Writing a one page bio

writing a one page bio

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Your bio as a marketing tool for your business and for your career. If you speak, link to how to book you. If you offer an online course, link to that too. It would be a waste to have someone read your bio and not become a potential customer. That being said, any more than two calls to action reads as a hard sell, which isnt the point of your bio. You want to save the calls to action for the most important clicks. Tighten, strengthen, and regularly update your bio.

Writing an Author bio - examples of Professional bios

Every accomplishment you include should be there for a reason. And certain skills — like knowing how to use Photoshop or Excel — are such common skills you dont need to list them. . When it comes to your academic accomplishments, feel free to list your undergraduate or graduate degrees, but draw the line there. You dont need to go into details (or high school). The person refers to herself by her first name. William is an expert in iambic pentameter and revenge plots does not sound as professional as saying that Shakespeare is an expert in those things. Not only is using your last name more professional, its also more memorable, since last names tend to be rarer than first names. What about referring to yourself as a ninja or rockstar? While that might work in technology or the start-up world, it wont read as professionally in more traditional industries. You want your bio to be something that travels across industries. There are no calls to action.

A bio isnt just a list of jobs followed by your degrees. A bio is a chance to sing your own praises about prizes, things youve written, positions you have held. Discuss an exciting project that received exposure and praise. It can contain information on passion projects, upcoming projects, or hobbies. Be careful to not be too casual or say things like, in her spare time you can find Alice trying out the latest in microbrews. This is a professional bio, so while you can include your hobbies, choose carefully and be straightforward rather than coy. Professional bios are not, in my experience, the place to be playful. However, dont throw resumes in the kitchen sink.

writing a one page bio

Sample Professional bio writing a bio

A cardinal sin is using the passive voice. When someone has used the passive voice in their bio, it always feels to me like theyre trying to downplay their achievements. The point of your bio owl is to emphasize your achievements. You are a person who has done things, so you need to write it that way — like you are proud and year you mean. Another type of downplaying is using verbs that suggest you are trying to or attempting to do something, be that change an industry or work with an idea. That makes it sound like youve already failed. You are not attempting to do it, you are doing. Its just a list.

If you discuss running a campaign for a new product, show the outcome. Link to pieces youve written, press releases about an award, or your personal website. Your bio is a tool to showcase you and your work — and you need to make that as easy as possible for the reader. Dont assume that someone will read your bio, alight on something youve done, open a browser tab, google that accomplishment, search through the results, and then read about. Thats too much work. You need to present it all, and hope that they will click. (you can also use, which will allow you to track the number of clicks each link gets.) weak verbs.

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writing a one page bio

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A two-line bio can go under your byline or in a quick panel description. How do you decide what to cut for the shorter versions? Think of it as mtm trying to give your bio as an elevator pitch. Try to describe yourself in 15 seconds. What you get across in there should be in your short bio. The information is stale. Updating your bio regularly is very important.

(This also means updating the short bio and two-line bio as well.) every six months you should be revisiting your bio to see what has changed and what other experience you have accrued. Set a recurring calendar remind to. Have someone else read over it too — its hard handbook to write about yourself, and you might be leaving a few things out. There are no links. It drives me crazy to see accomplished people using bios that do not link to their work. Unless your bio is printed out on paper, such as in a pamphlet for a panel, link to your work.

A bio can help you get hired, gain visibility, and win you serious respect. . Thats why when I work with my clients, the first thing we work on is their bio. Here are some of the main mistakes I see. A lack of consistency. The biggest issue i see when working with clients bios is a lack of consistency. If a journalist or recruiter cannot figure out who you are in under 30 seconds (because you have six different bios in six different places youve lost your chance.

You want to communicate who you are and what you do in a way that spans multiple websites. This means that all bios — from your personal website to your LinkedIn profile to your companys site — need to be the same. You need to tell people who you are and drive the point home. Everyone needs a long, short, and two-line bio. A long bio can be a full page, and can go on your personal website. A short bio is about a paragraph — probably the first paragraph of your long bio — and can serve as your default bio.

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More reading at 8 Steps to, writing a bio like a pro. Matthew levy is a well-rounded HR professional and Career coach with fifteen years of broad experience in both specialist (e.g., recruiting) and generalist (e.g., hr business partner) roles at blue-chip companies, including Merck, amgen and Johnson johnson. A professional bio is something that everyone needs, but not everyone bothers to write one. Or they business write one once, and then never update. Or they wait until a conference organizer asks them to send one in, and just fuller jot down the first few things that occur to them. Thats a pretty big missed opportunity. Your bio is a strategic play and should be treated as such. .

writing a one page bio

How to writing write one, first, youll want to start with a summary which states your name, basic profession and what your experience and expertise. Second, youll want to add career highlights and significant accomplishments. . Third, let people know what you are known for. . fourth, dont forget your education and other credentials and fifth, feel free to sprinkle in a few of your hobbies and interests (as long as they are not polarizing hobbies!). . Youre welcomed to review my bio as a sample. It can be downloaded here. Now that you have written your bio, you are ready to utilize it during your networking discussions and you have document that you can also use for speaking engagements, press releases and other related announcements.

most likely will not have a job for you at the present time. . When a networking partner feels like they cant help you, they may recoil and not provide you with the resources you were hoping to gain from the conversation. . Another reason for not providing a resume during networking sessions is because networking partners may get sidetracked wanting to provide you with resume feedback. So, the bio gives you an opportunity to explain a bit about yourself in a disarming, easy to read format. . Because of the way youll construct the bio, it also allows you to convey more and different information about yourself then you could ever do with a resume. Ok, so now you agree that a bio is an important tool in your arsenal. . How do you go about building one? . Keep in mind that you want to write this in the third person and dont be bashful!

And of resume that 20 the majority of the time the hiring manager knows who they want to hire before the posting goes. The other 80 of jobs are filled through networking with friends, family, current or former co-workers, or through extended professional networking through. LinkedIn and professional organizations. One page biography, this is where the concept of a one page biography or bio, for short, comes into play. . The bio is the document that you can most leverage during your networking activities and if networking is the key approach needed to land one of the 80 of jobs that are not filled through traditional job posting channels, and then doesnt it stand to reason that. Remember, a resume is best utilized when you are applying for a specific job. . A bio is best used to convey your background in a crisp narrative format before, during or after your networking meetings. Benefits, you may be thinking, Why cant I just use my resume during my networking meetings? Probably the biggest reason is that a bio speaks much more about your reputation, attributes, tone and makeup than a resume does. .

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Most job essay seekers understandably think that their resume is their most important written job search tool. . Because most people associate resumes with landing their next job. . Resumes are important, even critical, to your ultimate goal of landing your next job. . However, resumes are best used only when you are applying for a specific position. . After all, thats the purpose of a resume to articulate your background, skills, abilities and credentials with the hopes of garnering an interview. However, any savvy job seeker in this current employment market knows that blindly applying for jobs using your resume is a recipe for a long bout of unemployment. . Generally accepted statistics demonstrate that only 20 of all jobs are filled via job boards and newspaper ads.

Writing a one page bio
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  1. Here are 12 ways to help yours sing. Fast, easy method to write an impressive bio. Bio templates for Writing a personal or Professional bio. Writing a personal or professional biography is one.

  2. Bio, that Gets you noticed. Should be one or two paragraphs long, depending on how extensive your accomplishments are. Author bio - how to write one in 9 easy steps. A look at key elements of an interesting author bio, which details to omit and how to make it compelling. Even successful people make some basic bio blunders.

  3. A long bio can be a full page. How to, write a brief Description of yourself. Read any guidelines or other material relevant to write your bio. Some places might want a formal one page. 4 Steps to, writing a professional.

  4. This page contains information about. They provide a pattern for you to adapt as you write your biography. One a gourmet cook and the other. Bio, needs to get Noticed. But not everyone bothers to write one.

  5. One page biography, this. Another reason is because your networking partner may equate seeing your resume with applying for. How to write one. Trying to squeeze your whole life into a short essay may seem like a daunting task. However, writing an autobiography can be a simple process if you take time to prepare beforehand.

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