Islam is the best religion essay

islam is the best religion essay

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Of the other religions present in the uk, there are a small number of other religions including Islam, buddhism, hinduism, judaism and others, almost all exclusively practised by the large immigrant population in some areas, or their descendents. Hindu religion is most common or main religion of Indians. The maximum population of Hindus are in India and also all the main pilligrims places of Hindu religion are in India. About 60 of Utahns belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints (the "Mormon" church). About 15 are not affiliated with any particular religion, and about 10 are catholic. 7 say they are evangelical Christian and 7 say they are Protestant Christian.

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About 1 percent of the profit populationis Christian, and less than.2 percent is Jewish. The majority of Yemenis are sunni muslims of the Shafi'i school anda significant minority of Yemenis are Shiite muslims of the zaydiSchool. According to 2005 statistics compiled by the south Korean government, about 46 of citizens profess to follow no particular religion. Christians account for.2 of the population (of which are Protestants.3 and Catholics.9) and Buddhists.8. Confucian tradition has dominated Korean thought, along with contributions by buddhism, taoism, essay and Korean Shamanism. The most common religion in Egypt is currently Islam, subscribed to by 80 of the population. However, the coptic Christians also constitute a significant religious community there. The most common religion in Bolivia is Roman Catholicism. However, the catholicism as practiced in Bolivia has a number of syncreticelements from Pre-columbian indigenous religions. Sunni Islam of the hanafi School is the most common religion inTurkey, but there is a significant minority of Alevis, whose statusas Muslims is disputed. Within this religion the most people adhere to the Church of England (Anglicanism) with a smaller groups being Methodist, baptist, urc, pentecostal, Free church, roman Catholic, salvation Army and.

Antarctica has no native population. Scientists from all over the world do research there. Those scientists represent a large number of religions. Roman Catholic 83 Protestant 9, muslim 5, buddhist and other. Oct revelation 26th 2009, islam is the established state religion of Morocco. Almost theentire population is Sunni muslim. The monarch is the supremeMuslim authority in the country.

islam is the best religion essay

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Over time, juche evolved, borrowing from Marxism, leninism, Stalinism, maoism and Confucianism whatever Kim Ilsung and Kim Jongil wanted, as well as their own ideas, and in 1972 replaced Marxism-Leninism in the north Korean constitution as the country's official ideology. According to juche, there is no god but Kim Ilsung, the country's "Eternal President which makes North Korea the world's only country governed by an embalmed dead body. Juche has also attributed divine powers also to kim Jongil. South Korea has more traditional religions. 23 are buddhist, 20 are Protestant Christian 11 are catholic Christians Around 1 believe in jeung Sando or jeungism 25 are secular or atheists with no religious belief Many villagers have no specific religious affiliation, but take on some of the principles and customs. There are no other common religions in south Korea. There is no common religion in Antarctica. Workers in scientificstations - the only humans in Antarctica - bring their religionswith them from their native countries and worship accordingly.

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islam is the best religion essay

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A small minority of Germans attend church every week. The lutherans are the largest denomination and is predominate in the northern and eastern regions of the country. The roman Catholics are strongest in the south and western areas of Germany. There is a large muslim population that is concentrated in Berlin. If you travel around any part of Germany today, you will find most churches and cathedrals nearly empty. 12 years of National Socialism is to blame for the germans apathy towards organized religion.

Of course, its that way all over Europe. As Christianity become more and more irrelevant for the masses, especially the young, the rise of Islam in Europe is just the opposite! There are 2 Koreas. Almost all North Koreans believe in the idea of Juche, also known "Kimilsungism" after Kim Ilsung, is the religious, political, social and economic ideology of North Korea. The juche Idea was first introduce by kim Ilsung in 1955 to distance north Korea from the soviet Union, which at the time was undoing many of the Stalinist policies that Kim Ilsung liked.

Throughout most of Indonesia a unique form of Islam (a blend of Sufism, hinduism and indigenous spiritual beliefs) is practiced. That's also the religion our country was founded. Was founded on the idea of freedom of religion. Christianity is the most common religion in America. Mexico is a secular country, having no official religion.

However, it is Roman Catholic in its majority: Christmas is a nationalholiday and during Easter most people leave for vacations. OtherCatholic religious days such as January 6 (Epiphany) or December 12(Our Lady of guadalupe, saint patron of Mexico) are observed bymany people. Following are some estimates for religion practices inMexico: Roman Catholic: 88 (98.6 million) Pentecostal andNeopentecostal (Protestant.62 (1.8 million) Other Protestant:2.87 (3.2 million) Jehovah's Witnesses:.25 (2.2 millionattendance at just one meeting in 2011) "Historical" Protestants:0.71 (0.8 million) seventh-day adventists:.58 (0.6 million)Latter-day saints Mormons. Muslims inMexico:Islam religion per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammadsarrived Mexico with either Lebanese or Syrian immigrants and someother Middle easterners like egyptians, Iranians, and cording to the 2010 census conducted by the national Institute ofStatistics and geography (inegi) there were 3,760 Muslims in thecountry. I think Islam is the most common religions in Asia. 25 in Asia are muslims. Hinduism and Buddhism are just as common or more. Germany is a secular country today compared to what it was prior to world War.

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In China all religions have equal status and coexist in tranquillity. Religious disputes are unknown in China. Religious believers and non-believers respect each other, are united and have a harmonious relationship. This shows, on the one hand, the influence of traditional Chinese compatibility and tolerance, and, on the other, the fact that since the founding of the people's summary Republic of China in 1949 the Chinese government has formulated and carried out the policy of freedom. Roman Catholic is Ireland's most common religion. After that it is the Church of Ireland. There isn't listing like one major religion but here are the most common. Zoroastranism nSumatra just like the rest of Indonesia is mostly muslim. Two-thirds of the batak ethnic group in Northern Sumatra is considered Christian (either Catholic or Protestant).

islam is the best religion essay

catholicism was introduced into China plan intermittently in the seventh century, but it had not spread widely until after the Opium War in 1840. At present, China has four million Catholics, 4,000 clergy and more than 4,600 churches and meeting houses. Protestantism was first brought to China in the early 19th century and spread widely after the Opium War. There are about 10 million Protestants, more than 18,000 clergy, more than 12,000 churches and 25,000-some meeting places throughout China. China has the following national religious organizations: Buddhist Association of China, taoist Association of China, islamic Association of China, chinese patriotic Catholic Association, Chinese catholic Bishops' college, three-self Patriotic movement Committee of the Protestant Churches of China, and China Christian council. In the course of the country's long history, the various religions in China have become part of the traditional Chinese thinking and culture. It is traditional for Chinese religious believers to love their country and religions. The Chinese government supports and encourages the religious circles to unite the religious believers to actively participate in the construction of the country. The various religions all advocate serving the society and promoting people's well-being, such as the buddhists' honoring the country and benefiting the people, the catholics and Protestants' glorifying God and benefiting the people, the taoists' being benevolent, peaceful and harmonious, saving the world and benefiting.

clergy and over 3,000 religious organizations throughout China. In addition, there are 74 religious schools and colleges run by religious organizations for training clerical personnel. buddhism has a history of 2,000 years in China. taoism, native to China, has a history of more than 1,700 years. China now has over 1,500 taoist temples and more than 25,000 taoist priests and nuns. Islam was introduced into China in the seventh century. Nowadays in China there are ten national minorities, including the hui and Uygur, with a total population of 18 million, whose faith is Islam. Their 30,000-odd mosques are served by 40,000 Imams and Akhunds.

It is Christianity and or Catholicism. The main religion in Portugal is Roman Catholic. A massive 84 of Portugal follow this religion and yet just 19 attend mass. A much larger number wish to be baptised, married in a church and receive last rites. Roman Catholic "Canada has no official religion, but the 2001 Canadian Census reported that 77 of Canadians claim adherence to Christianity, followed by no religion." Check out for more information. I'm not so sure but i think that they still practice buddhism Chinese. Ans2: China is a country with a great diversity assignment of religious beliefs. The main religions are buddhism, taoism, Islam, catholicism and Protestantism.

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Roman Catholic, roman catholic 5 people estate found this useful, answer. 83.1 of Danes are members of the lutheran state church. The rest are primarily of other Christian denominations, and about 4 are muslims. Christianity is the religion with the largest number of nni Islam is the single sect with the largest number ofadherents. Roman Catholicism is the most common religion in Australia, butthere is a very significant number of Anglicans in Australia aswell. With around.4 billion adherents split into three main branches ofCatholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox, Christianity is the world's largest religion. Hinduism is the most common religion in India, with.5 of the population being Hindu. Ninety four per cent of Spain is Roman Catholic.

Islam is the best religion essay
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  2. The main religions are buddhism, taoism, Islam, catholicism and Protestantism.

  3. His so call religion has all to do with. Intervention, especially when we have already advertised that our goal is not regime change, will net us a grand total of zero good will from the, believers, whose zest for slaughtering each other almost matches their zest for murdering. Islamism is a fever; best let it rage until it burns itself out. In Religion spirituality, philippines Religion and Spirituality. Israel is predominantly jewish, followed by Christianity and Islam.

  4. Armins journey led him to leaving. Islam and becoming an atheist. Religion and Spirituality » Atheism/Agnosticism, nonfiction » Education and Study guides » Decision-making problem solving. We are at war against fundamentalist. Islam and it s cultural norms. Radical, islam is definitely violent.

  5. Of course, they are no such thing; nor is, islam. One of the silliest statements ive heard, and from a man I generally admire, was President Bush: Islam is a religion of peace. This doesn t make it a legitimate religion or political position to be taken seriously, much less negotiated with or warred upon. Topics Boston Marathon Bombings, newtown Shooting, personal essay, sept. Definition of, islam at Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. I believe in the religion of, islam.

  6. This article is a buzzle effort at providing a comprehensive list of compare and contrast essay topics. These essay topic ideas are at varying degrees of difficulty. While some may do well for high school students, some require more advanced analytical and research capabilities and are specially for students in college or higher. Just as governments train their armies, police forces and civile services before employing them to do their job, so does. Islam, the, din given by Allah. They were intended to intimidate Christians in Nigeria into making political concessions to radical.

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