Alternatives to homework

alternatives to homework

Life of an Educator: 5 alternatives to traditional homework

A good use of homework time is to revisit and relearn concepts being taught in class. Students can watch videos, and practice new skills. Sometimes if teaching a skill I will record myself doing it for my class. Then throw it on for them to watch later. The video isnt of me but often of my hand, a pen and some math manipulatives. Learn more, sometimes in class you may spark an interest in your students and they may want to learn more. This should be encouraged.

Alternatives to homework, be a good Dad

Something that has far reaching benefits. Experiences, as a teacher what I essay can do is show them some parts of the world. But often that is through a book or screen. We often cannot utilize the community around us to experience our learning as much as we should. Parents can give their children the gift of experience. Learning about nature, visiting museums, going places, doing things. This is a learning g opportunity that parents can take advantage. These learning experiences only turkish add to the learning that they do in class. Students who have more experiences are better able to make connections between new things they are learning and their schema. Re-learn, sometimes once wasnt enough.

Outside play helps them solve problems, negotiate, take risks, make mistakes. These are life skills that cannot be learned in a book. Teach them how to take turns, use strategy, best solve problems, manipulate. Is there anything better than teaching them how to lose and how to win that is better than a game. Play brings out imagination and creativity. Something that is often lost as we get older but something that we need in todays 21st century environment. Developing better gross and fine motor skills from play is a great skill.

alternatives to homework

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The guideline is 10min a night. So after reading daily, which is supported as a beneficial homework activity. What are kids supposed to do? Read, so this is an easy one this is something that students should do everyday. There are tremendous benefits to reading. Reading can and should include reading by themselves, listening to reading, reading out loud, and reading to someone. A variety of reading opportunities should be presented including reading fiction and non fiction texts and for a variety of reasons. Play, inside, outside, by themselves, with others etc etc. Play outside, get busy and learn how to entertain themselves.

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alternatives to homework

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previously published. Need I say more? This little compound word consumes far too much of my time as a teacher. Whether it is planning it, collecting it, chasing kids to take it, do it, learn from it, meeting about it etc. It all makes me want to pull my hair out!

But why do some parents want so much of it? Perhaps it stems from our need as parents to ensure that our kids will be successful, that they are meeting targets, not falling behind, that they wont still homemaker be living in our basements playing video games. I mean I hate homework as a teacher but as a parent I still want my snowflakes to do well. With class sizes growing, a lack of confidence in the education system and teachers in general, and a misunderstanding of what schools are today. Is it any wonder that the homework fight between parents and teachers is growing. However, research is now suggesting there is no benefit to homework. In fact there may even be more harm than good.

I am glad you asked. In my class, i would use a game of bingo, as a way to assign homework alternatives. I cant seem to find an example of the one that i used, but I found something better. . I found a modern version of the weekly homework bingo board that was obviously created by a teacher who incoroporates edtech into their classroom. Alternatives to homework: a chart For teachers by, teachThought Staff, part of rethinking learning means rethinking the bits and pieces of the learning processteaching strategies, writing pieces, etc.

Which is what makes the following chart from Kathleen Cushmans. Fires in the mind compelling. Rather than simply a list of alternatives to homework, it instead contextualizes the need for work at home (or, homework). It does this by taking typical classroom situationsthe introduction of new material, demonstrating a procedure, etc. and offering alternatives to traditional homework assignments. In fact, most of them are alternatives to homework altogether, including group brainstorming, modeling/think-alouds, or even the iconic pop-quiz. Food for thought, yes? Alternatives to homework: a chart For teachers. New teacher, our Most Popular.

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I was presentation way ahead of my time when it came to the concept of homework because i didnt believe in the traditional approach. Over the last two decades, there has been a golf lot of debate over the efficacy of homework, but to me, its a no-brainer. Because i quickly observed that my students were not learning anything by having the same assignment, as a few students would complete the assignment and the rest would copy their answers. This, of course, would be done via the internet, text or phone; on the school bus, or right before class started. This led to a loss of learning and completely sabotaged the teaching and learning process. What did I learn from this? The traditional way of assigning homework is obsolete. If its obsolete, what should we place in its stead?

alternatives to homework

So how do we balance the need for content practice and the importance of surgery students having a life outside of the school walls? Find better ways to practice the content being taught in class. As you plan during the summer for the 2014-15 school year, keep these alternatives from the. Connected Principals blog in mind. Homework Alternatives from Connected Prinipals, related. Spread the love, i spent 7 years as a public school teacher, and i enjoyed every minute. Being a teacher allowed me to be the creative professional that I had always wanted. One of the areas of creativity that I pioneered in my school district was homework alternatives.

factor comes naturally as our learners work through their own process of self improvement. Enjoy the chart, and allow yourself to be inspired by cushmans clever recommendations. Keep the fire of learning alive. There has been a lot of research completed in the area of homework that shows it has little to no long term value. While you may agree or disagree with that statement, there is no argument that kids today have far too much. This takes away time from sleep, family activities, and self-directed learning. We want our kids to find a passion, volunteer in the community, go to church, and make a difference, but they need time to do just that. I also think most will agree that grading/checking homework takes up valuable face to face class time.

Repetition and rehearsal —These are mainstays of sports and music regimens and should be with other subjects. Careful timing/proper scaffolding/sequence —do not give homework at the very end of a semester just to get grades. Deliberate practice —this should be intended to lead to new skills. Of course, its helpful to have some idea of what this might potentially look like in a classrooms, and Cushman doesnt disappoint. In a recent article on teachThought, they shared this chart of homework alternatives that comes from her book itself. In it she offers up 6 simple but innovative suggestions on how to begin making homework more meaningful. From the article: Rather than simply a list of alternatives to homework, it instead contextualizes the need for work at home. It does this by taking typical classroom situations—the introduction of new material, demonstrating a procedure, etc.—and offering homework alternatives to traditional assignments.

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One key aspect of connecting with learners of the modern digital age concerns what to do about homework. While the debate about its significance rages on in education circles across the globe, we seem to agree (for the time being, at least) that it is still necessary. That said, margaret many teachers are scrambling to find homework alternatives that not only measure understanding and reinforce learning, but provide the type of appealing challenge and engagement our learners expect in school. A while back we did a piece on Kathleen Cushmans outstanding book, fires in the mind. Specifically, cushman details how to make homework a more meaningful and ultimately beneficial endeavour for our learners. Having interviewed many students on the subject, she revealed that there are 6 characteristics that our learners believe make up the ideal homework assignment: Purpose —it should have a goal, and not just be busywork. Differentiation —everyone is at a different level and assigning the same thing to everyone is not helpful. Attention and focus —doing assignments at home when kids are tired, perhaps from after-school sports or music, is not the best time.

Alternatives to homework
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  3. The central board of Secondary Education s proposal to replace homework for middle school students with more engaging and interesting. 6 no-prep Alternatives to traditional Homework. Need I s ay more? This little compound word consumes far too much of my time. This article explores some of the history of homework and also a f ew homework alternatives. If you end your class with.

  4. While you may agree. If you re looking for a way to spark creative alternative to h omework, you might want to check out the free weekly maker challenges. Alternatives to homework: a chart For teachers. By teachThought St aff. Part of rethinking learning means rethinking the bits and pieces of the.

  5. Which is what makes the following chart from Kathleen Cushman s Fires in the mind compelling. Rather than simply a list of alternatives. Once again, we look to the insights of Kathleen Cushman as we look at 6 homework alternatives offered in her outstanding book fires in the. Looking for some alternatives to homework for your classroom? Keep reading, we have you covered. There has been a lot of research completed in the area of homework that shows it has little to no long term value.

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