Lion king story summary

lion king story summary

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In "Bambi to say, the fire was far from being just a scenery - it was a dreadful evil force, deadly and terrible, leaving wounds on the land and killing many. In "The lion King" all this more resembles theatre and looks rather unreal. And (not to make you tired of all this) many places of the film look quite familiar. Very familiar are, for example, vague "ecologic" phrases of Mufasa the king, explaining about "the circle of life" - i've certainly heard something like that somewhere! (By the way, the ecology idea is present also in other way - like "Why, a lion's not a mate for us, he's from the top of food chain!" - seeming that the food chain replaces in the film the social hierarchy of human beings. But (BUT!) if you have a good look on Scar, on all his ways and behaviour, sly phrases and looks. And he starts to look very familiar.

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As it appears, the essay film is overloaded with effects, which make it look more like cabaret. Each time the song begins, the background usually changes from naturalistic painted landscape into a fantastic stage in bright colours. And then a great show is performed - with dancers and pyramids of athletes; by the way, in one of these clips (namely, "i just Can't wait to be king! American ant-eaters, never found in Africa! Those shows are most innatural as they can be (I don't mind them in "beauty and the beast" where the whole world of enchanted castle is fantastic and weird, but again, "The lion King" pretends to be reality!). And of hyenas (whom the usurper used to kill the rightful king) marching like nazis I'd better say nothing. The very forces of nature are on beck and call of the scriptwriters. When Simba returns, the land, desolated by hyenas, meets him with dark clouds, making a grim, 'gothic' stage for his dialog with Scar, the usurper. Furthermore, when a duel breaks out between them, a "sudden" lightning sets (I do not know what, for there's no grass or anything) on fire, thus making a fascinating fiery ocean to fight above. And when at last Scar is defeated (of course noble simba does mystery not kill him, this dirty work is done by offended traited hyenas) - only then, when the fire is no more needed, strong rain storms, putting it out, washing the land and returning.

And why should that old baboon carry a father's staff along with him and paint pictures on treetrunks, if he is drawn just like a real baboon and must act so too? Baboons never use sticks in fact. And I doubt that a lion, even a really hungry lion, would eat worms - to say, this section of film is not very entertaining. Or am I too sensible to it? That pretendence to show animals and after that make them behave like men prevents from believing in the film as in reality. It is even more strange if we recall that many other Disney films do not have such a conflict inside - "Bambi for example, or "Lady and the Tramp" - animals there have _personalities_ close to our human ones, but they never mimick human _behaviour_. The next "but" will be about the style.

lion king story summary

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Each character (and by character I mean here every version - for example, simba young and Simba adult were made by separate groups) in fact was animated by a group - a supervising animator, from 3 to 6 animators and in addition up. In fact, i recommend to go and see this film - it lined is a masterpiece of painted remote movement. But (and I'm afraid there will be too much buts here.) the film itself cannot be named a great event in the cinema history. This begins from the very script - you've read it above, but could you tell that the story was about African animals? There's a conflict between realistic nonhuman characters which should act like lions or monkeys - but they act like men! This conflict is emerging here and there - why a lion cub, even from a royal family, has to be anointed? Isn't it a human, namely Christian custom?

As for the technical side of 'The lion King' it is the top of the contemporary animation. The movement is perfect and smooth, and very natural - the walt Disney. Artists have not spent time in zoos and reservations in vain. The characters are most close to the real appearance of the animals - somewhat like a pure extract of a lion or hyena, they are more than alive. A great deal of efforts was spent for making it most realistic: all characters cast shadows, the colors are thoroughly selected depending on current lighting, and as for details - imagine a flock of zebras running a-splashing across the water, all these stripes and drops! The camera work is resembling conventional cinema - the focusing, zooming and panoraming effects are all present, and the points of view are various and sometimes tricky. All this resembles the technique in which "beauty and the beast" is made, shadows, animated backgrounds and sliding cameras are the same. This is fascinating, even when you find out the actual amount of job (when i've counted names in titles after the film, there were about 750 people mentioned - presumably 500 of them being artists).

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lion king story summary

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The old pontific of his home land was the person who convinced him in his high position and duty, made him to refuse the philosophy of idleness and return home. He returned and was accepted by the court, being son of his father. The usurper first tried to blame him in the death of old king, and then to blame the scum in the land's plight. That did little help; he was overthrown and exiled. The scum who gave him throne shortly found their revenge on him. Since then, the young king who regained his heritage ruled the land in honor, and soon a new heir was born - short to be the next king of that land. Well, you'd ask, why did I write all this feudal intrigue story (not very convincing too)?

Okay, i'll tell you why - this is the summary of the new. Disney oscar-winning big animation film - "The lion King". Just in a minute. I'll tell you also why i wrote it without names and places - not in a way of "In a lion pride in Africa, lion Mufasa and lioness Sarabi had a cub born and named him Simba." The film is the recent work of Walt. It lasts 80 minutes, and is noted for its music and songs written by Elton John and Tim Rice (yes, yes!) for which it received the Academy Award.

Eugene Arenhaus Notes on "The lion King".In the royal family of one small country a son was born. This caused general excitement, except in the king's brother, who was the heir of reign till now and lost his heritage with the little prince's birth. So the young heir's uncle had built a plot against his brother the king, with assistance of the lowest classes of the society, to whom he had promised power and freedom under his ruling. Soon they managed to cause the king's death in an accident, using the prince as a 'bait'. The prince was also supposed to be killed, but survived, and so his uncle managed to convince him that he was to be blamed in his father's death, advising him to run away. And the prince ran, and by miracle managed to escape the killers sent after him by the uncle.

None was heard of him for a long time and he was presumed dead. This way the wicked uncle usurped the power. Under his reign the country suffered a lot, and the scum who assisted him in his plot, having got the freedom, were robbing and stealing, destroying the state. The government (or court) was ignoring the usurper, which made things even worse. Meanwhile, the real heir was enjoying himself in a company of punks whom he met in his exile. He accepted their do-not-worry philosophy and was not bothered by anything happening in his native land. But one day he was found by his girlfriend of long ago, almost forgotten - she was sent by the court to arrange forces against the usurper. Although the heir was in love with her he refused to go and retake his throne.

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On the other hand, the desert is symbolic for spiritual defilement and desiccation. This occurs on Simbas flight from the Pridelands. He loses his spirit, and spiritually dies. There is many cases of archetypes of characters, situations, and symbolism and associations in the lion King. This paper discussed several of them. They included the heroic qualities of Simba, the spiritual death and rebirth of Simba, and the associations of water and the desert in the story. These archetypes are very important to the story and help give the viewer a better understanding. Total Lifetime Grosses, domestic: 422,783,777.7, foreign: 545,700,000.3, worldwide: 968,483,777, domestic Summary. Wide Opening weekend: 40,888,194 1 rank, supermarket 2,552 theaters, 16,022 average) of Total Gross:.1 view All 26 weekends, widest Release: 2,624 theaters.

lion king story summary

Water can also be a sign of birth and rebirth. An example of water foretelling a change is improvement Simbas lie when he says that he and Nala are going to the water hole. They actually visit the Elephant Graveyards. This visit causes Simba to get a view of reality, not from his sheltered world. When Simba is found by timon and Pumbaa in the desert, they splash him with water to bring life back into him. Another example of the symbolism of water is the rain when Simba defeats Scar and assumes his position on the throne of Pride rock. The rain symbolizes the rebirth of the Pridelands. They go from the desolation that Scar brings to the prosperity that comes with Simba.

him and keep him alive. The spiritual resurrection of Simba occurs when he returns to his home at Pride rock. Everyone discovers that Simba is alive. It seems as if he has risen from the dead to them because for such a long time they believed that he was dead. At Pride rock, simba returns to his previous life and faces all of his problems. The symbolism of water and desert in the lion King is very important. Water often accompanies a change in a story.

Among these is the way that he statement is taken away from his home, the Pridelands, and grows up with Timon and Pumbaa. After Simba arrives with Timon and Pumbaa, we see very little of his life until he is fully grown. When the film returns to simba, he soon decides to return to Pride rock and face his past. He returns to save his kingdom from its desolation caused by Scar and the hyenas, and to restore it to its glory. The hero of a story commonly goes through some of these events. Simba faces a common archetypal situation, death and rebirth. Although Simba never physically dies, in spirit he does die.

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Archetypes In The lion King Essay, research Paper. John Berry, edwards, per. 2 4/18/96, the lion King is a story containing many archetypes. Archetypes are patterns or models of literature that reoccur in many stories. In this paper I will discuss three of these archetypes. They are the hero, death rebirth of the hero, and the symbolism and associations of water. These gps archetypes can be noticed easily and help things come together. The lion King has a very evident hero, simba. Simba meets many of the characteristics of an archetypal hero.

Lion king story summary
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  1. The filmmakers have said that the story of The, lion, king was inspired by the lives of Joseph and. The, lion, king, special Edition. Disney s splendid African savannah coming-of-age tale is given the imax treatment. The, lion, king is a story containing many archetypes. Well, you d ask, why did I write all this feudal intrigue story (not very convincing too)?

  2. The, lion, king ( tlk ) is an animated movie that was released by disney in 1994. Plot summary edit There are many parallels in characters and story points between the two. For The, lion, king on the sega master System, gamefaqs hosts videos from GameSpot and submitted by users. Dragon: The Bruce lee. For the franchise as a whole, see the, lion, king (franchise).

  3. The, lion, king summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. Irene mecchi Chris Sanders ( story ) Linda woolverton. Go behind the scenes of The, lion, king. Plot summary, analysis, themes,"s, trivia, and more, written by experts and film scholars. The, lion, king s skillful combination of high drama and hip comedy makes it a fun watch for the whole family.

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