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(see battle of Kwajalein.) In March and April, Indianapolis, still flagship of the 5th Fleet, attacked the western Carolines. Carrier planes at the palau islands on 3031 March, sank three destroyers, 17 freighters, five oilers and damaged 17 other ships. Airfields were bombed and surrounding water mined. Yap and Ulithi, were struck on 31 March, and Woleai, on 1 April. Japanese planes attacked but were driven off without damaging the American ships. Indianapolis shot down her second plane, a torpedo bomber, and the japanese lost 160 planes, including 46 on the ground. These attacks prevented Japanese forces stationed in the carolines from interfering with the us landings on New guinea. In June, the 5th Fleet was busy with the assault on the mariana Islands.

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On 19 november, Indianapolis bombarded Tarawa Atoll, and next day pounded makin (see battle of vintage makin ). The ship then returned to tarawa, as fire-support for the landings. Her guns management shot down an enemy plane and shelled enemy strongpoints as landing parties fought Japanese defenders in the battle of Tarawa. She continued this role until the island was secure three days later. The conquest of the marshall Islands followed victory in the gilberts. Indianapolis was again 5th Fleet flagship. 1944 edit The cruiser met other ships of her task force at Tarawa, and on d-day minus 1, she was one of the cruisers that bombarded the islands of Kwajalein Atoll. The shelling continued on d-day, with Indianapolis suppressing two enemy shore batteries. Next day, she destroyed a blockhouse and other shore installations and supported advancing troops with a creeping barrage. The ship entered Kwajalein Lagoon, on 4 February, and remained until resistance disappeared.

The cargo ship tried to summary reply to the radio challenge but was shelled by Indianapolis. Akagane maru exploded and sank with all hands. Through mid-1943, Indianapolis remained near the Aleutian Islands, escorting American convoys and providing shore bombardments supporting amphibious assaults. In may, the Allies captured Attu, then turned on Kiska, thought to be the final Japanese holdout in the Aleutians. Allied landings there began on 15 August, but the japanese had already abandoned the Aleutian Islands, unbeknownst to the Allies. After refitting at Mare Island, Indianapolis moved to hawaii as flagship of Vice Admiral raymond. Spruance, commanding the 5th Fleet. She sortied from pearl Harbor on 10 november, with the main body of the southern Attack force for Operation Galvanic, the invasion of the gilbert Islands.

quint resume

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After 15 minutes, japanese biography shore batteries returned fire before being destroyed by the assignment ships' main guns. Japanese submarines approaching the force were depth-charged by American destroyers. Japanese seaplanes made an ineffective bombing attack. In spite of a lack of information on the japanese forces, the operation was considered a success. Us forces later occupied Adak island, providing a naval base farther from the dutch Harbor on Unalaska island. 1943 operations edit uss indianapolis (CA-35) underway at sea, in (NH 124466) In January 1943, Indianapolis supported a landing and occupation on Amchitka, part of an Allied island hopping strategy in the Aleutian Islands. On the evening of 19 February, indianapolis led two destroyers on a patrol southwest of Attu Island, searching for Japanese ships trying to reinforce kiska and Attu. She intercepted the japanese 3,100-long-ton (3,150 t) cargo ship, akagane maru laden with troops, munitions, and supplies.

On 10 March, the task force, reinforced by another force centered on the carrier Yorktown, attacked lae and Salamaua, new guinea, where the japanese were marshaling amphibious forces. Attacking from the south through the Owen Stanley mountain range, the us air forces surprised and inflicted heavy damage on Japanese warships and transports, losing few aircraft. Indianapolis returned to the mare Island naval Shipyard for a refit before escorting a convoy to australia. Aleutian Islands campaign edit main article: Aleutian Islands campaign Indianapolis then headed for the north Pacific to support American units in the battle of the Aleutian Islands. On 7 August, Indianapolis and the task force attacked Kiska island, a japanese staging area. Although fog hindered observation, Indianapolis and other ships fired their main guns into the bay. Floatplanes from the cruisers reported Japanese ships sunk in the harbor and damage to shore installations.

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quint resume

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She departed on, and arrived at New York city, and embarked roosevelt, a second time, for a naval review. She returned to long beach, on 9 november 1934, for more training with the Scouting Force. She remained flagship of Scouting Force On 18 november 1936, she embarked roosevelt, a third time, at Charleston, south Carolina, and conducted a goodwill cruise to south America with him. She visited rio de janeiro, brazil, buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, uruguay, for state visits before returning to Charleston, and disembarking roosevelt's party on 15 December. President roosevelt underwent his crossing the line ceremony on this cruise on 26 november: an "intensive initiation lasting two days, but we have all survived and are now full-fledged Shellbacks".

13 World War ii edit On 7 December 1941, Indianapolis was conducting a mock bombardment at Johnston Atoll, during the japanese attack on pearl Harbor. Indianapolis was absorbed into task force 12 and searched for the japanese carriers responsible for the attack, though the force did not locate them. She returned to pearl Harbor on 13 December, and joined Task force. New guinea campaign edit main article: New guinea campaign With the task force, she steamed to the south Pacific, to 350 mi (560 km) south of Rabaul, new Britain, escorting the aircraft carrier Lexington. Late in the afternoon of 20 February 1942, the American ships were attacked by 18 Japanese aircraft. Of these, 16 were shot down by aircraft from Lexington and the other two were destroyed by anti-aircraft the fire from the ships.

Interwar period edit Indianapolis in 1939 Under Captain John. Smeallie, indianapolis undertook her shakedown cruise through the Atlantic and into guantánamo bay, until 23 February 1932. Indianapolis then transited the panama canal for training off the Chilean coast. After overhaul at the Philadelphia navy yard, she sailed to maine, to embark President Franklin Delano roosevelt at Campobello Island, new Brunswick, on Getting under way the same day, indianapolis arrived at Annapolis, maryland, on 3 July. She hosted six members of the cabinet, along with roosevelt, during its stay there.

After disembarking roosevelt, she departed Annapolis, on 4 July, and steamed for Philadelphia navy yard. On 6 September, she embarked Secretary of the navy claude. Swanson, for an inspection of the navy in the pacific. Indianapolis toured the canal Zone, hawaii, and installations in San Pedro and San diego. Swanson disembarked on 27 October. On 1 november 1933, she became flagship of Scouting Force 1, and maneuvered with the force off Long beach, california.

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The class also had two aircraft catapult amidships. They could carry four aircraft. The total crew varied, with a regular designed complement of 807, a wartime complement of 952, which could increase to 1,229 when the cruiser was a fleet flagship. Indianapolis was laid down by new York Shipbuilding Corporation about on The hull and machinery were provided by the builder. Indianapolis was launched on 7 november 1931, and commissioned on 15 november 1932. She was the second ship named for Indianapolis, following the cargo ship of the same name in 1918. She was sponsored by lucy taggart, daughter of former mayor of Indianapolis Thomas Taggart.


quint resume

The cruiser had nine proposal 8-inch/55 caliber Mark 9 guns in three triple mounts, a superfiring pair fore and one aft. For anti-aircraft defense, she had eight 5-inch/25 caliber guns and two qf 3 pounder Hotchkiss guns. In 1945, she received 24 40 mm (1.57 in) Bofors guns, arrayed in six quad mounts. Both ships were upgraded with 19 20 mm (0.79 in) Oerlikon cannons. 3 no torpedo tubes were fitted on her. The portland class originally had 1-inch (25 mm) armor for deck and side protection, but in construction they were given belt armor between 5 in (127 mm) (around the magazines ) and.25 in (83 mm) in thickness. Armor on the bulkheads was between 2 in (51 mm) and.75 in (146 mm that on the deck was.5 in (64 mm the barbettes.5 in (38 mm the gunhouses.5 in, and the conning tower.25 in (32 mm). Portland -class cruisers were outfitted as fleet flagships, with space for a flag officer and his staff.

(10,423 t and a full-load displacement of 12,755 long tons (12,960 t). However, when completed, she did not reach this weight, displacing 9,950 long tons (10,110 t). The ship had two distinctive raked funnels, a tripod foremast, and a small tower and pole mast aft. In 1943, light tripods were added forward of the second funnel on each ship, and a prominent naval director was installed aft. The ship had four propeller shafts and four Parsons gt geared turbines and eight White-forster boilers. The 107,000 shp (80,000 kW) gave a design speed.7 kn (60.6 km/h;.6 mph). She was designed for a range of 10,000 nmi (19,000 km; 12,000 mi) at 15 kn (28 km/h; 17 mph). She rolled badly until fitted with a bilge keel.

Imperial Japanese navy submarine, i-58, and sank in 12 minutes. Of 1,195 crewmen aboard, approximately 300 went down with the ship. 4, the remaining 900 presentation faced exposure, dehydration, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks while floating with few lifeboats and almost no food or water. The navy learned of the sinking when survivors were spotted four days later by the crew. Pv-1 Ventura on routine patrol. 4 On, a search team financed by paul Allen located the wreckage of the sunken cruiser in the Philippine sea lying at a depth of approximately 18,000 ft (5,500 m). 5 Contents Construction edit main article: Portland-class cruiser Indianapolis was the second of two ships in the portland class; the third class of "treaty cruisers" constructed by the United States navy following the washington naval Treaty of 1922, following the two vessels of the pensacola. Ordered for the us navy in fiscal year 1930. Indianapolis was originally designated as a light cruiser, because of her thin armor, and given the hull classification symbol cl-35.

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For other ships with the same name, see. Uss, indianapolis (CL/CA-35) was shredder a, portland -class heavy cruiser of the, united States navy, named for the city. The vessel served as the flagship for the commander of, scouting Force 1 for eight pre-war years, then as flagship for. Admiral, raymond Spruance, in 19, while he commanded the. Fifth Fleet in battles across the central Pacific in World War. In 1945, the sinking of, indianapolis led to the greatest single loss of life at sea, from a single ship, in the history of the us navy. The ship had just finished a high-speed trip. United States Army air Force base at, tinian to deliver parts of, little boy, the first nuclear weapon ever used in combat, and was on her way to the Philippines on training duty. At 0015 on the ship was torpedoed by the.

Quint resume
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  4. The site is back and with that I want to thanks to all the people who cared about me and my well being. Vanderbilt University career Center cover Letters. A cover letter always accompanies your resume and makes the hiring manager want to learn more about you. Uss indianapolis (CL/CA-35) was a portland-class heavy cruiser of the United States navy, named for the city of Indianapolis, e vessel served as the flagship for the commander of Scouting Force 1 for eight pre-war years, then as flagship for Admiral raymond Spruance,. Le manager de centre de profit exerce des fonctions dencadrement déquipes.

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