Essay my favourite food nasi lemak

essay my favourite food nasi lemak

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Without him bringing his guitar one day to school, i probably would still be too scared to sing or play guitar in front of a crowd. Those are the many colours that have effected me in many ways. What Im trying to say is that sometimes, we arent just colours, races or religions, we are more than that. Each of us unique and able to touch inspire other individuals in amazing ways. When we inspire each other and are apart of each other lifes we see each other in a different light. Those are just some of the colours of Malaysia in my perspective. to the girls in my class, all the guys that ive posted here are single. I dare say, malaysia is a very colourful place.

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Yan left for England late last year. She and I were classmates and prefects at Seri hartamas Secondary School. After cooking lasagne for her and two other friends, followed by a couple of movies and hang out sessions at her house, i soon realized what ive been missing for years, she was an amazing friend whom I never knew and I realized it too. Shes across the pond now and I miss her every time i see a lasagne. She taught me to always appreciate the people in our lives and sometimes the friends youve never met are the ones that turn out to be the best. One day shell be one of the most amazing artists, not that she isnt already. Fellow musician of pakistani and Malay decent. I met him in form one. Being classmates from primary but not saying a word to each other, we got along from the start of secondary the school. Hes one of the people i have to thank for getting me into music.

Hes pictured above with Yudish and myself. My fellow fighter at Xtreme, of Australian caucasian chinese decent. His spirit and never say die attitude, most of all inspires me to always push myself at the centre. That aside, hes a real joker who loves to indulge himself in doing things that arent for the feint at heart. Those include, jumping over dustbins, climbing to the 1st floor and jumping off the ledge even emptying a fire extinguisher from time to time. He never fails to lighten the mood and taught me to live life daddy to the fullest even it might leave a few bruises on your knees. Yee sook yan (Yellow her art work, an amazing illustrator artist of Chinese decent. I learnt from her the hard way.

essay my favourite food nasi lemak

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To coincide with the title, ill be talking about how each of those colours above changed me to be a better person and how they inspire me everyday. Yudishtra selvaratnam (Dark brown hes pictured below with James and myself. My best friend, of ceylonese decent. One day aspires to be the pm of Malaysia. Hes taught me how to always be analytical and critical of how the media manipulates politics in Malaysia. Also, he general reminds me to always stay true owl to myself, especially when it comes to principals. Hes prone to be the talker of the group and always has a joke up his sleeve.

But I spoke too much. The fool aka azriq aka riq signing off! Often times we forget how thankful we are to be surrounded by the many cultures that Malaysia has a plentiful. What ive realized during secondary school was that my batch (2010) were one of the many few batches that all of us despite being of different colour and creed, could still come together when united for the same purpose. White, yellow, beige, brown, or black. Even more interesting was the fact that the an unusual amount students in my batch were like me, racially mixed. Most of the times, it didnt matter. Coming from a mixed heritage, ive always taught i appreciated the diversity us Malaysians are blessed with, just a little more than others.

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essay my favourite food nasi lemak

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Malaysia is one of resume the very few country in world which is considered a multi-racial nation in which not house only one, not two, but three different races. It may not sound so impressive at first, but Malaysia is bursting with culture from all three races. Malay, chinese and Indian, they all live in complete harmony like a perfectly played orchestra. She may not seem much at first, and though a number of foreigners still believed that we are behind times (in which we kind of are in some ways we are still proud of who we are and our heritage. From dialects to delicacies, our true colors are our pride in which we are able to live in harmony amongst ourselves despite our differences. So next time if you ask yourself, what is the color of Malaysia?, just look around and you will see it too.

Here is the fool signing off, for the last time! Thank for reading this and I hope you enjoy it! S, i think you should probably already know that this post is written by me, azriq. I am just writing this so that I dont get forgotten because ive been calling myself The fool for the last couple of post and I dont want something unfortunate to happen like oh, but Riq, you never even wrote the post Then Ill answer. So yeah, just a little rant in which you do not deliberately add no scores to my exam.

But when a person adds a word in front, the meaning changes. When you hear True colors, your first thought would most probably feelings and personality and such. So what happens if you asked a person to tell you the colors or a country, in this case, malaysia? Heres what I would hear. Person a the flag is the color of Malaysia.

Person b red, White, blue, yellow. Kid person 1 Isnt it the flag? Other guy i dunno, i tried to find the answer, but most are the same. But then I thought to myself, There are more than one way to explain about the colors of Malaysia, and here is what I think are the colors of Malaysia. Normally you would think of the flag. The red, White, blue and Yellow in which Malaysians are so proud. But unfortunately for me, i have forgotten such meanings behind those colors, despite being a malaysian citizen, so Ill talk about a different color in which she (Malaysia) holds. Malaysia is a beautiful country in which attracts many foreigners to come and spent their time there and like many countries, hold many stories of history behind her. But her true color does not come from just the history in which she holds.

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Random Adult Local a color is Color-lah! What more to say? Random Girl b call who? Not much answer from them, i know, but then i asked an old man about. He said with a grin on his face. Do you know the saying, Showing ones true colors, boy. I admit, it was something to think about. When you hear colors, it would usually be the responses earlier, mostly night because no one specified on what colors you are talking about.

essay my favourite food nasi lemak

Nelly ended the night by singing Just a dream. Overall, i had fun shooting the concert as well as had the chance of waving to our Prime minister, najib bin Abdul razak who was accompanied by his wife rosmah Mansor. Meeting people from different age groups as well as different races definitely gave my the eye opener on what Malaysia have when it comes to colors. I personally think that there is no other country like us who have such diverse culture and people. When you hear the word color, what is the first knight thing that comes to your mind? I have a number of ideas that I thought of, but instead, i wanted to hear what other people have to say. And here is what I gathered. Like blue, or green or yellow.

listen to their favorite acts. The night kicked off with drum and fire dancing performance. Soon Naresh iyer came out and sang Rang de basanti, which topped Indias music chart for weeks. What amazed me during Naresh iyers performance was the crowd. Everyone was singing along and it definitely showed the real colors of Malaysia. Despite standing in the rain for more than an hour, everyone was still shouting and moshing in the pit getting ready for the next act. Pop Shuvit came out with Marhabahaya, which gave the crowd a sudden rush of adrenaline to last till the last act. Loving what I love doing, i had a raincoat on me and was shooting away with my camera equipment being soaking wet. The night ended with a group from Korea called rania and Nelly.

When it comes to the national day or Malaysia day celebration, often people think about parades and fireworks, which showcase the different colors of Malaysia. However this year, Astro and the malaysian government took a step supermarket further to organized a concert carnival called suara kami in conjunction with Merdeka day. The concert was catered for the youth of Malaysia in order to create unity with one another. Not only that, the song Malaysian boy was played widely days before the concert widely due to its meaning which is the strong bond among us Malaysians as well and to always be united. This year, suara kami brought together a few acts from around the world which include nelly and rania. Not only that, several local artistes was present that night. Among them were yuna and Pop Shuvit.

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When it comes to colors and Malaysia. People often think about blue, red, white and yellow, which represent the colors of the malaysian flag. There are others who say red, which represent the hibiscus, national flower. There is one festival in particular which happens in the month of July and its called Colors of Malaysia. During this festival, kuala lumpur is often filled with brightly barbing lit colors; a parade will be held at night accompanied with other performances, which showcase all 13 states. This years national day coincide with Eid ul-Fitr, which caused the celebration of the national day to be as grand as the previous year. However, it is being said that the malaysia day, which falls on The 16th of September, will be bigger and better then last years. Malaysia day is celebrated to honor the establishment of the malaysian federation.

Essay my favourite food nasi lemak
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  1. My mum uses only fresh coconut milk for her nasi lemak rice and curries! I decided that the coconut would be just as good chopped up in my food processor. With, nasi, kandar being synonymous with a favourite delicacy sold on the streets of Malaysia, the food served here is not only authentic but also rich with heritage. Nasi, lemak score high on the popularity charts. Nasi, lemak with fried chicken wings.

  2. One of the parts about flying long haul economy i don t e favourite dish already choosen. My favourite food this week is thai style pineapple fried rice. My, favorite food is, nasi, lemak, ayam Goreng. At Smith Street, for instance, an old alley in Chinatown nicknamed food street for the many hawkers there, malay. Nasi, lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk and accompanied by curry.

  3. Moglby sobie najbardziej interesujacym aspektem teorii polegal blad doktrynalny nieuchronnie powodowal spadek poczucia grzechu nigdy jednak na miejscu doznalbym ataku aliantow fikcji literackiej wspolczesnego rosyjskiego nacjonalizmu albo nasi zna- mienici. Biography memoir Business leadership cooking food, crafts hobbies Mystery romance society culture Travel ya childrens. 2 exclamation of pain. F aah ya gambi ouch. Found the meals to be quite adequate and enjoyed my nasi lemak for breakfast on both flights.

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