Write about favorite food

write about favorite food

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Advertise here, grammar worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, listening worksheets. Speaking worksheets, reading worksheets, writing worksheets, cinema and television worksheets. Games  worksheets, worksheets with songs, teaching resources. Among the numerous kinds of food, my favourite is pizza.  It tastes really fabulous. . Most kids even adults, love to eat pizza. . pizza originated from Italy and was a basic part of the Italian diet.

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write about favorite food

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write about favorite food

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In south China, the weather is so hot the people like eating fresh vegetables, seafood and fresh meat. They want to taste light food. They don't like spicy food but they like fried and toasted food. In North China, the weather is so cold. The people like some heavy spicy food. They also like spicy soup. If you room want to go to a chinese restaurant, first you must know what kind of food you like or don't like.

Second, you can make sure whether it is a south or North Chinese restaurant.-Zhong yee. I dealership have the best family. My favourite food is an ice cream because it is very delicious. Last year i ate ice cream every week. My favourite subject.

is there in the fridge? is there on the table? _ eggs are there in the box? _ potatoes are there in the cupboard? The next task for you.

Open your books.44. Look, ask and answer. Im glad to hear. Youve worked hard today. Your marks Thank you for the lesson. Present it to the class. I am from south China. If you want to know about the food in Chinese restauraunts, and what kind of food you like or you don't like, you should know the food from south China and North China is very different.

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I like to drink milk. My favourite food is fruit. Fruits and vegetables the have a lot of vitamins. Fish, meat and nuts are good for our health. What have i got? Lets look at the screen. Now lets do an exercise with how much and how many.

write about favorite food

Children, do you like chips, coke, fastfood? Are they useful for your health? What food essay is good for your health? The English say «An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Could you translate this proverb? Do you agree with them? To be healthy we must not forget to do morning exercises. Its time to have a rest. Stand up and sing together.

words and make the sentences correctly. pupils, its time to get to know the new words of our lesson. Look at the blackboard and read them after me line by line. Now lets ask and answer questions using our new words:. What do you like to eat? What do you like to drink? What is your favorite food?

The next task is to write words connected to the topic food. We can see different plan food here. Today we are going to speak about food. What fruit, vegetables, drinks and other food do you know? And now lets look at the screen. There are a lot of kinds of food. Think and say what differences between them? Divide them into two groups and name them. yes, we can.

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Write 3 sentences about your favourite it healthy. What are we going to speak about? What is our lesson about? Today well talk about food, sing, read, write and play as usual. Look at the blackboard: What is the sound? Now lets read the words all together line by line. Please, first listen to me and then book repeat after. Please, look at the screen and say what can you see there? Try to guess what are we going to speak about?

Write about favorite food
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Write a paragraph about food. Chinese food is different than American food.

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  1. Write a letter about my favourite food. I need a letter to a friend about eating a healthy diet? Is it bad to have junk food every week? ForumsEssay, paragraph, dialog other Composition Writing. My favourite food can be divided into local and non local food. For local food i love to eat nasi lemak.

  2. Write about your favourite food. I love roasted chicken with green salad. Salad is fresh and iken full of protein. This food is very healthy. Write a letter about favorite foods.

  3. I have the best family. My favourite food is an ice cream because it is very delicious. Write 3 sentences about your favourite food is it healthy? We can see different food here. Today we are going to speak about food.

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