Librarian responsibilities resume

librarian responsibilities resume

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Prior to the announcement of the Institute, we created. Institute web site on the, berkeley digital Library sunsite that provided basic information about the Institute, a draft of the Institute syllabus, application information and form, and information about local arrangements. At the end of April 1996 we posted an announcement of the Institute on, pacs-l, web4Lib, and diglib electronic discussions. The application deadline was may 17, 1996. We received over 100 applications from professionals in the library, museum, and archive communities working at corporate, public, and non-profit institutions around the United States (participation was limited. We reviewed the applications and selected thirty-six participants and about half a dozen alternates in case of cancellation.

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The remaining 13 or 7,530 was provided by the uc berkeley library. Since we wanted to attract librarians from the entire spectrum of the profession, we requested manager 10,000 to provide attendee scholarships. This allowed us to underwrite the participation of librarians who would not have been able to attend otherwise, and thereby guarantee participation of those who would benefit most regardless of the amount of support their institutions could provide. The goal of creating "an electronic archive of Institute materials" has been fulfilled by the creation of the. Institute on Digital Library development Web site, which provides nearly all of the instructional materials developed for the Institute. Lecture material is available in both native microsoft PowerPoint form as well as Adobe Acrobat. Instructor's notes and class exercises are available in Adobe Acrobat form. A complete list of documents handed out in class is there, with links to their electronic equivalents when available. How we did It, pre-Institute, the Announcement and Application Process, given the nature of the Institute and the audience which we were targeting, we decided to only announce the Institute on electronic discussions appropriate to the type of training we were offering. We also specified that applicants must fill-out an application form on our Web site, thereby assuring that applicants would at least have some minimal familiarity with the basic tools we would be using in the Institute.

Demonstrations would illustrate the lined lecture as well as highlight specific tools and techniques. Hands-on exercises would take participants through tasks that would help them learn the tools and techniques that were demonstrated. Open lab periods would allow the instructors time to work with participants individually, and would give participants time to pursue their individual projects. One of our requirements for a physical facility to host the Institute was a dedicated workstation for each participant. Our premise was that the only way we could expect attendees to learn the material was to let them do it themselves while experts were present to help with questions and problems. In the grant, we specified that we would train 36 individuals, which at the time would have required three separate institutes of 12 participants each. In the intervening period between the grant award and the Institute (over a year) the ucb library created a new instructional facility with 18 student workstations, thereby allowing us to train the same number of librarians in two Institutes. The department of Education awarded us a grant of 49,918, which comprised an estimated 87 of the total expense.

librarian responsibilities resume

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A product of the Institute will be an pdf electronic archive of Institute materials that can be accessed over the Internet by both Institute participants and the world at large. Therefore, besides having an immediate impact on the attendees, this Institute has the potential for a lasting impact on the ability of libraries around the world to utilize existing technologies to expand access to electronic information.". Our primary goal was to train information professionals in practical techniques that they could use to create new kinds of collections and services using current technologies. Our belief is that massive digital libraries will be built through the cooperative activities of numerous institutions. We wanted to help "seed" such activities by providing some key training and instruction in current digital library practices. We decided that our basic format should be a mixture of lecture, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and open lab periods. Lecture material presentation would introduce digital library principles and techniques.

We need professionals who don't need a lot of guidance or hand-holding. We need individuals with imagination and foresight and the ability to make their vision a reality. Individuals with these qualities were who we targeted when the uc berkeley library wrote a successful grant proposal for funding from the department of Education Higher Education Act, title ii-b. We understood the need to retool the profession with the skills and experience required to build libraries for the 21st century, since we were experiencing the struggle to retool ourselves. We also realized that opportunities to acquire these new skills in a formal instructional environment (rather than learning on the job) were rare. This article describes our goals, how we planned the resulting. Institute on Digital Library development, what we taught Institute participants, and what we learned about training digital librarians. What we set Out to accomplish. The grant proposal 1 states that "the Institute will train participants in mounting electronic resources using the world-Wide web, while also preparing them to train others.

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librarian responsibilities resume

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Although the broad requirements of digital libraries may be the same as with non-digital collections, any similarity ends there. Organizing a digital collection has very little in common with organizing a print collection in terms of day-to-day work and individual tasks that must be accomplished. Present day digital librarians find themselves doing almost nothing they learned in graduate school and very little that is familiar. Furthermore, the technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that what is learned today will soon be outdated. Therefore, it is more important that digital librarians possess particular personal qualities (which are innate) rather band than specific technical expertise (which can be learned). Digital librarians must thrive on change.

They should read constantly (but selectively) and experiment endlessly. They need to love learning, be able to self-teach, and be inclined to take risks. And they must have a keen sense of both the potentials and pitfalls of technology. Any individual with those food qualities (or some measure of them) is an excellent candidate to forge new methods for accomplishing the age-old mission of libraries to select, acquire, organize, provide access to, and preserve the intellectual and artistic record of humanity. We are, after all, making it up as we go along.

Abstract, introduction, what we set Out to accomplish. How we did It, what we learned, abstract. Digital libraries require digital librarians. Digital librarians are required to select, acquire, organize, make accessible, and preserve digital collections. Digital services must be planned, implemented, and supported. Unfortunately, there are presently very few opportunities for librarians to receive training in the new tasks and responsibilities that digital libraries demand.

To help meet the demand for retraining, the University of California (UC) Berkeley library submitted a successful grant proposal to the department of Education to support. Institute on Digital Library development. The Institute trained thirty-six library, museum, and archive professionals in digital library issues and techniques. Major topic areas covered in the Institute included digital library theory and practice, hyperText Markup Language (html imaging, optical character recognition, access and indexing, selection of materials for digitizing, and effective training techniques. Many of the instructional materials are available online. Introduction, digital libraries require digital librarians. Digital collections must be selected, acquired, organized, made accessible, and preserved. Computers are certainly essential as the primary tools with which digital libraries are built, but people are required to put it all together and make it work.

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Technology Updates for the School Librarian, fall 1994, 1995. Developing Collections for Children young Adults in the Electronic Age, 1996. Exploring the world Wide web, 1996, 1997. Education: cas, school of Information paper Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, April 1998. Mls, school of Library and Information Science, state University of New York at Albany, 1980, ba, state University of New York college of Arts and Sciences at Potsdam, 1978. Professional affiliations: American Library Association, association for Library service to Children. How to build a digital Librarian. Kirk hastings and roy tennant, digital Library research development, the library, university of California, berkeley. Berkeley, ca, d-Lib Magazine, november 1996, issn.

librarian responsibilities resume

and gathered information and statistics for a variety of reports both internal and external to the University library system. School of information sciences, university of pittsburgh, appointed Adjunct Faculty, department of Library and Information Science, fall 1991 to date, lS2024:  History of Children's Literature. . Spring Term 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2000. LS2002:  Resources: Information, collection, evaluation and Use, fall Term 1991. LS2022:  Resources for Children, fall Term 1997. LS2500:  Reference resources and Services, fall Term 1999, summer Term 2000. Workshops:  Picture books for All Ages. Summer 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998. Teach It Right: integrating technology in the classroom, summer 1995.

Equally important was the communication of ideas and information from the staff members to usc and dac. . coordinated the Cluster efforts in planning, development and implementation of policy and procedure of the University library system. Liaison, uls document Delivery/Interlibrary loan Initiative, February 19Recruited to act as a change agent for the existing unit, analyze existing operations, and implement modifications so prepare for a new organizational structure. . This responsibility included the direct supervision of five staff members and the indirect management of nine uls document delivery/interlibrary loan practitioners in eleven departmental libraries. Acting head, School of Library and Information Science library, august 1987 to April 1988. Served as Acting head of the slis library by revising, developing and implementing policies and procedures apple in the library to meet University library system standards. . Identifies needed changes to enhance uls services for the slis user community. . Managed and maintained all departmental aspects of the library including supervision of per-sonnel, preparation of operational reports, and selection of materials in three collection areas. Assistant to the Associate Provost and Director of University libraries, January 1986 to April 1988.

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Head, Information Sciences Library, may 1988 to date. Responsibilities include management of summary the library in the School of Information Sciences under the direction of the Associate director of Libraries, and consistent with University and Library system goals, policies and procedures. . Responsible as well for planning, developing, implementing and evaluating policies and procedures in public services and collection development; hiring, supervising, training, developing and evaluating a staff.5 librarians, 3 clerical, 2 fte graduate Student Assistants, and.5 fte part time student employees; managing budgets. daily activities include collection development in both the main library collections and the Elizabeth Nesbitt Special Collections room; reference rotation; and participation in an extremely active bibliographic instruction program. Coordinator, Professional Cluster Libraries, january 1993 to june 30, 1999. Responsibilities included the coordination of activities within the libraries of the three professional schools. . Required active participation in the User Services council (USC) and Director's Advisory committee (DAC) was necessary to effectively communicate the needs of the Professional Cluster Libraries at the uls management level. . Responsible as well for the communication of policy discussion and decisions to the sixteen staff members in these three libraries. .

Librarian responsibilities resume
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  2. Wned is currently accepting applications for the position of Part Time/Casual Classical Music. 68, librarian, jobs available in Chicago, il. Performs the duties and responsibilities of a law, librarian, as required. Such techniques may go beyond the strict needs of the digital librarian, but people cannot resist the temptation to gussy things.2 fte graduate Student Assistants, and.5 fte part time student employees; managing budgets, preparing budget requests and reports, and handling necessary management details. Librarian, reference consumer health, librarian. Library, responsibilities : liaison to the department of Kinesiology.

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