Homework on sunday

homework on sunday

Past Continuous Tense (Past Progressive tense)!

"Please help me with this work, henry said Robert. "Please bring me some fish soup he said to the waitress. "Don't worry over such a small thing she said. "Please don't mention it to anybody mary said to her friend. "Promise to come and see me said Jane to Alice. He said to us: "Come here tomorrow.".

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She dances better than anybody else. My cousin has received a very statement interesting offer from his firm. She will come to stay with. (my aunt wrote in her letter). He is painting a new picture. His new picture will be a masterpiece. Direct speech Indirect speech today that day yesterday the day before tomorrow the next day. Here there last year the year before last month the month before last. The teacher said to me: "Hand this note to your parents, please.". Oleg said to his sister: "Put the letter into an envelope and give it to kate.".

Father has repaired his bicycle. She knows English very well. Our sportsmen will win the game. (We were sure). He does not know German at all. (I found out). She made no mistakes in her literature dictation. (She was glad). He works at his English hard.

homework on sunday

Math 143 Self-grading homework assignment

My friend has never been to washington. She never drinks milk. (I was told). He is a guaranteed very talented for singer. (We were told). They live a happy life. The children are playing in the yard. Her friend will come to see her.

They realized that they (lost, had lost) their way in the dark. He asked me where i (study, studied). I thought that I (shall finish, should finish) my work at that time. He says he (works, worked) at school two years ago. Victor said he (is, was) very busy. You will fall and break your leg. (I was afraid).

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homework on sunday

Homework - renfrew Collegiate Institute

The delegates were told that the guide just (to pdf go) out and (to be) back in ten minutes. My friend asked me who (is playing, was playing) the piano in the sitting room. He said he (will come, would come) to the station to see me off. I was sure he (posted, had posted) the letter. I think the weather (will be, would be) fine next week.

I hope it (will not change, would not change) for the worse. 5.I knew that he (is, was) a very clever man. I want to know what he (has bought, had bought) for her birthday. I asked my sister to tell me what she (has seen, had seen) at life the museum. He said he (is staying, was staying) at the ritz hotel.

I was afraid that the little girl (not to be) able to unlock the front door and (to go) upstairs to help her. He says that he (to know) the laws of the country. Sarie understood why lanny (not to come) the previous evening. She asked me whether I (to remember) the legend about a faithful lion. He understood that the soldiers (to arrest) him.

He could not understand why people (not to want) to take water from that well. I suppose they (to send) a dog after the burglar immediately. He said he (to leave) tomorrow morning. She says she already (to find) the book. He stopped and listened: the clock (to strike) five. She said she (can) not tell me the right time, her watch (to be) wrong. I asked my neighbour if he ever (to travel) by air before. The policeman asked george where he (to run) so early.

The death of Money, by james Rickards financial Times

Nick says he is going to the hotel to see his friends, who have resume just arrived. Petersburg from the United States of America. He says they have not been here for a long time. He says they were friends at school. He says he will take them to the theatre on Sunday. They say they will write me a letter when they return home. I knew they (to wait) for me at the metro station and I decided to hurry. I didn't know that you already (to wind) up the clock.

homework on sunday

He says he took many photographs while travelling in the caucasus. He says he will come to see us next Sunday. He says he will bring and show us the photographs he took during his stay in the caucasus. Mike says he is sure Ann and Kate will be excellent guides. He says they have made good progress in English. Oleg says that in a day or two several English students will come to pay a visit to their school and he will probably have to act as an interpreter. Ann says she has just met Boris in the street. She says Boris told her a lot of interesting things fashion about his travels in the south.

caucasus. He says he has spent a fortnight in the caucasus. He says it did him a lot of good. He says he feels better now. He says his wife and he spent most of their time on the beach. He says they did a lot of sightseeing. He says he has a good camera.

When he learnt that his son had received an excellent mark at school, he was very pleased. We did not know where our friends went every evening. We did not know where our friends had gone. She said that her best thesis friend was a doctor. She said that her best friend had been a doctor. I didn't know that you worked at the hermitage. I didn't know that you had worked at the hermitage. I knew that you were ill.

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I thought that he fuller lived in New York. I knew that mother was sleeping. I was told that he had returned from London. He bought a new car. I heard that he had bought a new car. I supposed that he would send us a letter. When he learnt that his son always received excellent marks in all the subjects at school, he was very pleased.

Homework on sunday
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  4. The pupil said to the teacher: "I can do my homework after dinner.". "When you come to see me on Sunday, i shall show you my new dress she said. I never work on a sunday.

  5. No, she is sleep. G) Betsy couldnt make herself do any homework on, sunday. Alex: so, how was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting? Shall you be here on, sunday? In the morning as soon as I started to do my homework the telephone rang and I was so happy to hear Nelly, a friend of mine, and she.

  6. I usually wake up at 10 oclock and have big breakfast. Go b) make c). To my place after lessons yesterday. I never do my homework on, sunday. Dog in the garden.

  7. I do all my homework on, sunday. Sunday is the only day that I can rest. My mother is coming home on, sunday afternoon. My homework on, sunday. The stars in the evening. I usually do my homework on, saturday so i am free on, sunday.

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