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underwriting assistant toronto

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As far as we know, our prime minister has yet to call his Egyptian counterpart personally and demand the mens release. He waited until last Sunday to issue a statement calling for their release publicly, but that was, you know, a statement made to the canadian media. Whether he has relayed that directly and explained that there are consequences, real consequences, to the Egyptian government, is another matter entirely. The other thing is that, in Stephen Harpers statements, hes left himself this very unsettling loophole, where he keeps saying, In the absence of charges, these men should be freed. The charges—any charges that may be laid against them—and weve seen this outrageous grab-bag list that is being flung at almost 200 people, as far as i understand, that includes everything from murder to attacking a police station, its—you know, its a fishing expedition, its. We know what these men were doing: They were doing their jobs as humanitarians. Tarek was responding to calls for emergency medical aid. As an emergency doctor, that is his duty.

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And he is also—hes a member of the essay canadian Doctors aim for Refugee care. He is very interested in working with individuals in conflict zones, which is why he was doing this work at al-Shifa hospital in gaza, where he trains doctors and nurses in emergency critical care procedures. Amy goodman: naomi Klein, you, like john and Tarek and Cecilia, are from Canada. What is your government, the canadian government, the government of Stephen Harper, doing to free these men? Naomi klein: Well, all we know is what theyre saying publicly. And I think theres—you know, theres different levels of government. Cecilia can talk more about the dealings with the consular staff. I think theyve done a huge amount to support John and Tarek in prison, to try to make their lives as comfortable as possible. You know, i think there are individuals in the canadian government who really care passionately about this case and have been working very hard. But there has been concern, and its expressed very openly in the canadian press and online, that at the highest levels, certainly at the level of the prime minister, there has not been enough pressure.

So theyve been essentially cut off from the outside world for 47 days. Amy goodman: Can you tell us about John and Tarek? You know both of them. Of course, your brother is John Greyson. Cecilia greyson: yeah, absolutely. John, you know, as you mentioned, is an award-winning filmmaker. He remote is a professor of film in Toronto and is known around the world for his work in film and in civil rights activism. Tarek is an emergency room physician. He is a professor—an assistant professor of medicine at a university in Canada in London, Ontario.

underwriting assistant toronto

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But first, cecilia, can you talk about what you know about John and Tarek right now? Cecilia greyson: Well, we know they were visited last Thursday by consular staff, and they were reported to be in good health at that point. Today is day 47 of their detainment, and were hoping that consular staff and a doctor will be able to visit them shredder today just to check out their health. As you mentioned, they have been on a hunger strike for over two weeks now, so we are concerned to get a report on the—you know, an update on their health and their condition. Nermeen shaikh: Cecilia greyson, have you or anyone in the family been in touch directly with your brother, with John Greyson? Cecilia greyson: no, theres been no—weve had no phone contact or direct contact with John or Tarek during this entire revelation time. You know, they are able to speak with our lawyers and consular staff when they visit, but weve only been able to send messages to them through our lawyers and consular staff. Theres no other way of communicating with them.

And then eventually they ended up in this prison cell with 38 other prisoners. Amy goodman: Were joined now by three guests. Cecilia greyson is the sister of Canadian filmmaker John Greyson, one of the detained men. Shes joining us from Halifax. Naomi Klein is also with us, the well-known Canadian journalist and author—her most recent book, the Shock doctrine: The rise of Disaster Capitalism. She recently signed an open letter calling for the mens release. And we will be joined by Sharif Abdel kouddous, democracy now!

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underwriting assistant toronto

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Greyson and loubani have been on a hunger strike for the past two weeks. Earlier this week, their Egyptian attorney criticized their detention. Marwa farouk: translated we presented all the documents that proved they were in Egypt only in transit and by coincidence, because they were going to al-Shifa hospital in gaza so that Tarek could data offer assistance to the emergency ward and for John to make. We provided all the documents that prove this and that they were present at the location by pure coincidence. Despite that, theyre imprisonment continues for a month and a half now. We carried out all the legal processes, we provided documents, and we presented a complaint to the public prosecutor and the public lawyer, and appealed the extension of imprisonment, but all these things have been rejected without any solution offered.

Nermeen shaikh: That was attorney marwa farouk. According to a report in the, toronto Star, tarek roubani and John Greyson could face murder charges. Justin Podur, a lead supporter of the men, said the men were arrested after witnessing a massacre. Justin podur: They said they saw 50 people killed, before they lost count. Their attackers yelled that they were canadian as they were beating them and kicking them. They were put in a hot box. They were shaved essay bald.

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Copy may not be in its final form. Nermeen shaikh: we turn now to Egypt, where a pair of Canadians have been jailed for over a month and a half without charge. John Greyson, an acclaimed Toronto filmmaker, and Tarek loubani, a doctor, were arrested in cairo on August 16th. The two were slated to visit gaza, where Greyson was to film loubani as he trained emergency room doctors. In a statement smuggled out of their prison cell, Greyson and loubani say they were arrested after rushing to the scene of a mass shooting by state forces of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Greyson says he began filming the shootings aftermath while loubani treated some of the injured. Amy goodman: They said,", we were arrested, searched, caged, questioned, interrogated, videotaped with a 'syrian terrorist slapped, beaten, ridiculed, hot-boxed, refused phone calls, stripped, shaved bald, accused of being foreign mercenaries. Theyve since been held in cockroach-infested jail cells with as many as 36 other people. Over the weekend, Egyptian authorities confirmed their imprisonment has been extended another 45 days, still without charge.

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underwriting assistant toronto

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Underwriting assistant toronto
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  4. Toronto and a master of Business Administration degree from the University of British Columbia. His underwriting expertise serves. We do not accept funding from advertising, underwriting or government agencies. John Greyson and Tarek loubani: Egypt extends Canadians detention another 45 days. Find administrative assistant at rbc. Toronto, on, ca nov 9, 2014 Capital Markets Regional Office full Time.

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