Global health personal statement

global health personal statement

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62 Changes in tropical cyclones will probably vary by region, but these variations are uncertain. 62 Effects of climate extremes The impacts of extreme events on the environment and human society will vary. Some impacts will be beneficial—e. G., fewer cold extremes will probably lead to fewer cold deaths. 63 overall, however, impacts will probably be mostly negative. 64 65 A rise in temperature will cause the glaciers to melt, when water heats up, it expands, both of these factors contribute to a rise in sea levels which will put people living in lowland areas, for example The netherlands in danger.

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59 There may have been changes in posse other climate extremes (e.g., floods, droughts and tropical cyclones ) but these changes are more difficult to identify. 59 Projections suggest changes in the frequency and intensity of some extreme weather events. 59 Confidence in projections varies over time. 59 near-term projections (20162035) Some changes (e.g., more frequent hot days) will probably be evident in the near term, while other near-term changes (e.g., more intense droughts and tropical cyclones) are more uncertain. 59 Long-term projections (20812100) Future climate change will be associated with more very hot days and fewer very cold days. 59 The frequency, length and intensity of heat waves will very likely increase over most land areas. 59 Higher growth in anthropogenic ghg emissions will be associated with larger increases in the frequency and severity of temperature extremes. 60 Assuming high growth in ghg emissions (ipcc scenario rcp8.5 presently dry regions may be affected by an increase in the risk of drought and reductions in soil moisture. 61 over most of the mid-latitude land masses and wet tropical regions, thesis extreme precipitation events will very likely become more intense and frequent. 59 Tropical cyclones At the global scale, the frequency of tropical cyclones will probably decrease or be unchanged. 62 Global mean tropical cyclone maximum wind speed and precipitation rates will likely increase.

27 :18 Widespread increases in heavy precipitation have occurred, even in places where total rain amounts have decreased. With medium confidence (see footnote 1 ipcc (2012) 58 concluded that proposal human influences had contributed to an increase in heavy precipitation events at the global scale. Projections of future changes in precipitation show overall increases in the global average, but with substantial shifts in where and how precipitation falls. 27 :24 Projections suggest a reduction in rainfall in the subtropics, and an increase in precipitation in subpolar latitudes and some equatorial regions. 57 In other words, regions which are dry at present will in general become even drier, while regions that are currently wet will in general become even wetter. 57 This projection does not apply to every locale, and in some cases can be modified by local conditions. 57 Extreme weather see also: Extreme weather and Tropical cyclone Global warming over most land areas since the 1950s, it is very likely that there have been fewer or warmer cold days and nights. 59 Hot days and nights have also very likely become warmer or more frequent. 59 Human activities have very likely contributed to these trends.

global health personal statement

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47 Human activities have contributed to a number of the observed changes presentation in climate. 48 This contribution has principally been through the burning of fossil fuels, which has led to an increase in the concentration of ghgs in the atmosphere. 49 Another human influence on the climate are sulfur dioxide emissions, which are a precursor to the formation of sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere. 50 Human-induced warming could lead to large-scale, irreversible, and/or abrupt changes in physical systems. 51 listing 52 An example of this is the melting of ice sheets, which contributes to sea level rise. 53 The probability of warming having unforeseen consequences increases with the rate, magnitude, and duration of climate change. 54 Effects on weather Observations show that there have been changes in weather. 55 As climate changes, the probabilities of certain types of weather events are affected. Changes have been observed in the amount, intensity, frequency, and type of precipitation.

Each of the different colored lines in each panel represents an independently analyzed set of data. The data come from many different technologies including weather stations, satellites, weather balloons, ships and buoys. 45 A broad range of evidence shows that the climate system has warmed. 46 evidence of global warming is shown in the graphs opposite. Some of the graphs show a positive trend,. G., increasing temperature over land and the ocean, and sea level rise. Other graphs show a negative trend,. G., decreased snow cover in the northern Hemisphere, and declining Arctic sea ice extent. Evidence of warming is also apparent in living (biological) systems.

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global health personal statement

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37 38 Projected warming in context Two millennia of toronto mean surface temperatures according to different reconstructions from climate proxies, each smoothed on a decadal scale, with the instrumental temperature record overlaid in black. Global surface temperature for the past.3 million years as inferred from cores of ocean sediments taken all around the global ocean. The last 800,000 years are expanded in the lower half of the figure (image credit: nasa ). 39 Scientists have used various "proxy" data to assess past changes in Earth's climate ( paleoclimate ). 40 sources of proxy data include historical records (such as farmers ' logs tree rings, corals, fossil pollen, ice cores, and ocean and lake sediments.

40 Analysis of these data suggest that recent warming is unusual in the past 400 years, possibly longer. 41 by the end of the 21st century, temperatures may increase to a level not experienced since the mid- Pliocene, around 3 million years ago. 42 At that time, models suggest that mean global temperatures were about 23 C warmer than pre-industrial temperatures. 42 even a 2 C rise above the pre-industrial level would be outside the range of temperatures experienced by human civilization. 39 43 Physical impacts main article: Physical impacts of climate change seven of these indicators would be expected to increase in a warming world and observations show that they are, in fact, increasing. Three would be expected to decrease and they are, in fact, decreasing. 44 This set of graphs show changes in climate indicators over several decades.

31 For the lowest emissions sres marker scenario b1" see the sres article for details on this scenario the best estimate for global mean temperature is an increase.8 C (3.2 F) 30 by the end of the 21st century. This projection is relative to global temperatures at the end of the 20th century. 32 The "likely" range (greater than 66 probability, based on expert judgement) 33 for the sres b1 marker scenario.12.9 C (2.05.2 F). 30 For the highest emissions sres marker scenario (A1fi the best estimate for global mean temperature increase.0 C (7.2 F with a "likely" range.46.4 C (4.311.5 F). 30 The range in temperature projections partly reflects (1) the choice of emissions scenario, and (2) the " climate sensitivity ".

27 :2224 For (1 different scenarios make different assumptions of future social and economic development (e.g., economic growth, population level, energy policies which in turn affects projections of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 27 :2224 The projected magnitude of warming by 2100 is closely related to the level of cumulative emissions over the 21st century (i.e. Total emissions between 20002100). 34 The higher the cumulative emissions over this time period, the greater the level of warming is projected to occur. 34 (2) reflects uncertainty in the response of the climate system to past and future ghg emissions, which is measured by the climate sensitivity. 27 :2224 Higher estimates of climate sensitivity lead to greater projected warming, while lower estimates of climate sensitivity lead to less projected warming. 35 over the next several millennia, projections suggest that global warming could be irreversible. 36 even if emissions were drastically reduced, global temperatures would remain close to their highest level for at least 1,000 years (see the later section on irreversibilities ).

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24 In a study carried out by david. Easterling., trends were observed over a period of time. It is clear from the observed record that there has been an increase in the global mean temperature of about.6 since the start of the 20th century and that this increase is associated with a stronger warming in daily minimum temperatures than in maximums. 25 sres emissions scenarios biography The future level of global warming is uncertain, but a wide range of estimates (projections) have been made. 26 The ipcc's " sres " scenarios have been frequently used to make projections of future climate change. 27 :2224 The sres scenarios are " baseline " (or "reference scenarios, which means that they do not take into account any current or future measures to limit ghg emissions (e.g., the unfccc's kyoto Protocol and the cancún agreements ). 28 Emissions projections of the sres scenarios are broadly comparable in range to the baseline emissions scenarios that have been developed by the scientific community. 26 29 In the ipcc fourth Assessment Report, changes in future global mean temperature were projected using the six sres "marker" emissions scenarios. 30 Emissions projections for the six sres "marker" scenarios are representative of the full set of forty sres scenarios.

global health personal statement

18 Also, the term "anthropogenic forcing" refers to the influence exerted on a habitat or chemical environment by humans, as opposed to a natural process. 19 "Detection" is the process of demonstrating that climate has changed in some defined statistical sense, without providing a reason for that change. Detection does not imply attribution of the detected change to a particular cause. "Attribution" of causes of climate change is the process of establishing the most likely causes for the detected change with some defined level of confidence. 20 Detection and attribution may also be applied to observed changes in physical, essay ecological and social systems. 21 Temperature changes This article breaks down some of the impacts of climate change according to different levels of future global warming. This way of describing impacts has, for instance, been used in the ipcc ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) Assessment Reports on climate change. 23 The instrumental temperature record shows global warming of around.6 C during the 20th century.

global warming of around. 11 12 Higher magnitudes of global warming would be more difficult to adapt to, 13 and would increase the risk of negative impacts. 14 Contents Definitions see also: Attribution of recent climate change In this article, " climate change " means a change in climate that persists over a sustained period of time. 15 16 The world Meteorological Organization defines this time period as 30 years. 15 Examples of climate change include increases in global surface temperature (global warming changes in rainfall patterns, and changes in the frequency of extreme weather events. Changes in climate may be due to natural causes,. G., changes in the sun 's output, or due to human activities,. G., changing the composition of the atmosphere. 17 Any human-induced changes in climate will occur against a background of natural climatic variations 17 and of variations in human activity such as population growth on shores or in arid areas which increase or decrease climate vulnerability.

Projected global warming in 2100 for a range of emission scenarios. The effects of global warming are the essay environmental and social changes caused (directly or indirectly) by human emissions of greenhouse gases. There is a scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, and that human activities are the primary driver. 1, many impacts of climate change have already been observed, including glacier retreat, 2 changes in the timing of seasonal events 2 (e.g., earlier flowering of plants 3 and changes in agricultural productivity. 2, anthropogenic forcing has likely contributed to some of the observed changes, including sea level rise, changes in climate extremes, declines in Arctic sea ice extent and glacier retreat. 4, future effects of climate change will vary depending on climate change policies 5 and social development. 6, the two main policies to address climate change are reducing human greenhouse gas emissions ( climate change mitigation ) and adapting to the impacts of climate change. 7, geoengineering is another policy option. 7, near-term climate change policies could significantly affect long-term climate change impacts.

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Global health personal statement
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