Feasibility study methodology

feasibility study methodology

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Is the primary market large enough to make this a profitable venture? What about secondary and tertiary markets? If technical issues are a major factor in the project, then by all means include them, but it is usually a mistake to limit the feasibility study to purely technical issues. Very few restaurants fail due to faulty engineering; they fail because they did not understand (or pay attention to) their customers. Too fast, one reason for doing a feasibility study is to get an expert opinion on whether or not it makes sense to move forward with a project. The idea is to reduce risk and identify potential problems, threats (and opportunities) that may only become clear after deeper research and analysis.

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Is the soil suitable for a 30 story building? Are the data center cooling systems large enough to handle peak load during a presidential election? A market or economic study is wallpaper a different beast. Here the focus is much wider, and broad experience and sound methodology are much more important than technical expertise. A market or economic study asks the following types of questions: What market segments are appropriate, and how are these defined? How large are these market segments, in terms of numbers of people and potential revenue per person? Who and where are your competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How can you differentiate yourself to exploit these weaknesses? What regulatory, environmental, social, political, or other trends are there and how will these affect your project in the short and long term? What is the core revenue model for this business, and what additional revenue streams are possible?

Before you do the feasibility study, make sure you narrow it down to a reasonable level of detail. Typically a brief business or project plan is sufficient, but a one sentence description is not. A proper feasibility study should be limited in scope. Is this a purely technical or engineering feasibility study, or an economic or market feasibility study? Are legal and operational issues considered? What about schedules, resources, cultural factors, and financing? A technical or engineering study focuses on the technical issues and requires specialized technical knowledge such as: does the land have sufficient drainage?


feasibility study methodology

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When the designer and the investor are one and the same person, the tendency is to try to cut costs by doing their own feasibility study. Often the result is completely useless. Dont do it yourself; hire an independent professional to do the feasibility study. Project Definition, a feasibility study is only useful if it gives definitive answers to specific questions. Can we build a resort here? May be an interesting question, but it is not specific enough to justify investing in a feasibility study. Whereas, can we build a 30,000 50,000 square foot, eco-friendly resort for wealthy couples between the ages of yardage 25 and 50?

Entering an already crowded or highly competitive market segment. When in doubt, the safest course of action is to do the feasibility study. The cost of not doing a feasibility study and failing is far, far higher than the cost of doing the study and deciding not to move forward with a project. (Dont) do it yourself, bias is a funny thing. Designers, engineers, inventors, and ceos get attached to their own ideas. They discount problems, wish away concerns, and believe in themselves. This is only natural. But it is also why outside investors, bankers, and others insist on getting an independent assessment.

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feasibility study methodology

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Generally the larger the upfront investment, the more complex the project, or play the greater the potential consequences of failure, the more important it is to do a feasibility study. A pinot small startup that requires minimal capital is one thing, but any venture that involves large investments, multiple stakeholders or a long term commitment, requires a feasibility study. Not doing one in those circumstances could be considered malpractice. A feasibility study is critical when: Embarking on a major new business investment. Investing in a new market or product segment. Changing strategic or market focus of an existing business.

Opening a new facility, chain of offices or stores. Moving from small/start-up phase to expansion with vc or other investment. Any greenfield development that does not duplicate existing business functions. Investing significant part of personal wealth in own business. Investing in new technology or operating approaches. Expanding into an unfamiliar market or territory (overseas).

System Implementation, unique implementation experience and approach reducing risk and creating certainty of success. Latest Updates, our Approach. Gap Analysis swot analysis business Risk opportunity  Assessment documentation Phase training Phase implementation Phase certification Assistance. By andrew Clarke and Rory kelleher. Quick links, when to do a feasibility study. Cost of a feasibility study, what questions are answered, who to hire for a feasibility study.

A feasibility study should be always completed before launching any major new project, investment or venture. It serves a critical function in independently evaluating a plan or planned course of action, taking a fresh look at the assumptions behind it, the risks it faces and its chances of success. Feasibility studies were invented to avoid bad investment decisions, prevent businesses from targeting non-existent markets and to flag risks and pitfalls in even the most well thought-out investment or strategic plans. Here we outline 10 of the most common feasibility study mistakes made by entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives. Just do it, the first decision — whether or not to conduct a feasibility study — is often made without a great deal of thought. This in itself is a huge mistake.

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feasibility study methodology

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ibam is certified for this study. In Brussels Capital Region, in the case of large areas to build or renovate ( 1000 m for new buildings, 5000 m for major refurbishment a feasibility study must be attached to the peb proposal. . This is a study that shows whether ecological alternative techniques(photovoltaic, solar.) could be used in place of traditional techniques. . ibam is certified forthis study. Ces performs techno economic feasibility studies for the following technologies: Wind energy, photovoltaic energy, thermo-solar energy, hydro-Electric Power. Study of cogeneration, study of CAP system (heat pump the feasibility study may be subsidized by the ibge as by the walloon Region for 50 of the amount depending type on the type of technology). Feasibility consulting llc can help your firm avoid costly business mistakes. How?

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Feasibility study of cogeneration unit in Walloon region. The purpose of this type of study is to investigate thetechnical and economic feasibility of a cogeneration plant of a building willing to install more than 10 kWp of photovoltaic panels on his roof. This study follows the "methodology for the audits todemonstrate that a cogeneration unit is not technicallyfeasible or does not guarantee a payback on investment of less than 5 years" published by cwape. . It is performed to meetone of three conditions for obtaining financial support (as a multiplier of 4CV/MWhe) related to the production of photovoltaic electricity. Ibam records thirty of these studies thus enabling effective respond to the demand. Feasibility study for installation of renewable energy sources. In the walloon Region, for all new buildings with a floor space of over 1000 m with subject toplanning permission, a technical feasibility study, considering environmental and economicrequirements is compulsory. .

Feasibility study methodology
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  5. Marketing and Financial Advisory services. This study follows the " methodology for the audits todemonstrate that a cogeneration unit is not. Technical feasibility study, considering environmental. The cost of not doing a feasibility study and failing is far. Here the focus is much wider, and broad experience and sound methodology are much more. This document has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the hud system development.

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