My motto in life essay

my motto in life essay

My, motto in, life

Another.5 million in slated in the 201516 operating budget for employee compensation. However, according to the california faculty Association (CFA) report, "Race to the bottom: csu's 10-year failure to fund Its Core mission written in 2015, "Over the past decade— in good times and bad, whether state funding was up or down, when tuition was raised and. When compared to other university systems around the country, and to every education segment in California, the csu stands out for its unparalleled failure to improve faculty salaries or even to protect them from the ravages of inflation." 39 Total employees by occupational group Faculty. News Rank ( West ) 41 42 Washington Monthly rank ( Master's, 2016 ) 43 44 Forbes Rank (National, 2016) 45 San Jose,.9 ncaa div. I (FBS) Spartans (MW),.0 ncaa div. Ii wildcats (ccaa) San diego,.5 ncaa div. I (FBS) Aztecs (MW) 146 (Nat. 242 San Francisco,.7 ncaa div.

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33 The entire detaille 23 campus system sustains nearly 150,000 jobs statewide, 33 generating nearly 1 billion in tax revenue. Total csu related-expenditures equate to nearly 17 billion, 33 The csu produces 62 of the bachelor's degrees awarded in agriculture, 54 in business, 44 in health and symbole medicine, 64 in hospitality and tourism, 45 in engineering, and 44 of those in media, culture and design. 33 clarification needed The csu is the state's largest source of educators, more than half of the state's newly credentialed teachers are from the csu, expanding the state's rank of teachers by nearly 12,500 per year. 33 over the last 10 years, the csu has significantly enhanced programs towards the underserved. 56 of bachelor's degrees granted to latinos in the state are from the csu, while 60 of bachelor's awarded to filipinos were from the csu. 33 In the fall of 2008, 42 of incoming students were from California community colleges. 33 Enrollment edit 34 Compensation and hiring edit during the recession years ( December 20 the csu lost 1/3 of its revenue roughly 1 billion and 4,000 employees. With the states reinvestment in higher education, the csu is restoring its employee ranks and currently employs a record number of instructional faculty. Between 20, the number of csu faculty increased by 3,500, but the number of tenure track faculty declined by 150, leaving the csu system with its lowest percentage of tenure track faculty (39) in the schools' history. 14 38 In the two years (201314, 201415) through the states reinvestment, the csu has directed 129.6 million to enhance employee compensation.

Student government-scholarship stipends, grants-in-aid, and london reimbursements to student officers for service to student government. Before such scholarship stipends, grants-in-aid, and reimbursements are established by a student body association, the principle of establishing such payments shall be approved by a student referendum. Student employment to provide payment for services in connection with the general administration of student fee. Augmentation of counseling services, including draft information, to be performed by the campus. Such counseling may also include counseling on legal matters to the extent of helping the student to determine whether he should retain legal counsel, and of referring him to legal counsel through a bar association, legal aid foundation or similar body. Child day care centers for children of students and employees of the campus. Augmentation of campus health services. Additional programs may be added by appropriate amendment to this section by the board. The csu confers over 70,000 degrees each year, awarding 46 of the state's bachelor's degrees and 32 of the state's master's degrees.

my motto in life essay

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29 All fees are collected by the university at the time daddy of registration except where a student loan or grant from a recognized training program or student aid program has been delayed and there is reasonable proof that the funds will be forthcoming. 30 The Gloria romero Open meetings Act of 2000 mandates that the legislative body of a student body organization conduct its business in public meetings. 31 Student body organization funds obtained from mandatory fees may be expended for: 32 Programs of cultural and educational enrichment and community service. Recreational and social activities. Support of student unions. Scholarships, stipends, and grants-in-aid for only currently admitted students. Athletic programs, both intramural and intercollegiate. Assistance to recognized student organizations. Administration of student fee program.

Student Trustees (also appointed Emily. Hinton (non-voting) and Jorge reyes Salinas (voting). Chancellor edit The position of the Chancellor is declared by statute and is defined by resolutions of the bot. The delegation of authority from the bot to the Chancellor has historically been controlled by a bot resolution titled "Statement of General Principles in the delegation of Authority and Responsibility" of August 4, 1961, and is now controlled by the Standing Orders of the board. The Chancellor is the chief executive officer, and all Presidents report directly to the Chancellor. Chancellors edit Student government edit further information: Student governments in the United States All 23 campuses have mandatory student body organizations with mandatory fees, all with the "Associated Students" moniker, and are all members of the california state Student Association (cssa). California education Code 89300 allows for the creation of student body organizations at any state university for the purpose of providing essential activities closely related to, but not normally included as a part of, the regular instructional program. 27 a vote approved by two-thirds of all students causes the Trustees to fix a membership fee required of all regular, limited, and special session students attending the university such that all fee increases must be approved by the Trustees and a referendum approved. 27 Mandatory fee elections are called by the president of the university, 28 and the membership fees are fixed by the Chancellor.

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my motto in life essay

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Governance edit Office of the Chancellor in Long beach The governance structure of the california state University is largely determined by state law. The california state University is ultimately administered by the 25 member (24 resume voting, one non-voting) board of Trustees of the california state University. The Trustees appoint the Chancellor of the california state University, who is the chief executive officer of the system, and the Presidents of each campus, who are the chief executive officers of their respective campuses. The Academic Senate of the california state University, made up of elected representatives of the faculty from each campus, recommends academic policy to the board of Trustees through the Chancellor. Board of Trustees edit The california state University is administered by the 25 member board of Trustees (BOT). Regulations of the bot are codified in Title 5 of the california code of Regulations (CCR).

The bot is composed of: members that are appointed by the governor of California with the consent of the senate two essays students from the california state University appointed by the governor a tenured faculty member appointed by the governor selected from a list of names. Carney, adam day (Vice-chair rebecca. Eisen (Chair douglas faigin, debra. Firstenberg, lillian Kimbell, Thelma melendez de santa Ana, hugo. Moralas, john Nilon,. Lawrence norton, lateefah Simon, Steven Stepanek, peter.

21 In 1935, the State teachers Colleges were formally upgraded by the state legislature to State colleges and were expressly authorized to offer a full four-year liberal arts curriculum, culminating in bachelor's degrees, but they remained under the department of Education. 21 During World War ii, a group of local Santa barbara leaders and business promoters (with the acquiescence of college administrators) were able to convince the state legislature and governor to transfer Santa barbara State college to the University of California in 1944. 22 After losing a second campus to uc, the state colleges' supporters arranged for the california state constitution to be amended in 1946 to prevent it from happening again. 22 The period after World War ii brought a great expansion in the number of colleges in the system. Campuses in Los Angeles, sacramento, and Long beach were added from 19Next, seven more schools were authorized to be established between 19Six more campuses joined the system after the enactment of the donohoe higher Education Act in 1960, bringing the total number. During this era, the state colleges' peculiar mix of centralization and decentralization began to look rather incongruous in comparison to the highly centralized University of California and the highly decentralized local school districts around the state which operated K12 schools and community colleges, all.

In 1960, the california master Plan for Higher Education and the resulting Donahoe act granted similar autonomy to the state college system. The donahoe act authorized the appointment of a board of Trustees to govern the csu system, as well as a systemwide Chancellor. In 1972, the system became The california state University and Colleges, and all campuses were renamed to insert "California state University" into their names. This was unpopular at certain campuses, and as a result, former San diego State University student body president Calvin Robinson wrote a bill (signed into law by governor Ronald reagan ) that gave every csu campus the option to revert to an older name:. G., san Jose State, san diego State, san Francisco State, etc. In 1982, the csu system dropped the word "colleges" from its name. Today the campuses of the csu system include comprehensive universities and polytechnic universities along with the only maritime academy in the western United States—one that receives aid from the.

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20 At least one president would depart his state college because of his express frustration over that issue (J. Paul leonard, president of San Francisco State, in 1957). 20 During the 1920s and 1930s, the State teachers Colleges started to transition from normal schools (that is, vocational schools narrowly focused on training elementary school teachers in how to impart basic literacy to young children) into teachers colleges (that is, providing a full liberal. 21 A leading proponent of this idea was supermarket Charles McLane, the first president of Fresno State, who was one of the earliest persons to argue that K12 teachers must have a broad liberal arts education. 21 In 1932, the carnegie thesis foundation for the Advancement of teaching was asked by the state legislature and governor to perform a study of California higher education. 21 The foundation's 1933 report sharply criticized the State teachers Colleges for their intrusion upon uc's liberal arts prerogative and recommended their transfer to the regents of the University of California (who would be expected to put them back in their proper place). 21 This recommendation spectacularly backfired when the faculties and administrations of the State teachers Colleges rallied to protect their independence from the regents.

my motto in life essay

15 A southern branch of the california state normal School was created in Los Angeles in 1882. 16 In 1887, the california state legislature dropped the word "California" from the name of the san Jose and Los Angeles schools, renaming them "State normal Schools." Later Chico (1887 san diego tourism (1897 and other schools became part of the State normal School system. 17 In 1919, the State normal School at Los Angeles became the southern Branch of the University of California ; in 1927, it became the University of California at Los Angeles (the "at" was later replaced with a comma in 1958)., the legislature enacted. 19 The State normal Schools were renamed State teachers Colleges, their boards of trustees were dissolved, and they were brought under the supervision of the division of Normal and Special Schools of the new California department of Education located at the state capital in Sacramento. 19 This meant that they were to be managed from Sacramento by the deputy director of the division, who in turn was under the state superintendent of Education and the State board of Education. By this time it was already commonplace to refer to most of the campuses with their city names plus the word "state" (e.g., "San Jose State "San diego State "San Francisco State. The resulting administrative situation from 1921 to 1960 was quite complicated. On the one hand, the department of Education's actual supervision of the presidents of the State teachers Colleges was minimal, which translated into substantial autonomy when it came to day-to-day operations. 20 On the other hand, the State teachers Colleges were treated under state law as ordinary state agencies, which meant their budgets were subject to the same stifling bureaucratic financial controls as all other state agencies (except the University of California).

twice as many as any other collegiate system., nearly three million alumni have received their bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degrees from the csu system. Csu offers more than 1,800 degree programs in some 240 subject areas. 13 In Fall of 2015, 9,282 (or 39 percent) of csu's 24,405 faculty were tenured or on the tenure track. 14 Contents History edit Students of the opening year of the newly constructed San diego normal School. Today's California state University system is the direct descendant of the minns evening Normal School, a normal school in San Francisco that educated the city's future teachers in association with the high school system. The school was taken over by the state in 1862 and moved to san Jose and renamed the california state normal School ; it eventually evolved into san Jose State University.

7, the california state University was created in 1960 under the. California master Plan for Higher Education, and it is a direct descendant general of the system. California state normal Schools. 8, with nearly 100,000 graduates annually, the csu is the country's greatest producer of bachelor's degrees. 8, the university system collectively sustains more than 150,000 jobs within the state, and its related expenditures reach more than 17 billion annually. 8, in the 201112 academic year, csu awarded 52 percent of newly issued California teaching credentials, 47 percent of the state's engineering degrees, 28 percent of the state's information technology bachelor's degrees, and it had more graduates in business (50 percent agriculture (72 percent communication. 9 Altogether, about half of the bachelor's degrees, one-third of the master's degrees, and nearly two percent of the doctoral degrees awarded annually in California are from the csu.

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Not to be confused with, california university of Pennsylvania or, university of California. California state University (. Cal State or, cSU ) is a public university system in, california. With 23 campuses and eight off-campus centers enrolling 478,638 students with 24,405 faculty and 23,012 staff, 5, csu is the largest four-year public university system in plan the. 6, it is one of three public higher education systems in the state, with the other two being the. University of California system and the, california community colleges System. The csu system is incorporated. The Trustees of the california state University. The california state University system headquarters are at 401 Golden Shore.

My motto in life essay
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