Gold wallpaper in bedroom

gold wallpaper in bedroom

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Falcon and Hollyhock is 21 wide with.717 vertical self-matching repeat 7/ square foot. This thoroughly enchanting pattern obviously wants to be in the room where most people perform their ablutions. It doesn't have to be there to the exclusion of anywhere else you may want to install it, but it does seem to find its own level near water. Voysey never gave this pattern a name but in the manner of so many of his designs we chose to name it descriptively, "Fin and Tentacle." This is a late voysey pattern drawn around the time of his "Angelic Forest" and "House that Jack built". During this period of reversed financial circumstances his creative heart and mind is still undauntedly in the sunlit world of the day nursery, and the future remains bright. "Fin and Tentacle".52" wide with.3067 vertical side-matching pattern repeat.

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Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? There certainly resume could be with this design from 1896. Voysey's signature stylized doves are in graceful flight through a forest of softly shaded trees under planted with mushrooms and hyacinth. Pale tones of green, blue ochre, teal and lavender ideally suit this pattern to any room where elegance and repose are desired. While this design is clearly an Arts and Crafts period pattern, its construction makes it equally at home in a colonial revival interior for those wishing to explore period correctness outside of the conventional box. "The fairyland" is a half-drop repeat with the full vertical repeat being.81" and the full strip width being 21". 7 / square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll cfa voysey falcon and Hollyhock is an adaptation of the Edward vii coronation paper from 1901. In place of the crowns and initials a hollyhock has been substituted. We also have the pattern as designed for those wishing to use the original design or who are feeling somewhat more regal. In shades of yellows, green, red and blue, falcon and Hollyhock, as well as the original coronation paper, are appropriate for rooms of the high and low born. And yes, voyseys heart motif is there.

Bassett-Lowke, the client for 78 Derngate was an industrial designer of scale models. The interiors of the house were conceived to be very modern and to reflect the industrial machine made mood that inspired much of that post war generation. "The derngate" is 21" wide with.207" vertical self matching repeat.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll cfa voysey. 1906 Essex Rose is a light and airy design filled with the optimism of early 20th century idealism. It speaks to the clean new outlook of a new century where anything was possible and hopes were high. The pattern also incorporates voyseys signature heart motif in its leaves business and bramble. With voyseys design, as with Hitchcocks films, it is often amusing to spot the signature cameo appearance of the heart when it is present. Essex Rose is colored in soft tones of grey green, yellow and orangey- red and would be appropriate for almost any room. Essex Rose is 21 wide with.407 vertical self-matching repeat.

gold wallpaper in bedroom

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Less eloquently, the design may be described as a harmony in fire and brimstone. It is frequently chosen for home theaters due to "The demon's" likeness to the dramatis personae masks of classical theater. "The demon" shredder is 21" wide with.083" vertical plan repeat. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll Based on designs of cr mackintosh. Whether you aspire to be cesare the somnambulist of director Robert wiene's classic The cabinet. Caligari or you are simply looking for the ultimate expressionist interior this pattern captures the moment. The inspiration for this design comes from Mackintosh's groundbreaking stencils for the hall at 78 Derngate, northampton.

Rolls are shipped on multi roll bolts and are untrimmed. Please contact for pricing. C, the Bramley is a spectacular pattern of sinuous iris and sedate water lily seductively colored in shades of Prussian blue. It is drawn in the Art nouveau style however it is believed to be from the boston area. The design is intriguingly complex; its leaves are created in both the positive and negative spaces of the pattern and harmonized with the overall strie effect. The Bramley is an ideal design to recreate a touch of "fin de siecle" elegance. "The Bramley" is 21" wide with.985" self matching vertical repeat. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll cfa voysey c 1889 "The demon" is described in The Studio magazine of 1893 volume 1 number 1 as a daring harmony in reds yellow. Like a gaillardia blossom, it is heightened by the cunning touches of dark green in the background, hardly noticeable without close inspection.

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gold wallpaper in bedroom

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Highly stylized tulips, tulip leaves and birds create a peaceful rhythm of ornament that offers a great sense of repose. "Bird and Tulip" is an easy choice for bedroom or sitting room but will be equally happy in any room where a light and somewhat subdued effect is desired. This is a digitally produced design 21" wide with.4" vertical repeat. It is a self-matching pattern and may be used alone or with its original Tulip Frieze design. Kate faulkner for Morris and. A somewhat atypical Morris and. Pattern, Blossom is a dense branching floral design.

In shades of grey greens, browns, pinks, yellow and creams on a pale blue green ground. Appropriate for bedrooms and other rooms where a gentle written overall floral pattern is desired. Blossom is 21" wide with.373" self-matching vertical repeat. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll "The Blue bird" is a cheery pattern of birds and fruiting vines forming a protective arbor of hearts. This cfa voysey design is 21" wide with a self-matching 31 1/2" repeat. A single 6 yard roll is approximately 30 square feet.

That was voysey's likely inspiration for this 1901 design. This very elegant pattern in muted grayed tones of teal, green, brown, red and dark purple can be combined with either painted or natural woodwork to create a dramatic yet peaceful interior appropriate to almost any room. Voysey has incorporated his signature heart motif in this design and has actually managed two interwoven hearts formed by the recurving of the brambles. This pattern was originally produced as a textile and used for curtains and upholstery. "Bird and Bramble" is 21" wide with a self matching.35" vertical repeat in paper document scale. Cfa voysey c 1897, this bright and cheery pattern, while admittedly somewhat seasonal in concept, will nonetheless lighten you rustic retreat or mountain chalet.

Bright green holly leaves and berries, on soft brown stems, supporting a flock of feeding fowl. Time for cocoa and a good book in front of the fire while the snow flurries in the woods. "Bird holly" is 21" wide with.907" vertical repeat. This soft and lovely pattern from 1897 is perfect for a bedroom or an intimate sitting area. The subtle variations in the green tones beautifully set off the peach coloring of the rose, while the solitary bird keeps vigil amid the bramble. Voysey believed in the quiet beauty of regularly repeating patterns, and this simple, undulating design is a perfect example of that. This pattern was originally intended for furnishing fabric but works equally well as wallpaper. "Bird and Rose" is 21" wide with a self- matching.667 vertical repeat. This pattern is one of voysey's seductively soft and appealing designs.

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1897, this exotic pattern of bats and poppies does rather suggest the realms of altered if not enhanced states of consciousness. "Bat and Poppy" is an extraordinary elegant half drop design in shades of brown, grey, mauve, pink, green and ochre that evokes a fin de siecle maturity approaching the cusp of decline. "Bat and Poppy" is appropriate to wheresoever you, the aesthetically sophisticated, choose to install. "Bat and Poppy" is 21" wide with half drop.75. Cfa voysey c 1893 or earlier. A gentle pattern in harmonious shades of yellow, green, salmon, cream and blue. The observer may be pleased to find voysey's signature heart motif outlined by the salmon colored berries. "Bird and Berries" is 21" wide with a with.093 remote vertical repeat. Imagine yourself in a brake of bramble roses in the English countryside with the rustling and cooing of doves in the thicket.

gold wallpaper in bedroom

This design is available in both in its original scale of two blossoms per width across as well as a slightly reduced scale of three flowers across. The aylmer is appropriate for any room where a light and airy effect is desired. The aylmer is 21 wide with.483 vertical repeat for the reduced version and.723 for the original document indeed scale. 30 square feet to the single roll. 1872, a high aesthetic movement in the japanesque taste, "Bamboo" was very popular through the last quarter of the nineteenth century. It was installed in a hartford, ct house in the 1870's but could be equally appropriate for a modern home of the 1960's or 1970's. Shown in the original colorway of greens, reds, and yellow. "Bamboo" is 21" wide with a 21-25" self match vertical repeat.

foot,. There are always fairies at the bottom of voysey's garden and obviously angels, too. This pattern is our first digitally produced design and is 21" wide. 7.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll. 1926, this pattern drawn in the later years of voysey's career still evokes the freshness and perennial childlike enthusiasm of his early work. The design is composed like an assemblage of needlework "slips" copied from a seventeenth century herbal. Here the "slips" are arranged in a pleasing repeating pattern resulting in our wallpaper. "Apothecary's Garden" is 21" wide with.123" vertical repeat.00/ square foot, 30 square feet to the single roll. 1896, the aylmer is a light and refreshing pattern composed of scrolling acanthus leaves, against a background of small leaves and berries, all showcasing with a large white blossom highlighted in blue and pale yellow.

Sports is a playful nod to our celebration of collegiate sports heroes, explains saunders. Our Around Campus toile print underscores our dedication to honoring the history and stories of universities in the towns we call home. And to capture the essence of our brand philosophy that we are always learning, we also created a print named after our brand mantra, we are All Students. The collection is officially available to shop now. Connect with us, follow us, please ignore this anti-bot field. Join our mailing list. Cfa voysey c 1930, this pattern drawn quite late in voysey's career and during very hard financial times still speaks to the designer's view of a better world through the eyes business of a child.

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Chasing Papers Collab With Graduate hotels. Beloved college town-focused hospitality chain, graduate hotels is making its first foray into the world of retail by partnering with Chasing Paper for an exclusive wallpaper line. Each 2x4-foot panel retails for 40, is completely removable, and reflects the hotel chains signature use of playful pattern and bold color. Graduates in-house artist and graphic designer Ernest Wlostowski drew from a few motifs commonly used by the company: vintage art, sports, and university paraphernalia. From the more demure classic plaids to statement-making, colorful book pennant prints, theres something for everyone—not just college students looking for a dorm room update. As Julie saunders, chief marketing officer at Graduate hotels, points out, subtle nods to collegiate decor make the designs ageless, whether youre still a student or a distant graduate. The spirit of the brand celebrates and commemorates youthful optimism, which applies to students and non-students alike. Designed in homage to the hospitality chain, which boasts unique design at each of its properties, the collection is an eclectic one.

Gold wallpaper in bedroom
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  3. Weve got wallpapers for every interior style from Federation Arts & Crafts to queenslander. Weve got free samples to try on the wall, simple guides to make paper hanging a doddle, and an expert wallpaper calculator that helps you buy just what you need for every job. Brewers bring you these affordable collections from around the world.

  4. The cozy guest bedroom offers preppy, scholarly style with plaid wallpaper, rich hues and touches of brass and bronze. In a pattern-happy home, anne maxwell Foster and suysel dePedro cunningham covered the bedroom walls in Sandberg's Raphaël wallpaper. A tilton Fenwick for Target headboard is upholstered in the duo's Jax fabric for Duralee. Great for bedroom doors, this gold effect handle cabinet handle adds a contemporary finishing touch to your home. Trustworth Studios Wallpapers represent some of the best of the English Arts and Crafts movement. They rely heavily on the designs of cfa voysey and are reproduced from our own period documents and those in private collections.

  5. Plush Wallpaper provides top quality luxury wallpapers online. Revamp your home with a variety of modern patterns for your living room wallpaper, retro, floral, flower, at cheap prices. The entryway was the catalyst for the entire home design. Natalie schemed a space that would serve as a dogtrot/entry, a gallery for art and a space to display the reclaimed shiplap, transoms, and doors from the 1800s home. Wallpaper is having a moment. Once relegated to the "stodgy and dated" design category, this home decor staple is being reimagined in a fresh, contemporary way that appeals to younger, trendier crowd.

  6. Our sophisticated range is sure to brighten up any room. Search for yours online now. Looking for unique designer wallpaper? Wallpaper makes a statement about your style. Our vibrant and vintage-inspired wallpaper designs vary in pattern, color and style.

  7. Haokhome 561406 Vintage luxury damask wallpaper Crimson Red/Beige/Gold Glitter Wall Murals Bedroom living room Home decoration.8" x 393.7. Blooming Wall Vintage French Damasks High Standard Textured Wallpaper Wall Paper for livingroom Kitchen Bedroom,20.8 In32.8 Ft57. When decorating a room in your home, nothing lifts the mood or makes a statement on your walls quite like wallpaper. Dunelm is proud to offer a beautiful collection of designer wallpaper in many different styles, able to compliment an existing décor or completely transform any room quickly and easily. Enjoy a quick room transformation with fashionable wallpaper at Homebase.

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