Petrol station business plan pdf

petrol station business plan pdf

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Approximately 90 of the energy from the battery is converted to mechanical energy, the losses being in the motor and drivetrain. 46 Usually, direct current (DC) electricity is fed into a dc/ac inverter where it is converted to alternating current (AC) electricity and this ac electricity is connected to a 3-phase ac motor. For electric trains, forklift trucks, and some electric cars, dc motors are often used. In some cases, universal motors are used, and then ac or dc may be employed. In recent production vehicles, various motor types have been implemented, for instance: Induction motors within Tesla motor vehicles and permanent magnet machines in the nissan leaf and Chevrolet Bolt. 47 Vehicle types edit It is generally possible to equip any kind of vehicle with an electric powertrain.

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40 Increasing the battery's lifespan decreases effective costs. One technique is to operate a hypothesis subset of the battery cells at a time and switching these subsets. 41 In the past, nickel Metal Hydride batteries were used among ev cars such as those made by general Motors. 42 These battery types are considered out-dated due to their tendencies to self discharge in the heat. 43 Also the batteries' patent was held by Chevron which created a problem for their widespread development. 44 These detractors coupled with their high cost has led to lithium-ion batteries leading as the predominant battery for ev's. 45 Electric motor edit main articles: Traction motor and Energy conversion efficiency The power of a vehicle's essay electric motor, as in other vehicles, is measured in kilowatts (kW). 100 kw is roughly equal to 134 horsepower, but electric motors can deliver their maximum torque over a wide rpm range. This means that the performance of a vehicle with a 100 kw electric motor exceeds that of a vehicle with a 100 kw internal combustion engine, which can only deliver its maximum torque within a limited range of engine speed. Energy is lost during the process of converting the electrical energy to mechanical energy.

Onboard storage edit These systems are powered from an external generator plant (nearly always when stationary and then disconnected before motion occurs, and the electricity is stored in the vehicle until needed. Batteries, electric double-layer capacitors and flywheel energy storage are forms of rechargeable on-board electrical storage. By avoiding an intermediate mechanical step, the energy conversion efficiency list can be improved over the hybrids already discussed, by avoiding unnecessary energy conversions. Furthermore, electro-chemical batteries conversions are easy to reverse, allowing electrical energy to be stored in chemical form. Citation needed lithium-ion battery edit main article: Electric vehicle battery most electric vehicles use lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries have higher energy density, longer life span and higher power density than most other practical batteries. Complicating factors include safety, durability, thermal breakdown and cost. Li-ion batteries should be used within safe temperature and voltage ranges in order to operate safely and efficiently.

petrol station business plan pdf

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39 Electricity sources edit There are many ways to generate electricity, of varying costs, efficiency and ecological desirability. Connection to generator plants edit Onboard generators and hybrid EVs edit (see articles on diesel-electric and gasoline-electric hybrid locomotion for information on EVs using also combustion engines ). It is also possible to have hybrid EVs that derive electricity from multiple sources. Such as: on-board rechargeable electricity storage system (ress) and a direct continuous connection to land-based generation revelation plants for purposes of on-highway recharging with unrestricted highway range citation needed on-board rechargeable electricity storage system and a fueled propulsion power source (internal combustion engine plug-in hybrid Another. For especially large evs, such as submarines, the chemical energy of the diesel-electric can be replaced by a nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor usually provides heat, which drives a steam turbine, which drives a generator, which is then fed to the propulsion. See nuclear Power A few experimental vehicles, such as some cars and a handful of aircraft use solar panels for electricity.

Cumulative global sales of all-electric cars and vans passed the 1 million unit milestone in September 2016. 30 Norway is the country with the highest market penetration per capita in the world, with four plug-in electric vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in 2013. 31 In March 2014, norway became the first country where over 1 in every 100 passenger cars on the roads is a plug-in electric. 32 33 In 2016, 29 of all new car sales in the country were battery-powered or plug-in hybrids. 34 Norway also has the world's largest plug-in electric segment market share of total new car sales,.8 in 2014, up from.6 in 2013. 24, andorra became the second country in this list, with a 6 of market share combining electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids 36 due to a strong public policy providing multiple advantages. 37 As of may 2015, there were 58,989 plug-in electric vehicles registered in Norway, consisting of 54,160 all-electric vehicles and 4,829 plug-in hybrids. 38 by the end of 2016, norway's 100,000th battery-powered car was sold. 34 by some estimates electric vehicles sales may constitute almost a third of new-car sales by the end of 2030.

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petrol station business plan pdf

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The carbon footprint and other emissions of electric vehicles varies depending on the fuel and technology used for electricity generation. 17 18 The electricity may then be stored on board the vehicle using a battery, flywheel, or supercapacitors. Vehicles making use of engines working on the principle of combustion can usually only derive their energy from a single or a few sources, usually non-renewable fossil fuels. A key advantage of hybrid or plug-in essay electric vehicles is regenerative braking due to their capability to recover energy normally lost during braking as electricity is stored in the on-board battery. The world's two best selling all-electric cars in history are the nissan leaf (left with 300,000 global sales through January 2018, 19 and the tesla model S (right with over 150,000 units delivered through november 2016. 20 As of March 2018, there are some 45 series production highway-capable all-electric cars available in various countries.

As of early december 2015, the leaf, with 200,000 units sold worldwide, is the world's top-selling highway-capable all-electric car in history, followed by the tesla model S with global deliveries of about 100,000 units. 21 leaf global sales achieved the 300,000 unit milestone in January 2018. 19 As of may 2015, more than 500,000 highway-capable all-electric passenger cars and light utility vehicles have been sold worldwide since 2008, out of total global sales of about 850,000 light-duty plug-in electric vehicles. 22 23 As of may 2015, the United States had the largest fleet of highway-capable plug-in electric vehicles in the world, with about 335,000 highway poetry legal plug-in electric cars sold in the country since 2008, and representing about 40 of the global stock. 24 25 California is the largest plug-in car regional market in the country, with almost 143,000 units sold between December 2010 and March 2015, representing over 46 of all plug-in cars sold in the.

In 2003, upon the expiration of gm's EV1 leases, gm discontinued them. The discontinuation has variously been attributed to: the auto industry's successful federal court challenge to california's zero-emissions vehicle mandate, a federal regulation requiring gm to produce and maintain spare parts for the few thousands EV1s and the success of the oil and auto industries' media. A movie made on the subject in was titled Who killed the Electric Car? And released theatrically by sony pictures Classics in 2006. The film explores the roles of automobile manufacturers, oil industry, the. Government, batteries, hydrogen vehicles, and consumers, and each of their roles in limiting the deployment and adoption of this technology.

Ford released a number of their Ford Ecostar delivery vans into the market. Honda, nissan and toyota also repossessed and crushed most of their EVs, which, like the gm ev1s, had been available only by closed-end lease. After public protests, toyota sold 200 of its rav evs to eager buyers; they later sold at over their original forty-thousand-dollar price. This lesson did not go unlearned; bmw of Canada sold off a number of Mini ev's when their Canadian testing ended. The production of the citroën Berlingo Electrique stopped in September 2005. Reintroduction edit during the last few decades, environmental impact of the petroleum-based transportation infrastructure, along with the fear of peak oil, has led to renewed interest in an electric transportation infrastructure. 16 EVs differ from fossil fuel -powered vehicles in that the electricity they consume can be generated from a wide range of sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable sources such as tidal power, solar power, and wind power or any combination of those.

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In the 1930s, national City lines, which was a partnership of essay General Motors, firestone, and Standard Oil of California purchased many electric tram networks across the country to dismantle them paper and replace them with gm buses. The partnership was convicted of conspiring to monopolize the sale of equipment and supplies to their subsidiary companies, but were acquitted of conspiring to monopolize the provision of transportation services. Experimentation edit This 1973 photo of a charging station in seattle shows an amc gremlin modified to take electric power; it had a range of about 50 miles on one charge. In January 1990, general Motors' President introduced its ev concept two-seater, the "Impact at the los Angeles Auto Show. That September, the california air Resources board mandated major-automaker sales of EVs, in phases starting in 1998. From 1996 to 1998 gm produced 1117 EV1s, 800 of which were made available through three-year leases. 15 Chrysler, ford, gm, honda, and toyota also produced limited numbers of EVs for California drivers.

petrol station business plan pdf

In fact, in 1900, 28 percent of the cars on the road in the usa were electric. EVs were so popular that even President woodrow Wilson and his secret service agents toured Washington, dc, in their Milburn Electrics, which covered 6070 mi (100110 km) per charge. 10 A number of developments contributed to decline of electric paper cars. 11 Improved road infrastructure required a greater range than that offered by electric cars, and the discovery of large reserves of petroleum in Texas, oklahoma, and California led to the wide availability of affordable gasoline/petrol, making internal combustion powered cars cheaper to operate over long. 12 Also internal combustion powered cars became ever easier to operate thanks to the invention of the electric starter by Charles Kettering in 1912, 13 which eliminated the need of a hand crank for starting a gasoline engine, and the noise emitted by ice cars. As roads were improved outside urban areas electric vehicle range could not compete with the ice. Finally, the initiation of mass production of gasoline-powered vehicles by henry ford in 1913 reduced significantly the cost of gasoline cars as compared to electric cars.

cheap assembly line cars by ford, electric cars fell to the wayside 7 due to the limitations of storage batteries at that time, electric cars did not gain much popularity, however electric trains gained immense popularity due to their economies. By the 20th century, electric rail transport became commonplace. Citation needed over time their general-purpose commercial use reduced to specialist roles, as platform trucks, forklift trucks, ambulances, 8 tow tractors and urban delivery vehicles, such as the iconic British milk float ; for most of the 20th century, the uk was the world's largest. 9 Electrified trains were used for coal transport, as the motors did not use precious oxygen in the mines. Switzerland's lack of natural fossil resources forced the rapid electrification of their rail network. One of the earliest rechargeable batteries - the nickel-iron battery - was favored by Edison for use in electric cars. EVs were among the earliest automobiles, and before the preeminence of light, powerful internal combustion engines, electric automobiles held many vehicle land speed and distance records in the early 1900s. They were produced by baker Electric, columbia electric, detroit Electric, and others, and at one point in history out-sold gasoline-powered vehicles.

4, a few years later, in 1835, professor. Sibrandus Stratingh of University business of Groningen, the netherlands, built a small scale electric car and a robert Anderson of Scotland is reported to have made a crude electric carriage sometime between the years of 18Around the same period, early experimental electrical cars were moving. American blacksmith and inventor. Thomas davenport built a toy electric locomotive, powered by a primitive electric motor, in 1835. In 1838, a scotsman named. Robert davidson built an electric locomotive that attained a speed of four miles per hour (6 km/h). In England a patent was granted in 1840 for the use of rails as conductors of electric current, and similar American patents were issued. Lilley and Colten in 1847. 1839 (the exact year is uncertain robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first crude electric carriage, powered by non-rechargeable primary cells.

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An electric vehicle, also called an, ev, uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. An electric vehicle may be powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources, or may be self-contained with a battery, solar panels or an electric generator to convert fuel to electricity. 1, evs include, but are not limited to, road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vessels, electric aircraft and electric spacecraft. EVs first came into existence in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion, providing a level of entry comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time. Modern internal combustion engines have been the dominant propulsion method for motor vehicles for almost 100 years, but electric power has remained commonplace in other vehicle types, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all types. In the 21st century, evs saw a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus on renewable energy. Government incentives to increase adoptions were introduced, including in the United States and the european Union. History edit, main article: History of the electric vehicle, an ev and an antique car on display at a 1912 auto show. Electric motive power started in 1827, when Hungarian priest Ányos Jedlik built the first crude but viable electric motor, provided with stator, rotor and commutator, and the year after he used it to power a tiny car.

Petrol station business plan pdf
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  1. The norwegian Charging Station Database for Electromobility. graphic design pdf business plan graphic organizer business plan images free business plan marketing strategy business plan outline. mogas move is an indicator that the petrol station business in Uganda is moving away from just selling fuel to offering other services. called Goto (the word for gold in Surinamese but doubtless a good name for a petrol station serving English speaking customers).

  2. at a bp petrol station in Bijleveld beside the A12 motorway.101102 There are over 300 stores in some 40 overseas locations.103. meiningen station track plan pDF ; 250 kB) (in German). the annual plan, decrease in the number of employees, change in management, diagnostics of storage and delivery capacity, pilot project. geelong and petrol stations for.9 billion (US2.6 billion) to vitol, a geneva based company.4 Vitol operates these assets as viva. Car service and petrol station EuroAirport Business Center Plan of car parks, French sector Download this map in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Adnozzles are an unmissable and highly accountable way to target motorists every time they fill up at petrol stations across the.

  3. City action plan.000 premature deaths due to air pollution-related diseases. Benzene content in petrol reduced to 3 percent from 2001. an overall business plan (see appendices 4) to establish what it was that Growing will provide before developing a plan of how. Business, activities in Introduction Eurowag diesel credit tank system Tank go express self-service petrol stations, waste Processing. The business plan for the sale of fuel and other products in the shops as set for EuroOil filling stations in 2015 was met. Some concepts see battery exchanges and battery charging stations, much like gas/ petrol stations today.

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