Legislative proposal

legislative proposal

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Philippines edit main article: people's Initiative people's initiative to propose amendments to the constitution is enshrined in the 1987 Philippine constitution under Article xvii section 2, which states: Amendments to this Constitution may likewise be directly proposed by the people through initiative upon a petition. No amendment under this section shall be authorized within five years following the ratification of this Constitution nor oftener than once every five years thereafter. This provision is further protected by republic Act 6735 or The Initiative and Referendum Act. 24 The law defines initiative as: A petition to propose amendments to the constitution. A petition to propose enactment of national legislation. A petition to propose enactment of local resolution or ordinance on regional, provincial, city, municipal, or barangay level. The law also provides indirect initiative defining the exercise of people's initiative through a proposition sent to congress or local legislative body for action. Switzerland edit main article: Popular initiative (Switzerland) The federal popular initiative was included in the Swiss Federal Constitution in 1891, permitting a certain number of citizens (currently 100,000 signatures within 18 months 25 ) to make a request to amend a constitutional article, or even.

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Citation needed however, there is no constitutional citizens' initiative in Germany at a federal level. Ireland edit The constitution of Ireland, since its 1937 enactment, has never made provision for essay initiatives., the oireachtas (parliament) has a joint committee to which the public can submit petitions ; 12 the committee must formally consider them but need not accept them. In mayjune 2013, when the constitutional Convention considered dáil electoral reform, members voted 83:16 in favour of allowing "citizens' initiatives" in general, 16 80:19 to allow them specifically for legislation, 17 and 78:17 to allow them for constitutional amendments. 17 In April 2015, the fine gaelLabour government rejected the recommendations on the basis that there is sufficient public involvement in legislation through the petitions committee and the pre- legislative scrutiny process. 13 Article constitution of the Irish Free state gave a right of initiative: if more than 50,000 voters demanded a change in law, the oireachtas had two years to enact it, failing which 75,000 voters could petition for a referendum. 18 11 The only attempt to invoke this was organised in 1927 by fianna fáil, the largest opposition party, which sought to abolish the oath of Allegiance. By may 1928 fianna fáil claimed 96,000 signatures and attempted to have the petition lain before the dáil (lower house). The motion was deferred, ostensibly to allow the dáil procedure committee to define the method of dealing with such petitions. 19 Before the committee could meet, the cumann na nGaedheal government rushed through an amendment deleting Article 48 of the constitution. New zealand edit In New zealand a vote initiated by the public is called a citizen initiated referendum. These are non-binding referendums on any issue in which proponents have submitted a petition to parliament signed by ten percent of all registered electors within 12 months.

In 2013 the subjects of ongoing open initiatives of the european Citizens' Initiative are. About "water and word sanitation as a human right" (against Water privatization "30 km/h - making the streets liveable!" ( Traffic calming in towns " Unconditional Basic Income " (ubi - exploring a pathway towards emancipatory welfare conditions or to "End Ecocide in Europe" (to give. 6 It remains to be seen if the eci evolves into a full initiative or remains in its present state of a de facto petition. 7 8 Finland edit since march 1, 2012, groups of at least 50,000 Finnish citizens with suffrage have had the constitutional right to send a citizens' initiative (Finnish: kansalaisaloite, swedish: medborgarinitiativ ) to the parliament of Finland. 9 10 France edit a limited, indirect form of local initiative was added to the French Constitution (article 72-1, référendum d'initiative locale ) on part of decentralization reforms. However, the only power these "local referendum initiatives" confer on citizens is the ability to add propositions to their local assembly's meeting agenda. The decision as to whether to submit citizen propositions to a popular vote (referendum) rests with the local assembly. Germany edit All German states have the right to initiative.

legislative proposal

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A similar scheme under the same name, european Citizens' Initiative (eci has been put forward in the now ratified European Lisbon Treaty (which entered into force on 1 December 2009 enabling a with limited indirect initiative right. 3 It follows very similar rules to the ones outlined in the european Constitution, requiring the signatures of 1,000 000 apple European Nationals. These citizens would thereby obtain the same right to request the commission to submit a legislative proposal as the council has had since the establishment of the european Communities in 1957. 4 This, however, does require that the signatures come from a "significant number" of Member States. It is suggested that this significant number will need to be around a quarter of member states, with at least 1/500 of the citizens in those member states supporting the initiative. With the variety of languages within the european Union, this creates a significant hurdle for people to navigate. The treaty also makes it clear that right of initiative should not be confused with the right to petition, particularly since a petition is directed to parliament 5 while a citizens' initiative is directed to the commission; whereas a petition is a method of remonstrance.

It was subsequently put into force by the incoming ndp government. Since it came into force in 1995, several attempts have been made to hold an initiative, but until the fall of 2010, none had succeeded in reaching the first of the thresholds, securing signatures of 10 of registered voters in each riding throughout British Columbia. The first referendum was held under this legislation on September 2011 on the subject of repealing the. Details of its use in bc are available on the Elections bc website. 2 European Union edit main article: European Citizens' Initiative the rejected Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe (TCE) included a limited indirect initiative right (Article i-46(4). The proposal of introducing the european Citizens' Initiative (ECI) was that 1,000,000 citizens, from minimal numbers of different member states, could invite the executive body of the european Union (eu the european Commission, to consider any proposal "on matters where citizens consider that a legal. Critics underlined the weakness of this right of initiative, which did not ultimately entail any vote or referendum.

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legislative proposal

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For other uses, see. "Popular initiative" redirects here. For the instrument that allow people to suggest laws in Switzerland, see. In political science, an initiative (also known as emerson's a popular or citizens' initiative ) is a means by which a petition signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters can force a public vote ( referendum, sometimes called a plebiscite). The initiative may take the form of a direct initiative or an indirect initiative. In a direct initiative, a measure is put directly to a vote after being submitted by a petition.

In an indirect initiative, a measure is first referred to the legislature, and then put to a popular vote only if not enacted by the legislature. The vote may be on a proposed statute, constitutional amendment, charter amendment or local ordinance, or to simply oblige the executive or legislature to consider the subject by submitting it to the order of the day. It is a form of direct democracy. Contents, british Columbia edit, the canadian province of British Columbia has a citizen initiative law known as the recall and Initiative act. 1, the original proposal was put to voters in a referendum held in October 1991 and was supported by over 83 of voters.

The eu is already making a difference thanks to the. Eu 2030 Energy and Climate framework, the Energy Union, the, circular Economy Action Plan, and the, eu implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development. This is at the core of the Union's Capital Markets Union project. Current levels of investment are not sufficient to support an environmentally-sustainable economic system that fights climate change and resource depletion. More private capital flows need to be oriented towards sustainable investments to close the 180-billion gap of additional investments needed to meet the eu's 2030 targets of the. The commission's first step was the.

Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth of 8 March e action Plan was informed by the final report in January 2018 of a, high-level Expert Group on sustainable finance established by the commission in 2016. The commission also conducted a public consultation on institutional investors' and asset managers' duties regarding sustainability. On, the commission organised a high-level conference to discuss how to best put the commission's strategy on sustainable finance into practice. The conference confirmed the support and commitment of eu leaders and key private players for the changes needed in the financial system and the economy. For More Information Press release memo factsheet More information on sustainable growth. This article is about the popular or citizens' initiative.

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This new market standard should reflect companies' carbon footprint and give investors greater information on an investment portfolio's carbon footprint. While the low-carbon benchmark would be based on a standard 'decarbonising' benchmark, the positive-carbon impact benchmark would allow an investment portfolio to be better aligned with the paris agreement objective of limiting global warming to below. Better to advice to clients on sustainability: The commission has launched a consultation to assess how best to include esg considerations into the advice that investment firms london and insurance distributors offer to individual clients. The aim is to amend Delegated Acts under the markets in Financial Instruments Directive(mifid ii) and the Insurance distribution Directive. When assessing if an investment product meets their clients' needs, firms should also consider the sustainability preferences of each client, according to the proposed rules. This should help a broader range of investors access sustainable long investments. Background, the eu and governments around the world committed to the objective of a more sustainable economy and society when they adopted the. Paris Agreement on climate change and the, un 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development.

legislative proposal

Key features of the measures, a unified eu classification system taxonomy : The proposal sets harmonised criteria for determining whether an economic activity is environmentally-sustainable. Step by step, the commission will identify activities which qualify as sustainable taking into account existing market practices and initiatives and drawing on the advice of a technical expert group that is currently being set. This should provide economic actors and investors with clarity on which activities are considered sustainable so they take more informed decisions. It may serve as the basis for the future establishment of standards and labels for sustainable financial products, as announced in the commission Action Plan on Sustainable finance. Investors' duties and disclosures : The proposed Regulation will introduce consistency and clarity on how institutional investors, such as asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, or investment advisors should integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decision-making process. Exact requirements will be further specified through Delegated Acts, which will be adopted by the commission at a later stage. In addition, those asset managers and institutional investors would have to demonstrate how their investments are aligned with esg objectives and disclose how they comply with these duties. Low-carbon benchmarks : The proposed ruleswill create a new category of benchmarks, comprising the low-carbon benchmark louisiana or "decarbonised" version of standard indices and the positive-carbon impact benchmarks.

around 180 billion a year of additional investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Mobilising private capital to fund sustainable investment is essential. The european Fund for Strategic Investments (efsi) is already crowding in private investments to achieve these goals. Today's proposals will increase transparency of sustainable finance and the investment opportunities it offers, so that investors have reliable information available to enable the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and circular economy. More investments will be channelled into sustainable activities thanks to new rules that define the criteria to determine whether an economic activity is environmentally-sustainable. This harmonised eu-wide classification system or taxonomy' - will particularly help investors who often do not have enough information about what is green and what is not. All financial entities that manage investments on behalf of their clients or beneficiaries will now have to inform them about how their activities are impacting the planet or their local environment. In so doing, these rules will give more choice to investors who wish to invest in the future of the planet while earning a return.

This should also have a positive effect on economic growth and job creation. It will support the goals of the capital Markets Union's (CMU) to connect finance with the needs of the european economy and the. Eu's agenda for for sustainable development. Valdis, dombrovskis, vice-President responsible for Financial Stability, financial Services and Capital Markets Union said: "We should put our money into projects that are compatible with our decarbonisation objectives and the fight against climate change. This is important for the environment and the economy, but also for financial stability. Between 20, economic losses from extreme weather disasters rose. The proposals presented today show that the european Union is committed to ensuring that our investments go in the right direction.

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Today's proposals confirm Europe's commitment to be the global leader in fighting climate change and implement the. The involvement of father's the financial sector will greatly boost efforts to reduce our environmental footprint while enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of the eu economy. Following up on the first ever. Action Plan on Sustainable finance, the proposals will allow t he financial sector to throw its full weight behind the fight against climate change. There are compelling arguments for putting the financial sector at the service of our planet: first, the impact of climate change already threatens financial stability and leads to major economic losses through floods, land erosion or draughts. Last year, the amount of catastrophe-related losses covered by insurance reached an all-time high of 110 billion. Second, if we wake up too late to the reality of global warming, many of today's investments could end up being redundant. At the same time, we should make the most of the new business opportunities for sustainable economic activities. The eu financial sector has the potential to multiply sustainable finance and become a global leader in this area.

Legislative proposal
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  2. View the environmental and procedural rules of the board, as well as those of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Site designed and developed by worldView Solutions Inc. European Commission - press Release details page - european Commission - press release Brussels, the commission is today delivering the first concrete actions to enable the eu financial sector to lead the way to a greener and cleaner economy. These documents represent budget scenarios that are made public by the named fiscal committee. For final budgets reflecting governor vetoes and/or lapses in funding that was dependent on the passage of other legislation that either did not pass or received a partial veto, see the Enacted Budgets page.

  3. The, legislative, analyst s Office (LAO) has provided fiscal and policy advice to the legislature for 75 years. It is known for its fiscal and programmatic expertise and nonpartisan analyses of the state budget. The canadian province of British Columbia has a citizen initiative law known as the recall and Initiative act. The original proposal was put to voters in a referendum held in October 1991 and was supported by over 83 of voters. Title 35 Procedural and Environmental Rules.

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