Let me see a resume

let me see a resume

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I think theyre supposed to personalize the resume and help me get to know the candidate—which always strikes me as kind of premature. Its like being on a awkward blind date—we hardly know each other and this candidate is already talking about his passion. In general, summary statements are where i see a lot of bad grammar and overblown prose. Theyre often written in a high-toned manner that is especially difficult to pull off if English is not your first language. Next, is his objective. By now, you probably know better than to put one of these in your resume. The problem is, objective statements always say the same thing: "I want a job.

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Or you feel like the job is so competitive that it's worth taking a huge risk to help stand out. If thats the case, by all means, go for. However, dont then take that wacky rights resume and blanket the job market with. Really, you should be tailoring your resume for every job you apply. Since youre probably not going to do that, it's much safer to stick to the facts. Dont try to guess at what the hiring manager will find cute or amusing. . Youll get a much better sense of that during the phone screen or interview. Now that you know what the hiring manager is looking for, lets see if a typical resume tells me what I need to know. The first thing on this resume is asummary paragraph. I dont know how these things have crept into resumes lately. The resume is already a summary of your qualifications, it hardly needs another summary on top of the summary.

Youd sound like a pretentiousjerk. Which is exactly how it comes across in the resume—stilted and unnatural. Most of us simply arent good enough writers to pull this kind of thing off effectively. Stick to your strengths. Ill say it again: the more you try to be creative, the more chances you have to get it wrong. Im reviews not saying you wont get hired if you put that stuff in your resume. Im saying its risky because you dont know if the hiring manager is someone who thinks your infographic is really nifty!, or someone like me, whos going to eviscerate. The exception to this would be if you can tell from the job description that the hiring manager is looking for evidence of your individuality in the resume.

let me see a resume

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Instead of telling me all the things that you want, why dont you think about what I want and tell me how hiring you will get me that. But i am glad you created this infographic out of your skill set, since now i know not to hire you for any actual data visualization work. Or, in this case, user research. The mind-boggling thing about these infographics is that, to make it looks like a real graph, people always throw in a few things theyre not good. This is very helpful to the hiring manager as it makes it much easier for me to reject you. Who would put stuff theyre not good at in their resume? Its a fundamental misunderstanding of what the resume is for. When I see this stuff in resumes, i feel like designers are desperately trying to communicate their inner, authentic guaranteed selves—but its completely backfiring. For example, if i ask you about your design approach in the interview, would you say: good design requires a fine balance of user empathy, aesthetics, keen business acumen, and deep understanding of your users?

In fact, a lot of the time this stuff actually works against you because its either poorly written or poorly conceived, or both. At a basic level it doesnt matter what you believe or what kind of person you are. . What matters is how effective you are on the job. . Yes, of course, your beliefs and personality can make you more effective. But if thats all youve got in your resume, youre asking the hiring manager to take a huge leap of faith. Stead of explaining your design philosophy, explain how you apply those design principles in your work and how they make your work better. Instead of writing about your personality, give examples of how effectively you communicate, persuade, and lead.

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let me see a resume

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I want to minimize my risk, so when Im evaluating candidates, Im looking for evidence of those top performer behaviors. At every step of the way, im trying to figure out, how will this management candidate perform on the job? This is why youll often get what they call behavioral" questions in the interview. You can recognize behavioral questions, because they usually start with, Tell me about a time when you had to go the extra mile to make the deadline. The thinking behind these type of questions is, past behavior is the most reliable predictor of future behavior. .

If you were willing to pull an all-nighter at your last job, youll probably be willing to do that for my job. If you were successful at launching a website at your last job, youll probably be able to help us launch a website. If youre a top performer, i should see evidence of that in your resume. This ought to be pretty straightforward, but apparently many designers think that the best way to get me to call them is to write a paragraph about their personal philosophy of design. Or help me get to know them with a plucky, heart-felt who i am section. Or to prove theyre hip to the latest trends by making a super-cool infographic out of subjective, qualitative data to two decimal places of accuracy. The problem is that none of this tell me if you can do our job.

Theyre less productive and the quality of their work is lower. They're much more work to manage. They tend to drag the team down or create poor morale. Once theyre on board, they're hard to get rid. Just to be clear—most of the time, a bad hire is not because the person is lazy or incompetent, but because the situation is a bad fit.

Its easy to make mistakes during this hiring process and hire someone whos not right for the job, or the jobs not right for them. Everything I see in your resume i am weighing against the possibility of making a mistake. . The more red flags I see, the more questions I have—the more risky you look. This isnt everyone gets a trophy day. . I cant afford to give you the benefit of the doubt. In short, its better to reject a candidate than to hire poorly.

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The best hires are what we call "top performers.". Top performers not only produce great work, they naturally take responsibility and ownership and go shredder the extra mile. They are self-directed—they figure out what works needs to get done and just for go do it—and therefore require little tasking or management. They are never satisfied with their work; theyre always striving to be better and they push the whole team to be better. They make smart decisions. They build trust with others. They have high integrity and ethics. On the flip side, the worst thing I can do as a manager is hire poorly. Bad hires are expensive.

let me see a resume

Even if you have a qualified ux resume, there are plenty of ways to convince me not to call you. Looking at this list, you might be thinking Im a total hard ass wholl reject you for any little old thing. In fact, thats true: The hiring manager is looking for reasons to reject you. Reading resumes is a process of deduction: As soon as I start reading a resume, im mentally deducting points for anything I dont like. Too many deductions, and youre out. A few grammatical errors may not seem like a big deal, but when I see these kind of problem, this is what Im thinking. To understand for this point of view, you need to appreciate whats a stake: As a manager, hiring is my most important responsibility. The quality of the employees will make or break the company.

call you. Which ought to be simple. Except 85-90 of the resumes I receive get rejected before the phone screen. And thats pretty standard ratio, based on other managers ive talked. Whats going on here? Probably half of the rejects are because the candidate isnt really a ux designer—theyre visual designers or developers or instructional desigers. The other half are ux designers who have convinced me that it would be a waste of time to call them.

You would think a profession that claims to know how to design for the user would do a better job. That wed have a better understanding of who is reading our resumes, what their goals are, and how to design an effective deliverable for them. Lets look at whos reading your resume and what their goals are. In our hiring process, first I look at resumes, then I do a phone margaret screen, then I bring you in for an interview and a whiteboard exercise. The resume helps me figure out if you seem like you can do our job. The phone screen is to verify that youve got appropriate experience that you can speak to effectively—and that youre not a total whack job. And the interview is where you prove.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Design a ux resume that summary will get you hired. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide, the first thing you learn as a hiring manager is ux resumes are surprisingly awful. . Grammatical errors, sloppy formatting, and just plain bad writing are common—even among candidates who claim to have excellent written communication skills and attention to detail. Even the resumes that dont have obvious errors seem to cluster around two extremes: Generic and yawn-inducing, or so desperate to make an impression theyre embarrassing. Like this graph of the candidates personal characteristics. Surpsingly, ux resumes are just as bad as everyone elses resumes. In some respects, theyworse.

Let me see a resume
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