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ebay seller reviews

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I am stuck with ebay. But from now on, i am only selling what I have left and will not sell after that is gone. I am also boycotting ebay for buying. I used to like to shop around a little bit on ebay, but now I refuse. Honestly, most of the clothes I bought off ebay were described inaccurately (described as recent manufacture and came and were from the 70s and 80s.) One time i bought a suit that someone claimed they bought recently at Brooks Brothers and didn't want anymore and. Many times items come stained or smelling like cigarettes, mildew or other things.

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Even though i explained I had receipts for the essay items and plan my feedback should speak for itself. Three emails when unanswered. I was even given a link to a live chat Session with an agent on ebay who told me within 2 minutes that he was not allowed to address specific cases and that I should try to email someone. (which obviously yielded no results.). Ebay's customer service is a complete joke. It is a time wasting process that runs you around in circles and accomplishes nothing. What amazed me most is that every single person seems to have the same script about not being able to talk to anyone else. I wish there was an alternative to ebay, but there is not for designer clothing. Amazon is better (buying and selling-wise) for media, books, etc. Overstock auctions is not gaining any ground and has only a few listings here and there. Amazon auctions is a bit more confusing in terms of the price structure and is not the place to sell designer clothing.

And nobody got back to me when they were supposed. I made 3 phone calls to ebay's customer service and spoke to 3 different reps. Who gave me different information. The only thing they agreed upon is that I could not talk to anyone else from any other department about my question, yet they could not answer my question. The total time on the phone with shredder these reps was around 1 1/2 hours. I sent 5 emails. Two of them were answered with a discourteous form letter type of email telling me that they were not able to provide any information. One even went so far as to warn me 'selling unauthorized products is illegal'.

ebay seller reviews

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There are sellers who are selling 100 pairs of Air Jordan shoes, which are extremely rare and many of the most popular series were made 10 - 20 years ago. Yet these sellers have an unlimited supply of brand new, sparkling white shoes that were not available for sale word since 1992. Also, tiffany recently sued ebay because they found that 80 or more of the pieces they bought on ebay through a random sampling of sellers were counterfiet. Abercrombie clothing is frequently counterfietted and i've even seen obvuious fake rolexes sold on ebay for thousands of dollars. Another thing about ebay is the total lack of customer service. During this issue, my problem was not resolved because nobody at ebay would tell me why my item was removed. Nobody would lift the account suspension when i offered to show a receipt from nike for the shoes I was selling.

So, my choices are. If I don't want my listing pulled and my account suspended. I can put my cleats, that I don't want and used once at like everyone else and keep relisting them because they don't sell. Or, i can not list them at all because ebay thinks they are priced too low. Another strange thing is that if I go on ebay and type in 'nike air Jordan'. Most of the pairs of Air Jordans for sale on ebay are fake. They are obvious fakes as well.

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ebay seller reviews

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For details about the listing ending and after about 30 minutes of go around, she told me she thought it was because the price was too low for the item. I don't understand how in good a fair market, a company can suspend you from their site for listing an item at too low a price. What if I was given an item as a gift that was worth 100 and I wanted to sell it quick and get 20? 20 is better to have than a gift you don't want. That would be the equivalent to if there was a store in the mall that was selling polo shirts andover for 10 and 2 other stores in the same mall were selling the same shirts for 50, so the mall manager destroyed all the shirts.

This is more like communism. I did a search of similar shoes and found that while most of the cleats were listed at around 80 to 120 (mine were listed.). Similar cleats only sold 1 in every 25 times they were listed at that price. 90 of the cleats that were listed on ebay did not sell at all. Why would I want to price my cleats the same as all the other cleats that were not selling and had to re-listed (each time you relist an item on ebay witha fixed price, you have to pay.35.15 per picture.50 for a subtitle. (this went from.50.50 during ebay's last round of fee increases.).

They were on sale at a popular department store because the model is a year old for. I bought a pair (with a 20 off coupon) and wore them one time and decided I didn't like the feel, so i would list them on ebay. Within 2 days of listing, ebay cancelled the auction and suspended my account. This is even that I have been an ebay member for 10 years! I have 100 positive feedback!

Not a single person has ever accused me in 1255 transactions of ever offering anything but the real thing. I spoke with another customer service rep. 3 days after the suspension/listing cancellation. Told me that I could appeal the suspension and ebay would get back to me in 24 hours. I explained this to the second rep. Who told me that they weren't sure why nobody got back. I pressed the second rep.

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And ebay does a star rating to see how good you actually are, and in all of the 4 categories, i received 5 stars. Which is actually quite hard. Recently, ebay cancelled one of my plan listings and suspended my account. It gave me no reason for doing this and when i emailed to see why, they said they could not tell the me why my auction was ended due to security reasons. I called customer service and spoke to a representative who told me that he too could not tell me why my account was suspended and my listing was cancelled. He said that it violated an ebay policy and that is all he could say. I contacted another person from ebay by email who told me that he could not say why the item was cancelled by mentioned that it was roughly because ebay thought the item was fake based on the price being too low. The item I was selling was a very expensive nike soccer shoe. It retails for 185.

ebay seller reviews

Stuff that would get other companies in a lot of trouble for market fixing, price fixing, etc. An example of this happened to me recently as a seller on ebay. I am not leadership a high volume seller and admit that ebay is more of a hobby than anything else. I see an item for sale at a really low price at a store, i pick it up and list it on ebay. Usually i will buy a pizza with the profits. Sometimes, the item doesn't sell and I'm forced to keep it (which is why i buy stuff that I can use myself.). I have a decent amount of feedbacks on ebay. Out of 1255 transactions, 100 of the people i've dealt with have given me positive feedback.

shards, it would get higher marks from many people than. First of all, despite the popularity of complaining about the high fees (ebay takes around 20 of the sale between listing fees, picture fees, final value fees and paypal fees to accept the money.) i understand that ebay has a monopoly on the auction market. So i am not going to complain about the ever raising fees because that is part of the beauty of doing business with an industry leader. Thank you sir, may i have another? (I will admit to secretly crossing my fingers that some knight in shining armor other auction site will come and bump ebay out of the market with lower fees and more customer service. My biggest problem with ebay is that they are so large, nobody calls them on their unfair practices. Ebay can pretty much do whatever they want to in terms of business.

I would have been satisfied with being reimbursed for the cost of the gun, or even having a replacement, but the seller denied that anything was wrong, and claimed that he had inspected the gun personally before it paper was mailed. So, he's either a liar, or he's blind! At that point, i asked if he could reimburse the shipping cost, as well. In the end, he decided not to reimburse anything! I've filed a complaint with ebay, but want to get the word out that ebay seller wonsingsale ierrible ebay seller! Review about: New Swat Unit Pellet Airsoft 2025 Air Sport Gun. You may also like, thank you for your Reply!

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Wonsingsale - bad ebay seller! I recently purchased what was supposed to be a "New" bb gun from an ebay seller, identified as wonsingsale. This is, by far, the worst ebay seller i've ever dealt with. The bb gun was used, with scuff marks. It was not in the original packaging. The bb clip had been broken and "repaired" with Scotch tape. The springs in the clip were broken, as well. In addition, the seller undercharged on the shipping, so i write the post office wouldn't deliver the gun until I'd gone to the post office to pay the additional shipping.

Ebay seller reviews
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  1. Living in a radically Transparent world is, it seems, not without risk. What about this ebay seller : p_yuanzhu01931 I recently bought a hatsune miku tell your World figure off him/her until something looked fishy. It was far too cheap, almost. Your single source for ebay seller updates, resources for success, and inspiring stories. Ordinarily i don t gripe, though I do have a concern now re: product reviews.

  2. Ebay seller ( redacted ) is now offering a 9-inch dragonfly vase, available from the artist herself for. Meet the community team. Quick tips for Sellers by ebay : Product Identifier. Amongst ebay, sellers, this criminal, seller is infamous, and has been suspended by ebay more than once. Login with Facebook and share your reviews. Ebay, seller, sues buyer for leaving neutral feedback.

  3. An example of this happened to me recently as a seller on, ebay. Find new and used cars at ebay. Research popular models, prices, photos and read reviews. Visit ebay, australia s online marketplace for cars, clothing, electronics, digital cameras, sports, dvds, toys and more. Buy and sell almost anything on ebay now. An update to our roycroft Pottery thread the other day - it seems that.

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