Gkt essay

gkt essay

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Indian economy, resource mobilization Srirams Eco notes Mrunal articles on economy from the start. I was zero in economics but this blog helped me become an aware citizen. Inclusive growth no specifc preparation (Budget may suffice) budgeting Pub Ad Notes on budget types major crops, irrigation Mrunal articles agro produce storage, marketing Mrunal articles e-technology for famers Yojana farm subsidies, msp mrunal articles gkt pds, buffer, food security Mrunal articles technology mission Nil. Along with that, i referred Ignou material on egyankosh and nios material available online. I had joined Synergy test series which helped me collecting notes on around 20 philosophers from the questions. Added to it, i tried to answer some case study based questions on InsightsOnIndia by the pseudo-name dusky. It helped me a lot in understanding where i needed improvement.

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Gkt globalization on Indian society write gkt communalism, regionalism, secularism gkt world geo physical ncert resource distribution ncert mrunal learnt drawing maps of India, world in 20 secs for marking of resources factors for industrial location geography Instt. Notes (cbt ect) Mrunal earthquake tsunami etc ncert newspape impact on flora-fauna nil General studies (Mains) paper 2 Topic How Did you prepare? Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressal etc. Srirams Polity notes comparing Constitution with world gkt parliament, state legislatures Srirams Polity notes executive-judiciary Srirams Polity notes ministries departments India year book pressure group, informal asso. Pub Ad Optional; no specific material needed Representation of peoples act Internet ppts various bodies: Constitutional, statutory. Lakshmikanth ngo, shg etc Pub Ad Optional yojana welfare writing schemes, bodies gkt social sector, health, edu, hrd india year book governance, transparency, accountability pub Ad Optional e-governance pub Ad Optional role of civil service pub Ad Optional India neighbors Used to make current affiairs based. Had a seperate register for. Crisp, ready to read material. Effect of foreign country policies on Indian interest Nil diaspora last year questions international bodies- structure mandate made 6-7 pages on International Institutions. General studies (Mains) Paper 3 Topic How Did you prepare?

Which essay guaranteed did you write? What key points did you include in it? Be the change you want to see in others (Gandhi) to make my essay unique, i started off with a story in the beginning. It was a small one page conversation between mother and child. One should make sure that the beginning and the conclusion should be very catchy. General Studies (Mains) paper 1 Topic How did you prepare? Culture Almost left this portion Indian history ncert spectrum world history Stardust notes (pdf version) from forumias post-independence India gkt material Indian society newspapers (current events) gkt role of women, poverty etc.

gkt essay

Gkt : Essay, skills

In csat-2013 attempted. (Expected) official score gs 85 55 ( not able to recall accurately) 88 aptitude 78 64 (not able to recall accurately) 160 total 249 mains: Compulsory language paper Compulsory language paper your preparation strategy / booklist? English paper Previous year Papers your regional language hindi (Previous year Papers).other observations / tips / comments on the length / difficulty year level of compulsory language papers in cse-2013 Did not face any difficulty mains: Essay. How did you prepare for the essay paper? I did not try/practice any essay before mains. I did refer InsightsOnIndia to understand the pointers one needs to keep in mind while writing an essay. One should try and have holistic approach wherein all dimensions history, geography, economics, sociology and psychology should be included in seperate paragraphs.

Just prepare yourself for the worst. I have succumbed to failure once so am aware of the necessity of having grip of maths, reasoning and English. Did you attend any mock tests? Do you think theyre necessary for success? Yes, i had enrolled to gktoday for prelims test series on gs paper. It helped me this time. Of attempted answers.

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gkt essay

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Though they were not preparing with me, talking to them eased my tension to a great pga extent. What went wrong in your previous attempt? What changes did you make in this current attempt? This was the biggest reason why i failed in prelims. I got 206 and cutoff was 209. Later, i tried taking other government exams and gained the lost confidence.

Prelims (csat) General studies Topic strategy/booklist/comment History Ancient Almost Left (some printed notes I referred but overall i am very bad at history) History medieval Again not a high scoring area. History modern (Freedom Struggle) Spectrum ncert bipin Chandra (selected) Culture society Srirams Notes Polity (theory current) lakshmikanth/ Srirams Polity notes Economy (theory current) Srirams Notes Science (theory current) Did not deal specifically Environment (theory current) gkt modules geography physical ncert xi xii gc leong coaching. Any observation / comments / tips about gs aptitude 2013 paper. Be prepared for anything. The paper may have more comprehensions or more maths.

It is not necessary to prepare notes on every topic. I hardly made any notes except some current affairs that would enrich my answers in the mains exam and notes. My style of preparation do not count the number of hours you study. Even if you are able to devote only 4 hours per day, it is sufficient iff and only if you understand what cse demands. More than knowledge, it is the way you express and present your answers. If one feels that this trait is lacking, focus more on answer writing and evaluate it yourself or from friends.

Tempo and style. People know what books and syllabus points are to be prepared. But most of them lack consistency in their preparation. So, how do you keep study momentum going on? How do you fight against the mood swings and distractions? I had many ups and downs during my preparation. But unlike others, i was very active with my college friends.

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First to last) InsightsOnIndia i used to write, practice and read the style of answer writing there. Orkut and Forumias (It is a good informal platform for discussions) Did not like pib. Instead I made notes from newspaper (TOI) and frontline. Did not pile up magazines. Only wrote down imp pointers/issues. As mentioned earlier, i had enrolled myself with the online module of gkt. It helped me save time as pdfs were delivered on each topic specified apple in the syllabus. Used to read it once and highlight the imp issues only for future reference. Regarding notes, i would suggest everyone to learn the habit of reading more and writing less.

gkt essay

Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how much do you rely on electronic material and how much on the paper material (books, newspapers)? If possible narrate a typical day in your studylife. What is your style of preparation. I guess with changing times and move towards e-services, Internet is acting as an important resource for collecting information. I relied exemplo on electronic material more than the theoretical static books. The following are the sites i used to visit Mrunal. Org (I have read all economics articles written by you 2009 onwards.

have 2 elder sisters and no one in government sector. It was a very new venture for. It was during the end of third year of my college while discussing with my friend I decided to try for civil services. Being risky, i sat for every other gov paper which in turn boosted my confidence level especially during the phase after failing in prelims 2012. Electronic Vs Paper material. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, rss-feeds.

Schooling medium, english, college medium, english, home town/city. New Delhi, work-experience if any, nil, details of other competitive exams, including success/failures. Ssc grade c post of Auditor 2012. Bank po by ibps 2012, sBI (failed to clear) 2013, rBI 2013 (failed to clear). Ib acio 2013 Details of coaching, mock tests, postal material for any competitive exam (if used) Pub Ad: Vajiram (June 2011) Prelims 2012: Srirams (Oct father's 2011) * could not qualify prelims in my i attempt mains Test Series: Synergy (Aug 2013) Interview: Samkalp and Vajiram. Tech (CSE).02 Name of college, city, passing out year msit, indrapratha University, delhi 2011 Post-graduation. Public Administration ignou (Gold Medalist) Any other professional courses Nil Hobbies extra curricular Playing Badminton, teaching (have experience with an ngo) Introduction.

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Candidate about Profile, education, introduction, electronic Vs Paper material, tempo and style. Prelims (csat) General studies, prelims (csat) Aptitude, prelim accuracy. Mains: Compulsory language paper, mains: Essay, general Studies (Mains) paper. General studies (Mains) paper 2, general studies (Mains) Paper 3, general Studies 4: Ethics, Integrity, aptitude. Public Administration Optional Subject, before the interview, during the interview. Cse-2013 Marksheet, career Backup, insecurity about profile, wisdom. Candidate Profile, name, nima Arora, rank in cse-2013 50, roll. Age 25, total attempts in cse 2, optional Subject, pub. Medium chosen for mains answers, english.

Gkt essay
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  5. Select a test from the dropdown list to access preparation materials by test, or choose a resource from the categories below. Toppers Interview Nima Arora (upsc-2013/air-50. Tech, public Administration, also cleared ssc auditor, bankpo the acio. Subscribe motivation 286 Comments. Course Offerings to learn more about each course, please click register.

  6. Dear Juliette, congratulations for pass all the test, please could you tell me which is the topic for the essay for this month. You wrote about the differences between reading book vs the internet with something about the time or is just the differences internet vs reading book. I don't understand well. Home; Tests; General Knowledge, test (gk general Knowledge, test (GK) (082) The, general Knowledge, test assesses the skills and knowledge all candidates need to begin effective careers as professional educators. Home; Prepare ; Prepare. Preparation materials are available for every test in the ftce/fele program.

  7. The, gkt essay is easy once you understand this writing formula and, of course, practice. You will be given two prompts to choose from. Pick the one that you can write to the easiest. Use the following technique. It is easier to write when you pick on position over.

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