. This could be creatively included in "hate crimes" and made a capital offense. If all hate criminals, including anti-government types, could simply be sold into slavery, then their voices and votes would no longer trouble the serious public servants, like our beloved Bill Clinton, who simply want to do their duty. Only people who love the government would be free, and it would therefore be much easier to solve nagging social problems, since everyone who counts will be ready to trust their elected officials. Even better, States that betrayed their ill will, by not voting for our beloved Bill Clinton in 19, like texas, could have their voting strength reduced. That is because, once all the government-haters and Clinton-haters in them are enslaved, they will only count as 3/5 of persons (a provision still in the constitution) for Census purposes.

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Instead, victims can have the offenders work for them, perhaps farmed out to a private slave-driver, who can split the profit. When the victim or family then feels they have had enough monetary recompense, then they could kill the offender. Rape victims might consider castrating or otherwise mutilating the offenders. Now, death penalty opponents might object to serial killers or crime victims buying offenders for the purpose of find torturing or killing them. There is a simple remedy for their concerns, however, since they could just buy the offenders themselves and treat them with whatever kind of imprisonment or rehabilitation they think appropriate. People who object to the practices or theory of the present penal system would have unlimited opportunties to apply their own theories of reform just by buying up the offenders. They could even run telethons for this purpose: "see what the. Clockwork Orange, rehabilitation Institute can do to make charles Manson a productive citizen again!". In the end, congress should be ashamed that it has yet to consider such a creative and useful solution to widespread disobedience of their laws and the prison overcrowding that has resulted. They have been reluctant to "send a message" with death penalties, but they have failed to consider that something not quite as extreme but nearly as powerful as a deterent is possible.

That would be a good reason to make prostitution this kind of capital offense. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep prostitutes off the streets. If they could be sold into slavery for prostitution, then they would indeed be off the streets but, at the same time, would be able to continue, more or less, in their chosen profession. And since they would not be having sex indiscriminately, they would also be removed as a public health threat. The danger of serial killers could also be alleviated by the reintroduction of slavery. A serial killer now could quite legally purchase his victims, male or female, and general do whatever he wanted with them, torture, mutilation, cannibalism, whatever. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens would have less to worry about. Victims of violent crimes, of course, or their families, might consider buying the offender themselves and inflicting whatever sort of punishment they think appropriate. This would take care of compensation for victims and survivors and of the worry of victims that offenders might get out of prison some day.

will you be my girlfriend proposal

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Anyone that legislators decide should no longer be allowed to be running around on their own, like prostitutes, their johns, firearms offenders, smokers, illegal aliens, employers of reviews illegal aliens, cable pirates, cd bootleggers, uninsured drivers, income tax non-filers - who knows how useful this could. Convict them; sell them into slavery; and then they are no longer a public worry, a public expense, or thesis even as much of a nuisance in the courts. The owners of violent criminals, of course, would want to keep them in chains. And if such a criminal escaped and commited some crime, he could simply be shot by the police, since he would have no legal rights, to a trial or anything else. At the same time, this could solve other problems. Men who worry about being arrested for frequenting prostitutes could simply buy a female, or male, slave. When they tire of her/him, then they could sell or trade her/him off. Of course, there are far fewer women in prisons then men, so female slaves might be prohibitively expensive.

A slave had no standing, for instance, in court for any purpose except to dispute his status as a slave. A slave, technically, owned no property and had no rights whatsoever. A master had the power of life and death over his slaves. These are all convenient provisions for modern law. Speaker Newt's desire to execute drug dealers can be matched with a form of capital punishment that won't bother the foes of the death penalty. Persons mistakenly convicted can even be freed, though they may have suffered some harm in the meantime. On the other hand, convicts can be gotten out of the prisons and simultaneously won't be whining about their rights all the time, since they won't have any:  They will be dead to the law, except to argue that they were originally innocent. Slavery could also be used for the "career criminal" and "three strikes" offenses that have recently been introduced. Since every innovation in law that has been recommended for some purpose, like "civil forfeiture" to deprive "drug kingpins" of their ill gotten gains, has directly been expanded into areas that were never mentioned in the original proposals, like seizing the cars of men trying.

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will you be my girlfriend proposal

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The uninvolved girlfriend of a drug-dealer can draw a ten year mandatory minimum sentence, more than her boyfriend, who can get a reduced sentenced as an informer. Although the supreme court has begun to consider that seizing someone's house because of the presence of a marijuana cigarette in it may be an "excessive fine" in violation of the eighth Amendment, draconian and unjust prison sentences are not considered to violate the "cruel. Nothing therefore would prevent a law from going into effect based on the suggestion of former house Speaker Newt Gingrich that drug dealers should be executed. Neither Congress nor the court are going to worry about the punishment being proportional to the offense. The purpose of draconian penalties is help to "send a message" of "zero tolerance and if people refuse to get the message, then they need to be punished "by any means necessary" until they stop doing what society has decided they shouldn't. It is no longer justice that legislators and courts desire, but just obedience. Well, if all that Congress wants is obedience, it has missed a chance to really "send a message solve the problem of prison overcrowding, and avoid arguments about the death penalty all at the same time.

All they need to do is to reinstitute slavery. The constitution does not need to be changed for this, since the Thirteenth Amendment only says: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States." Consequently, slavery could. There is precedent for this. In Roman law, there were two forms of capital punishment, death and slavery (cf. Alan Watson, roman Slave law, the johns Hopkins University Press, 1987). Slavery was a form of capital punishment because a slave had no legal existence as a person.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. United States Constitution, Amendment xiii, ratified December 6, 1865. The United States prison population has just passed the 2 million mark. As recently as ten years ago, there were only 1 million inmates in American prisons. Although many new prisons have been built, even the new ones tend to be overcrowded. The United States may or may not have surpassed Russia as having the largest per capita prison population in the world.

Much of the prison population is due to the war on Drugs. 60 of federal prisons are now drug offenders. Since drugs are illegal but popular, this has created the same kind of crime wave that was seen in the 1920's under alcohol prohibition. Drive-by shootings, which can be seen in old gangster movies, became daily events in the 1980's, as newly wealthy urban gangs fought each other for neighborhood territories, with little regard for the mahem inflicted on bystanders. Although the public naturally would like these "gang-bangers" in prison, it is clear from the evidence of the past that much of their violence is a simple consequence of the illegality of their favored products. After Prohibition was repealed, there wasn't much in the way of gang violence over alcohol. On the other hand, many prisoners are merely guilty of non-violent "possession" offenses.

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I have been detained in almost all the police stations in Lagos, including Isokoko, panti, alagbon, bar-beach, and even the old station on Malu road. I was drinking in my girlfriends beer parlor when the police raided the place and arrested. They found a locally made pistol in my pocket and some wraps of marijuana. When they are tired, they will release. I have no other profession than armed robbery, and, as we say, once a robber, always a robber. Bob Risky finished his introduction, to loud applause. Even the Presido appeared to be impressed. A modest Proposal: The restoration of Slavery.

will you be my girlfriend proposal

The man who had spoken to paiko was the first to speak. He cleared his throat and launched forth boastfully. My name is Robert, but i am popularly known as Bob Risky. In the daytime, i am a motor-park tout at Iddo, but at night i am a robber. I have been robbing and killing since i was expelled from Mushin Grammar School in form two, for smoking and selling marijuana. No operation is too about risky for me to undertake. That is how i earned my nickname, risky.

republic, the Presido said. The man who was behind paiko nudged paiko and whispered into his right ear. Paiko could smell the mans sour breath amidst the general stench of the cell, an admixture of old cigarettes, marijuana, local gin, and decaying teeth. Tell them that you are a notorious armed robber, that you have led many operations and killed many people, they will fear you and give you an important position here in the cell, the man whispered. Paiko thought about this and shook his head. Something told him not to heed the mans advice. What he did not know was that the police sometimes locked up one of their own in the cell along with the criminals to help them gather information about robbers.

This is the jungle republic. No human beings live here in Jungle republic. We are all animals. The only people who are human beings live in the outside world. Those of us in this inside world are all animals. Abi, my people, no be true i talk? True talk, presido, the voices chorused. Just as you have your President and Commander in Chief revelation in the outside world, i am the President and Commander in Chief in this Jungle republic, even sef, i have more powers than the President of this country, because if I want any one.

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Played 2897 times, heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially in this crazy kingdom! Take over the throne and make some decisions that will help it thrive or cause it to completely fall apart. Consult with some of the kingdoms weirdest citizens, hire spies, fund projects and much more in this wacky simulation game. The same voice that had asked the question when the newcomers came in asked again, in a tone that was getting angrier. Who goes there, human beings or animals? Animals, answered the man who had been talking about the torture chambers on the ride down to Area. The other voices answered, humans. The man cleared his writings throat and laughed out loud, his laughter clearly without humor, and as he laughed, the other people in the cell, except for the newcomers, laughed along with him. I am the President of this cell and i am known as Presido.

Will you be my girlfriend proposal
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  4. The proposal is basically for 30 days consultancy (with the proposal going down to the level of x days for these activities producing this deliverable).

  5. As we watched, the pilot spelled out the letters: i l-o-v-e. People began speculating: maybe it was to be a marriage proposal. But I strongly recommend not following the instruction to email the proposal to a lot of people. Email Address (optional; will be displayed if given. The uninvolved girlfriend of a drug-dealer can draw a ten year mandatory minimum sentence, more than her boyfriend, who can get a reduced sentenced as an informer.

  6. But I m really stuck on how to actually propose; I m possibly the most unromantic person ever, seconded by my girlfriend. Chase is down on his luck after losing his job and getting dumped by his girlfriend. Find clues and solve the puzzle in this awesome 2D hidden object game, the. Legal question answers in Family law in maine: my ex-husband has wealthy parents and a wealthy girlfriend (with whom he just. Are you a good, girlfriend. Will, you, be, my, valentine.

  7. Cookie image via shutterstockmy girlfriend loves a good romantic comedy (to be fair, shell watch mediocre and bad ones, too). So on weekend afternoons, our tv is often tuned to whatever quirky love story tnt/TBS/usa is running on a constant loop. Usually, these movies will climax with the female leads love interest asking for. That your girlfriend, sef, dont forget that a beautiful woman is like delicious soup.funding would come from, and even if Congress did manage to pass such a proposal. Re: What was your proposal like?

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