Role of a lawyer essay

role of a lawyer essay

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Ancient Egyptian law, 3000 bc, restricted a civil code that was probably broken into twelve books. It was based on the concept of ma'at, characterized by tradition, symbolic speech, social equality and objectivity. By the 22nd century bc, the ancient Sumerian ruler Ur-Nammu had formulated the first law code, which consisted of casuistic statements and in that law they just had. Then." Around 1760 bc, king Hammurabi further developed Babylonian law, by codifying and inscribing it in stone. Hammurabi placed several copies of his law code throughout the kingdom of Babylon as steal, for the entire public to see; this became known as the codex Hammurabi. The most intact copy of these steal was discovered in the 19th century in Britain, and has since been fully transliterated and translated into various languages, including English, german, and French.

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Freedom encourages creativity and gives individuals limitless potential to best explore new ideas. Security brings peace of mind to individuals by allowing them to feel safe in their surroundings. Function and Role of Law with my Employer There are several laws that come to mind that come into play on a daily basis with my current employer. One is that each employee is required to conduct business in an ethical manner when it comes to dealing with other employees as well as suppliers. It is necessary to treat employees and coworkers with respect so that they do not feel intimidated or threatened. Once a year we are required to perform refreshment. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, the main role of law in modern societies is hard to overestimate. The systems are hard to understand, the institutions are different and range from small to mammoth, and the number of people concerned, from para-legal to federal judge, can only be proof of its central role in society. Law and legal issues are left to lawyers, legal theorists and the occasional sociologist. For most people, the law is only reluctantly confronted during those signature events in life: marriage, paying taxes, immigrating. The history of law is closely related to the development of civilization.

Without laws in place, a country would find themselves in chaos, which would prevent that country from running efficiently and effectively. Laws are a set of rules that are applied to situations in an attempt to keep show more content, function and Role of Law in Society The function of law in society is to maintain order and discipline. Everyone is subject to the same laws and the violators will be prosecuted based on the extent of the law. Laws allow society to differentiate between state laws and federal laws. According to melvin, the federal law is superior to state laws and if they conflict with online each other the federal law will prevail (2011). A society with no law would fall into chaos and there would be very little control. Without laws, people would fight more and settle disputes with violence and aggression. With laws in place to protect citizens and their assets, they have some peace of mind knowing that there is confidentiality, freedom and security. Confidentiality creates an atmosphere of trust and encourages peace and togetherness.

role of a lawyer essay

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I never knew that colleges looked at your attendance and judged you based on that. I am very happy at finding more about my choice of career; i know that being a lawyer is very difficult but not impossible, and I will never give up until I see myself standing in front of the judge, wearing a suit and fancy. Show More, role and Functions of Law, lisa kisella. Law/421, july 27, 2015, jason Johannes, role and Functions of Law, laws set expectations and rules, while providing a way to allow dispute resolutions for those enforcing the laws. Laws were created to help regulate standards and encourage proper behavior. The law gives individuals the right to live in a fair society, enjoy freedom, check government, and allows london justice to be enforced when necessary. The law can be very complex so it is important to understand the law.

Gunter taught that lawyers got their own way of doing things, some lawyers work different than others; however they all have something in common. They fight until the end and they share the same purpose; win their cases. Part 4- reflection, at the beginning of this I search project, i was shocked when I saw the mandatory 3-7 pages we had. It was really difficult to decide, at one point I decided to take the zero and do well on other tests. Now i am very thankful for having to do this project, because it taught me a lot in the area of my career. It also taught me to never give up on my dreams no matter how hard they are. I thought that I just go to college, get the degree and then get a job. I was completely wrong, thats when I realized it was not that easy. I have learned a lot of stuff that I will need in the future i order to accomplish my goals, this project helped in many ways.

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role of a lawyer essay

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Its a four year college and offers financial aid for those who need. Part 3- summary of my Interviews. I interviewed Christopher Gunter. He is a criminal defense attorney and has practiced criminal law in Travis county since 1980, after earning his jd from itt tech. Gunter discusses his experiences prosecuting his first death penalty case when he was an Assistant District Attorney. Throughout my interview ive realized that he is very passionate about working as a lawyer.

His salary starts at 75,000 and gets higher depending on the cases he takes. He suggested that you must take this job seriously. He also told me that itt tech does not look at your experience, instead they look at all your grades, attendance to determine if very you are a hard worker or not. He earns a lot of money in every case he takes. He also enjoys defending his clients when they really need. I felt very comfortable when he told me those things, i see lawyers as heroes, because they take their job seriously.

Part 2- What I learned, after I did some research on this career, i learned that you must earn a bachelors degree, and take the lsat. The law School Admission Test (lsat) is a required standardized exam that applicants must take before entering a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. The exam is offered four times each year and measures an applicants reading and verbal reasoning skills. Last but not least, you must pass the bar exam. Each state requires law school graduates to pass the bar exam in order to practice. Lawyers were able to accomplish their dream jobs based on passion and talent.

In a day and age when opportunity abounds, Im surprised to find many people who give up on their dreams. Some want to learn how to become a lawyer but give in all too easily. Loughlin) Becoming a lawyer is very difficult. There are many fields that you could study for but to me, you should study the legal basis of law. It helps to interact with many people around you. (Lucille ball) If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers (Charles Dickens) The most important thing I learned about this career is that their salaries range from 110,000- 113,000. (Occupational outlook.) This fact definitely made me happy. One of the best schools that offer job placement assistance after you have graduated, its itt tech.

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You could choose to practice so many types of laws, or take your qualifications and never ever seen the inside of a court room. Many lawyers end up becoming professionals in other fields, such as working in policy in the department of state, entering the military, working in corporations, eve the fbi. I always wanted to be the guy with the suit and fancy shoes, standing in front of the judge and defending my client. It seem as a pretty easy job with well earned pay, which requires a lot of knowledge. Becoming a lawyer is often one of the most difficult professions presentation to enter due to the high competition and time require obtaining degrees. You need at least 4- year bachelors degree, 3 years of law school and passing a written bar examination. However, some requirements vary by state. In schools such as mine, there arent any programs that let you work on criminal cases until you hit college, and college is not free. If your school may not offer this, then that ruins your change to get a scholarship to help you pay for the debt.

role of a lawyer essay

However, the potential benefits of writing being a lawyer can make pursing a legal career worth the effort. We will write a custom essay sample on Lawyer essay specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Lawyer essay specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Lawyer essay specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, part 1- reasons for choosing this career. A career as a lawyer is an extraordinary calling. However becoming a lawyer is an enormous undertaking in terms of time commitment and financial investment. The beauty of a law degree is that it opens door for many paths.

years old that I wanted to be a lawyer. I have chosen this career because i want to help many people with certain problems and protect their rights. Lawyers give people and companies advice and tell them what they can and cant do under the law. The trick of being a lawyer is finding a job in a type of law that you enjoy, because there are so many different types of lawyers; from tax attorneys to criminal defense lawyers. In support of my research I have met with Andrew Forsythe and Christopher Gunter, they are both criminal defense attorney and they also have been practicing law for 14 years. In hopes of getting a better understanding of my career search. I realize that before pursuing this career, it is also important to learn that you must need three or more years of intensive study beyond a bachelors degree program. You are also likely to face steep competition from others attempting to enter the legal profession.

The essence of a contract is that it is a legally enforceable promise or set of promises. (Mallor, 2007) The contract laws are essential to this modern industrialized society. No one would want to invest money into the building of a business if there was no assurance that the contractor would finishing the building or the suppliers will supply what was agreed upon. These laws can protect business investments just as it can protect individual investments or contracts. The policy against restrictions on free competition is the basis for the antitrust statutes. If the sole purpose of an agreement is to restrain competition, it violates public policy and is illegal. (Mallor, 2007) There are some competition restrictions that serve legitimate business interests essay and are enforced, but are scrutinized very closely by the courts. The antitrust laws were led by public demands for legislation to preserve competitive market structures and prevent the accumulation of great economic power in the hands of a few firms. (Mallor, 2007) Large businesses were.

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1044 Words 5 Pages, the role of Law, law is a system or collection of principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people. (m) In the past, people viewed law as an unchanging factor that was a part of the natural order of life. Today, most lawmakers view law as a flexible instrument that can gps be used to accomplish a chosen purpose. One strength of this instrumentalist attitude is its willingness to adapt the law to further the social good. A weakness, however, is the legal instability and uncertainty those adaptations often produce. (Mallor, 2007) A few of the most important functions and roles of laws are to peaceably settle disputes, check government power, serve the economy and society, and show more content. Contracts allow people to enter into an agreement knowing that the agreement is enforceable by law and the other party can be sued for breach of contract if their end of the agreement is not fulfilled or honored.

Role of a lawyer essay
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Free essay : Role and Functions of Law Lisa kisella law /421 July 27, 2015 Jason Johannes Role and Functions of Law Laws set expectations and rules, while. Function and Role of Law in Society The function of law in society is to maintain order and discipline.

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  1. My undestanding of the roles of a prosecutor and a lawyer are that both parties are eualy inportant to criminal justice system. Role of lawyers in a democratic society Essay. The roles of lawyers in a legal system vary from one legal system to another but we will concentrate with the role of a lawyer in a democratic, common law society like kenya. Kerri then discusses the functions and role of law within her present place of employment. A report On Architectural Determinism Anthropology Essay. Disadvantages Of Balance Scorecard Accounting Essay.

  2. One of my goals in becoming a lawyer would be to become a partner at a major law firm that specializes in criminal law. Becoming a lawyer essay. Words: 396 Pages: 1 Paragraphs: 6 Sentences: 16 read Time: 01:26. The 'prosecutor' has to play a very important role as an official of the court in the American criminal justice system. More Essay examples on Law Rubric. It is important to know and understand that the role of the procecutor is to seek justice not to convict.

  3. A lawyer plays a very important role in the smooth and the timely conduct of any business entity. Let us write or edit the essay on your topic. "Role Of a lawyer In Business". With a personal 20 discount. Essays Related to becoming a lawyer.

  4. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay hire Writer. University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of paper: Essay. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of uk essays. The main role of law in modern societies is hard to overestimate.

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