Masters thesis database

masters thesis database

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Hogan, john William (2001) From guild to union: the Ancient guild of Incorporated Brick and Stonelayers' Trade Union, in pre-independence Ireland. O'neill, maurice w (2000) An exploration of structural material choice processes in Irish residential construction. Robbins, peter (2000) Environmental consumerism and its capacity to confer competitive advantage to producers distributors of specific fmcg brands in Ireland. Morrissey, margaret (1999) Price bundling: a technique to simultaneously increase profitability and enhance consumer value perceptions: case - the tourism industry. Sherlock, roger (1999) The switch drug phenomenon: a phenomenological inquiry into the role of nicotine replacement therapy in smoking cessation behaviour. Keogh, Andrew (1998) A study of centralised bargaining in Ireland : the evolution of corporatism. Mannion, michael (1998) Factors associated with perceived quality influencing beef consumption behaviour in Ireland. Neilan, paul (1998) The importance of book jacket design for the sale of Irish interest tourist books.

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Binchy, alice essay (1985) Shelta: an historical and contemporary analysis. Master of Business Studies Phillips, martin (2015) European airline performance: a data envelopment analysis with extrapolations based on model outputs. Master of Business Studies thesis, dublin City University. (2012) The evolution of business continuity management in large Irish enterprises between 20Master of Business Studies thesis, dublin City University. Wang, qing mei (2011) Empirical investigation of nonlinear asset pricing kernel with human capital and housing wealth. Peri, romaric (2011) Purchasing organisation structure and its impact on supply relationship - an Irish public sector case study. O'regan, cathal (2011) The impact of high performance work systems on innovation performance: A study of Irish companies. Shanahan, daniel (2011) Communication Apprehension Among Business and Accounting Students. Liu, jing (2011) High Performance work systems and Firm Performance: The moderator Role of Industry and Organizational Characteristics. Walsh, aidan (2009) hayekian insights into ejemplos intra-firm coordination: exploring the rule following perspective. Feeney, orla (2007) Management perspectives on the role of the management accountant as an information provider.

Brown, paul Gerard (1988) Industrial policy and development in late industrializing countries: a case study of the motor industry. Casey, leo (1988) learning from television: a study of the effects of different levels of explicitness and the influence of spatial ability on learning of visual concepts and principles. McConnon, mary patricia (1988) Local government law - its effects on the operations of local authorities. Mulhall, terry (1988) The politics of Irish history: transition in Ireland: modernization or underdevelopment. (1988) The select committees of the 24th Oireachtas. McDonald, john (1987) An experiment in cross-age tutoring in an resumes Irish post primary school. McDonnell, gerard (1986) A study of the influences on the development of alcholism and problem drinking. Stokes, mary (1986) The role of counselling in the education of the schoolgoing child. Thomas, mary c (1985) Control of local radio in the republic of Ireland.

masters thesis database

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Keenaghan, celia (1991) The state and cultural policy in Ireland: the case of the Irish audiovisual sector. (1990) learner needs and esp. Lynskey, eamonn (1990) Media online education and the Irish second level curriculum: problems and possibilities. Boyle, raymond (1990) Nation shall speak peace unto nation: television, sport and nationhood. Reynolds, marion H (1990) Patterns of exposure to the media of 12-17 year olds in second level schools in Ireland. Pelejo, meldy (1990) The political economy of development news: essay Analysing news coverage under Aquino. Dlekan, samih (1990) The relevance of communicative competence theories to foreign language teaching. Wallace, barbara (1989) The role of communications in preventative medicine and health promotion: The kilkenny health project. Guy, mary (1988) An examination of the effectiveness of religious congregations.

Browne, deirdre (1993) A cross-cultural study of humour in magazine advertising. Burke, sharon (1993) Local radio and "localism" in Ireland, a case study of Galway bay. McGuinness, des (1993) making a viewer visible: a study of television viewing. O'brien, Sharon (1993) Sublanguage, text type and machine translation. Lasa, ignacio hernandez (1993) The translation of culture-specific terms in tourist information material. O'halloran, jean (1992) The new literacy: the case for primary education. Kelly, ronan (1991) A breed apart: a study of television production practices in Radio televis Eireann. Kenny, helen (1991) Achievement related behaviour in gifted children - a case study approach. Olohan, maeve (1991) An introspection-based analysis of the post-editing process.

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masters thesis database

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Delamere, brigid (1998) Communication strategies of short English-speaking learners of French on a business studies course. Dalton, joanne (1998) Terminology standardisation: success or failure?: a study of the terminology of cinematography. McCarron, ciara (1998) The gerry ryan show on 2fm and the death of diana, princess of Wales: a case-study, september 1997. Horgan, nicola patricia (1997) "En cada linaje el deterioro ejerce su dominio an examination and evaluation of the domesticating versus foreignisation translation strategy as proposed by lawrence venuti in light of the English language translation of 'la ciudad y los perros' by mario vargas Llosa. Ryan-Larragy, elizabeth (1997) A case study of the dublin and Galway rape Crisis Centres: the therapists perspective. Veale, carol-Ann (1997) Comparison of the Spanish and Irish taxation systems from a terminological viewpoint.

O'connor, Anne (1997) The curricular implications of the german language needs of Irish industry. O'reilly, colm Joseph (1996) In search of academic excellence: an evaluation of the work of ctyi. Leahy, angela (1996) The portrayal of immigrants in Stern magazine. Creed, mairead (1995) A contrastive analysis of French and English social statistics texts. Bruen, jennifer (1994) German unification and educational reform in Eastern Germany: an analysis of the impact of unification on the education system in the new Bundesländer brilliant and in particular on instruction in political science.

Cosgrave, liam (2001) Media globalisation and Irish youth identity. Smyth, fiona (2001) New age to postmodern age: the cultural location of metaphysical belief. Collins, suzanne (2001) The path to the Aras: (the role of political communications in the election of Mary McAleese as the eighth President of Ireland). Keegan, denis (2000) Comic book fans: productivity, participation and creativity. Condon, denis (2000) Consensus, withdrawal, opposition: images of youth and generational conflictin feature films of the gdr.

Hughes, willie (2000) Cultural collision and the emergence of new musical traditions. Skamnakis, Antonis (2000) journalism education in Europe: three traditions and the case of Greece. Graham, david (2000) Manfred Gregor's die brücke: an exercise in literary translation. O'sullivan, john (2000) News distribution via the internet and other new ict platforms. Martin, patrick (2000) The online communication of paedophile beliefs. (2000) The validity of a portfolio approach to instruction and assessment in writing in the primary school. Hennessy, barry (1999) The political culture of social consensus and social conflict: the example of European economic integration and globalisation in Ireland and France.

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O'brien, Breda (2004) Irish churches and mosque - towards a model of media relations. Connolly, maeve (2003) An archaeology of Irish cinema: Ireland's subaltern, migrant and feminist film cultures (1973-87). Doyle, dermot (2003) civil-military relations and co-operation in Kosovo 1999 to 2001. Collins, gobnait (2002) Feminism in Spain and its influence on Montserrat roig's trilogy. (2002) Social psychological concepts in the context of intercultural communication. Callanan, database ronan (2001) Access to public broadcasting services across shredder national digital delivery systems. Walsh, tom C (2001) Communicating science in the Sputnik era.

masters thesis database

Cody, lindsay (2010) Engaging with Online audiences: A cross-country analysis of use writing of the web for communicating biomedical science to public audiences. Liese, melanie (2010) The representation of the Ethnic and Cultural 'Other' in Primary School Textboooks: a comparative case Study of North Rhine westphalia (Germany) and Ireland. Bohan, helen (2007) Between identity and internationalisation: vision and reality in the malaysian education system. Fincham, kelly (2007) One thousand days of propaganda. Caden, john (2006) rté's coverage of the campaigning on the eighth amendment to the constitutionissues of objectivity, impartiality and fairness. Robbins, david (2006) The Irish press : origins and issues. Fennell, nicholas (2005) The alternative within the mainstream: a critical analysis of some recent Irish films. Manning, ruth (2004) Concepts of identity in four novels by maryse condé.

employability. Laurenson, pauline (2012 young, gifted and underachieving: Examining the role of mentoring in assisting underachieving highly-able students achieve their educational potential. Panzera, aurora (2011 novel blood platelet diagnostic platform. O'reilly vazquez, monica (2011) Ritual and myths between Ireland and Galicia. The Irish Milesian myth in the leabhar Gabhála éireann: over the ninth wave. Origins, contacts and literary evidence. Ni, jun (2011) The Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Chinese migrant Women in Ireland: a qualitative exploration of Interviews Conducted with 12 Chinese women living in Ireland. Mkilanya, veronica mathew (2011) The substantive representation of women in the tanzanian parliament. Keane, margaret (2010) An Appreciative inquiry into the Preparation of Undergraduate Education Studies Students to value and Embrace diversity.

McGowan, padraig mini (2014 money laundering, terrorist financing and new technologies: potential for misuse of new payment methods in the uk and Ireland? The subject learning folder and its application in supporting the training of 2nd year students in self-assessment techniques. Ascari, manuela (2013 a discourse analysis of interactions from an online pro-anorexia forum. Lyons, Alan (2013 perceptions of university among Irish children and adolescents. Polasaí an stáit maidir le gaeilge ar chomharthaíocht stáit. Testar, jason Thomas (2012 a case study of the televised international newsflow of raidió teilifís Éireann and The canadian Broadcasting Corporation: A comparative content analysis. Nic Fhionnlaoich, cáit (2012 cóiriú cartlann fuaime logainmneacha.

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Number of items: 744. Master of Arts, honohan, ailbhe (2017 god's "blood-curdling jokes" in Milton's Paradise lost. Master of Arts thesis, dublin City University. Journeying to the heart of darkness: An analysis of genocide roles tourism. González galeotti, nicolás Pablo (2016 the politics of taxation in Central America. Ziba, muyanga Innocent (2016 what can a community radio contribute to health promotion in response to a health crisis/the hiv/aids epidemic in Africa? The plays of paul meercer: Globalisation, the celtic tiger and beyond. Garry, shauna (2014 a study of cultural agency and an analysis of its application.

Masters thesis database
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If you like (Christchurch City libraries, nz many lists here, most suggesting books, but some suggesting music! I was getting my education living normal healthy life but i knew something was missing and that was a person to share my life and. Thesis at Harvard in 1937.

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  2. Masters thesis.speech sample viagra super active no description needed essay long path worn 150mg precose conference essay forrest from george herodotus his in memory world assign agreement wageningen university thesis database.

  3. Coverage The database consists of more than 2300 PhD and. Masters ; the entire Electrical Engineering theses that were submitted to the library sta. Each thesis was either scanned by library. Kenny, claire (2006) Automated tutoring for a database skills training environment. Master of Science thesis, dublin City University.

  4. This thesis work introduces multiple nameNodes architecture that allows the hadoop cluster to scale up further using distributed metadata storage. You should have been granted leave to supplicate before depositing the digital copy of your thesis. Masters thesis, ucl (University college london). In: Proceedings of 10th International Workshop. Database expert Systems Applications (dexa).

  5. Candidates are encouraged to view examples of past Master s theses A masters thesis is examined by a committee of (at least) two faculty, or other individuals approved by the graduate program coordinator. Publications phd graduate-admissions research graduate-school citations thesis masters journals mathematics more tags. Or French, german, Italian ones? The class has options for producing a senior, honors, or masters thesis as well as a phD dissertation. A thesis is the written document that results from a period of supervised research at the University. Theses are generally required for first masters degrees and are equivalent.

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